‘Cougar Town’ Boss Reveals Difference Between ABC and TBS

'Cougar Town's' Ian Gomez
The star says the comedy is more risque on TBS.
Fans of the comedy with the unfortunate name, Cougar Town, are definitely thrilled that the show was saved from cancelation by shifting from ABC to TBS. But, that joy may pale in comparison to that of the show’s producers and cast.

“I’ve been trying to kill this show for years, as some of you may know,” co-creator and executive producer Bill Lawrence jokes at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif. on Friday.

“And the fact that TBS brought us back, and I don’t know if you guys saw it. There’s, like, commercials for the show now. It’s insane. It’s very odd,” he adds.

The biggest difference may be best represented by the fact that Cougar Town has a panel at the Television Press Tour at all. Last year, Lawrence famously complained that ABC didn’t do a panel for the show and then threw his own event at a local bar on his own dime.

“Speaking for the cast, I think we were all curious as to how the transition would be,” star Busy Philipps, who plays Laurie, adds.

“Immediately from going to the Upfronts [a presentation for advertisers] last year, being so embraced by TBS, and having all the executives and marketing team be so enthusiastic, have so many ideas, made us feel like, ‘Oh, right, we knew the show is funny, we like what we’re doing, and now somebody wants to embrace it and try to get the word out.’ It was really refreshing,” she added.

Lawrence stresses that the show, which last saw the marriage of Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins), shouldn’t be any different on its first TBS season, except for maybe more skin?

“When we first started doing the deal, [TBS] said, ‘All we really wanted was for you to do the same show like the previous three years,’” Lawrence shares of the differences. “Other than that, there’s a little nudity. That’s the only thing. I heard somebody’s podcast saying one big difference is we’ve shifted from Brian Van Holt not wearing his shirt all the time to Josh Hopkins.”

Plus, Cox has a new directive in which her cleavage takes on a larger role. “You will not see one scene where I will not show my boobs,” she declares.

“I’m getting older,” the 48-year old EP and star elaborates. “I’ve decided at this point that I’m taking focus off the face. By the time I’m much older, I’ll be absolutely naked.”

Cougar Town debuts Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 10PM on TBS.

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