‘Revenge’s’ E.J. Bonilla Teases Marco’s Storyline: ‘I Think Fans Will Be in My Corner’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'Revenge' Fall Finale
Tricks turned, surveillance galore and a lame duck death.
ABC’s Revenge is gearing up for one tumultuous love triangle for Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) with the more permanent return of ex-business partner and boyfriend Marco (E.J. Bonilla)!

“I think that what sets Marco apart from almost anyone else on the show is his history with Nolan, is the fact that he’s known him before he was ‘Nolan Ross.’ He knew Nolan when Nolan was broke and they were together just trying to make this company happen,” Bonilla tells Celebuzz when he visited our Hollywood studio recently.

“And I think that says a lot. And when history comes to the forefront, comes to the present, it has to be deal with, doesn’t it? It has to be.”

Though Marco left Nolcorp (and Nolan’s bed) years earlier when Nolan refused to confide in him about what happened to some missing money, he has returned to the Hamptons and forced himself back into the entrepreneur’s life through a puffed up form of blackmail.

Marco learned on his own that the money went to Amanda Clarke — but he doesn’t know who the real Amanda Clarke is. In order to not make things messier than they already are, Nolan reluctantly gave Marco the job back at Nolcorp that he was asking for.

Whether or not Marco wins Nolan back over is not really the concern here — Nolan is a big boy and can take care of himself. Or, at least he can have Ems (Emily VanCamp) step in and take care of things for him. What matters most may be whether or not Marco can win over the fans, though. No one wants another Declan (Connor Paolo) situation!

“I understand that fans hate him right now, because they think he’s messing with Nolan. But, don’t hate him, because I think he’s a really sweet guy. I think he has good intentions,” Bonilla suggests.

“The tide may turn. I think fans will be in my corner soon.”

One of the ways Bonilla thinks (and hopes) this will occur is through seeing the relationship Marco and Nolan used to have.

“They were in love, I think so. And I think you just can’t help but have that sort of mess with the now, unresolved issues,” Bonilla says of the character history we’ll see come into the present day storyline.

Marco walked away from Nolan once, though, seeming to break his heart, and even Bonilla acknowledged “[cutting] the cord” between them seemingly permanently. What does that mean for the long-term of Marco and Nolan?

“Honestly, I don’t get my script until the day before we shoot,” the 24-year-old says. “So, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I may be dead already!”

Watch our interview with Bonilla above and below.

Revenge returns Sunday at 9PM on ABC.

Do you want Marco back in Nolan’s life?

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