Paparazzi Mob Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes in New York (PHOTOS & POLL)

With their profession under siege in the wake of a photographer's death whilst chasing pop star Justin Bieber, paparazzos get too close to Tom Cruise's daughter.

is this ok or not ok?
Katie Holmes Shields Daughter Suri From the Paparazzi in New York City

Suri Cruise found herself dead-center in a sea of paparazzi on Thursday -- and, naturally, she wasn't happy about it.

Cameras caught the six-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes screaming and crying as she and her mother tried to make their way to to the Music Box Theater, where Holmes is currently starring in the Broadway production of Dead Accounts.

Holmes did her best to shield Cruise from the flashing cameras; however the noise and commotion was more than enough to leave Cruise visibly shaken and perturbed.

Cruise, of course, has been photographed and documented to an obnoxious degree for the majority of her life -- but have the paparazzi finally gone too far? Have a look through the gallery, above, then share your thoughts in the comments, below.

Dead Accounts premiered to mixed reviews in November. It is set to close on Sun., Jan. 6, due to low ticket sales.

The role marked Holmes' first professional gig since her divorce from Cruise was finalized in August.

They were married for five-and-a-half years.

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  • Rick

    Celebuzz needs to wake up... I see a fenced off area with more fans than paps? Interesting that Celebuzz is posing this type of question when it's pap pictures that make your site what it is..... ?!

  • ashley

    These pics are just so sad! The poor little girl shouldn't have to be taunted like this - it's NOT her fault, nor her parents, I blame the ignorant paps who stalk them!