Snooki: Announcing My Q&A Series (VIDEO)

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi loves her fans so much she recently announced a new Q&A series that will take place every week on her personal website.

Snooki, Celebuzz’s newest celebrity blogger, took a break from doing laundry on Saturday to make a video for her biggest fans:

Hey guys!

I’m making this video because you guys are so amazing with your comments on this website. I have never seen so much positive feedback in my life and all your positive comments just make me really happy!

So thank you guys for supporting the website so much and interacting with me!

to find out details on how I’m going to answer your questions! Love you guys!


What are some of your burning questions for Snooki? Share them below and don’t forget to post them on the ‘Jersey Shore’ star’s website.

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  • Amanda

    Will you adopt me? I have no parents.

  • Carmen Algarin
    Carmen Algarin

    hello nicole is jersey shore coming back on air I miss the show.

  • carmen

    hello nicole i have a question is jersey shore coming back I miss you guys it was sad when the sesoned finish and did they restored the pairI was sad to see it gone and the family that los everything wow.

  • angus

    Your so amazing you where my favorite on Jersey shore from the first episode of Jersey shore! episode one season 1.Are you sad Jersey shore is over? will you miss living will such rad people.

  • datingmillionaire2013

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  • stacie

    Hey Nicole! Just wanted to say I think your a great mother of probably the most beautiful Lil boy in the world loll.. And I'm not just saying that because I'm one of your biggest fans <3.. Its true haha.. I was wondering would it ever be possibly for you to come to Newfoundland ?? That's where I live, and to meet you would be truly amazing :) ..I know Pauly d was in st johns Newfoundland last year never got to see him tho wish I did. But if you came I'd just have to drop everything to come see ya of course, Anyways hun your amazing don't ever for get that! Stacie, Ox

  • AlC@$t@Ry@

    I do have a question for you. When you get ready to go out, how long does it take you. Like when you go to the grocery store AND when you go out partying. BTW I'm from Quebec and we're big fans of you

  • Priska De Clercq
    Priska De Clercq

    I adore you and your beautiful little Lorenzo! He's the cutest! My question would be: What's your number one make-up tip? You always look so pretty so you're the right girl to ask! x lots of love

  • Julie

    Wow. This girl is 13 and SNOOKI is her IDOL? I feel horrible for her, and all tweens, who idolize and "respect" Snooki. Have they no one else to look up to? Is this the best they can do, as far as role models go? The Jersey Shore gang are anything but role models. The comments under this article just make me sad for our youth.

  • Stephannie

    My parents own a american restaurant called the vineyard and I want to add a new pasta to the menu. What's a all time fav. That would be a popular demand. Please and thank you. :) Ps. What better then to ask a guitta.

  • Stephannie

    We were pregnant at the same time!! I thought that was pretty cool!

  • snookilover1433

    which animal print do you like more, leopard or zebra ??

  • snookilover1433

    btw your reallyyyy pretty ^.^

  • snookilover1433

    hi nicole. im like your biggest fan ever. your my idol and i look up to you and jenni SOO much. i just turned 13 and i watch your show(s) everydayy and i love you soo much! ok anywayy question is do you have a favorite actor or singer ?? pleease anwser this :) and can you give me a shout out pleeease? it would mean alot :)

  • samantha cella
    samantha cella

    hi nicole you are my idol how do you have time to do your make up and watch your son

  • jasmine

    por que estas obsecionada en ser flaca ?

  • Brittney

    Hi Nicole just wanted to let you know that you have become such a strong person, you have grown into such a great mom and fiance. I have so much faith in your career! Question is what is the toughest thing you have to deal with being a celeb mom ? Muah ♥ Brittney

  • leopardqueen

    heey Nicole i really love you because of your beautiful personality. my question is: what is the most beautiful thing you never want to forget ? much love xxx