Ali Landry Talks Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 15 Years Later: ‘I Feel Like It Was Yesterday’ (VIDEO)

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It’s hard to believe 15 years has passed since Ali Landrymade her big debut during the Super Bowl 32 in a Doritos commercial.

The spot, which was filmed in a laundromat with another unknown star at the time Sean Hayes, went on to become one of the most popular commercials of all time and immediately made the former Miss USA a household name.

“It freaks me out . . . I feel like it was yesterday but here I am, two kids later,” Landry, now 39, recently told Celebuzz in our Hollywood, Calif. studio.

“Doing this commercial I had no idea it was going to air during the Super Bowl, and two, it was my first kind of introduction even into this business really. I had just given up Miss USA. I got the commercial . . . I just thought it was a job.”

Landry, who also appeared in Super Bowl spots for the tortilla chip company in 1999 and 2000, is now part of a new campaign for Doritos called “Crash the Super Bowl.”

Choosing from a bevy of commercials made by hard core Doritos fans, voters can now choose their favorite until Jan. 29, just days before Super Bowl 47 takes place in New Orleans.

“There’s two spots that’s going to air. One that the Doritos company picks and another one the fans will vote on,” Landry said.

And according to the mother of two, it’s opportunities like these that can change someone’s life over night.

“I still didn’t realize [at the time] it was a big deal for a commercial to air during the Super Bowl. And the next day . . . I had record labels calling me to see if I wanted a record deal. I can’t sing.”

For more of our chat with Doritos Girl Ali Landry, check out the exclusive video, above. And be sure to vote for your favorite Doritos commercial entries for this year’s Super Bowl at the Crash the Super Bowl website.

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