What The Critics Are Saying About MTV's 'Buckwild'

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Move over, Jersey Shore. Hello, Buckwild?

The controversial new MTV series made its debut on Thursday night, though many viewers aren't warming up to the Southern reality TV show -- and its stars -- as they did to the one that launched the likes of Snooki, The Situation and JWoww to superstardom.

Buckwild follows six girls and three boys in their late teens and early 20s as they embark on a wild and drunken shenanigans in the small town of Sissonville, W. Va. Exactly like Jersey Shore, right? Wrong.

Despite the formula for success, many critics panned the show as playing into Southern stereotypes and adds nothing to excite those who've followed the fist-pumpin' gang at Seaside Heights for six whole season.

What else are people saying about the new show?

Read on to see the reviews.

The Hollywood Reporter: Buckwild is everything that MTV wants, and it's everything people will expect, which is exactly what makes it so useless. It adds nothing. It's not shocking, it's not interesting, and it's not quite crazy enough to become part of the zeitgeist. There's nothing about these young rednecks that is particular to West Virginia, either, as much as any other state would surely deny it. These are just kids gone wild (though no wilder than you'd find in any college town). The biggest problem is, we've seen it all before.

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Entertainment Weekly: Buckwild is set up like many another reality show to create friction … Tyler summed up the entire show’s chief drawback in a sentence: “Y’all’s makin’ a big deal out of nothin’.”

Hollywood.com: These rural teens were raised watching Seaside Heights and they'll be trying to be their most outrageous, to craft their catchphrases, and to cash in on their moment in the sun. Sure, watching them might be amusing fun (I can't wait to see that insane lady in the red wig yell at them) but it's never going to be as good as Jersey Shore, no matter how wild it purports to be.

Variety: Buckwild brings barely anything uplifting to the programming, save perhaps the ingenuity of turning a dump truck into a makeshift swimming pool. A drunken fight between a cast member and a West Virginia resident who simply wanted a Buckwild party to be quieter was enough to make even this reality TV viewing vet (yours truly) cringe.

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AV Club: Adherence to type isn’t a problem per se, but Buckwild lacks the narrative engine to drive its types toward any kind of compelling conflict. The net result is a series of confusing and poorly manufactured fake problems.

Aside from the negative reviews from TV critics, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin also denounced the show, sending a letter to the president of MTV prior to the premiere asking for its cancellation. Manchin claimed Buckwild reflected “poor decisions of our youth.”

However, cast members Shain Gandee and Shae Bradley were quick to defend their wild ways featured on the controversial series, telling Celebuzz in an exclusive interview that "it's just a bunch of kids having good fun."

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinions," Bradley continued. "If you dont like it, don't watch it. You can change the channel."

'Buckwild' airs on Thursday at 10 PM on MTV.

What do you think of the new series? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ria

    It's so fake. In episode one the Cara girl leaves the club wearing black wedge heels to meet Tyler and ditches her friends. In the next scene when her and Tyler get to the mountain top and she's sitting on the car she's wearing red stilettos. At least be consistent MTV.

  • Crystal

    This show cracks me up. I think its way better than Jersey Shore. Its not as immature as the Jersey Shore. They fight, let lose and hang. Their exactly what I would like ti do when I get older. Have fun let lose, with your friends. And not worrying about getting my clothes dirty.

  • City

    Of course the show is fake..... It's a reality show on MTV, you think that is real? Did you notice Joey taking his truck through a mud hole before his date with Shae, then on the date the truck was clean? how did that happen? All of the reality shows on MTV are fake except for maybe Teen Moms. I believe that they actually do go mudding and all that, but the show is scripted and boring. I am sure this show will get a second season though, probably rednecks in Manhattan or something like that

  • Matt

    We probably have "Survivor" to thank for this genre of TV show... ... Jersey Shore, and Geordie Shore (UK version) for how badly it's degenerated (not that Survivor was any good anyways). I hate to say it, but, this shit makes the WWE wrestling look interesting (At least it has a story line that's been continued over the last 30some years) The WORST thing about this "reality TV" stuff.. is people keep watching it, and, apparently, liking it. As to how the under-21's get liquor... wow... As to why the 21's are allowed to break the law while being recorded, and no charges pressed... again, wow. You've got me thinking on that one...

  • Matt

    Hell, if I were to make as much money as THEY do for what they're doing.... I'm willing to go redneck, and let you guys laugh at me too.

  • AnDeeB

    People who think this show is fake are clearly from the city...I grew up in a small town in Iowa and this is exactly what it is like (as embarrassing as that is). Obviously not everyone is like that, but I went to high school with a lot of people like these folks. I can relate to this show much more than the crap on Jersey Shore. That seemed made up to me. Anyway, at age 31, I pretty much hate everything on MTV but this show brings back some memories since I have been living in the city for 13 years now. Plus, as stated above, these kids are actually nice not just jerks to each other like the Jersey Shore kids. I loved the episode with the dump truck swimming pool. Also, the episode with the homemade slip'n'slide with dish soap...yeah everyone who grew up in a rural area has done that....and mudding.

  • lizcal

    I'll just stick to watching here comes honey boo boo


    fuck all yall! south is gonna rise again bitches

  • Yawn

    I find it amusing.. They're actually normal people that like each other and don't shit all over one another. They aren't trying to be JS idiots. Just having fun. I like it.

  • Loca

    I think that this show is setting a bad example on teens... Its letting them think that its ok to gett drunk and do stupid shit!! I really think that this show is no good for the public teens there not even 21 yet thats crazy i dont like it at all! How do they even gett the liquor they drink if there not 21 yet?? does MTV provide it to them or what?

  • fake

    I sadly was forced to watch the first episode. Upon watching, I saw mistakes that the editors missed. Nice job guys. Now I'm sure this show is fake. Great example MTV. No wonder our world is the way it is.

  • LOL

    What a joke. Bunch of stupid rednecks. They realize they're only on TV so people can laugh at their slow-speaking hillbilly ways, right?

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