Best 'Twilight' Scenes Ever - Vote For Your Favorite 'Twilight Saga' Moment (PHOTOS & POLL)

The Twilight Saga may be over, but we can't seem to let go of our favorite vampire franchise.

That's why Celebuzz is taking a look back at our 10 favorite Twilight scenes ever -- and we need your help. From vampire baseball in Twilight to Jacob's (Taylor Lautner) heroics in New Moon to the sleeping bag incident in Eclipse to Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward's (Robert Pattinson) wedding in Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and lastly, the epic battle scene in Breaking Dawn - Part 2, there have been plenty of memorable scenes throughout the saga that will never be forgotten.

So which moment will Twi-hards vote as the top Twilightmoment?

Vote for your favorite Twilight moment below. Think we missed one? Add your favorite moment in the comments section!

Question of the day

What's the best "Twilight" scene ever?

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    • Jennifer Thurston
      Jennifer Thurston

      Does any one else Miss them? Not neccesarly Rob & Kristen, but th ''Twilight World'!? To me after the 'Non-fight' in Breaking Dawn's end...I just know Aro takes the 'knowledge' of Creating his Own Hybrid takes several Decades(he never 'gets the fact that he MUST LOVE the 'Mother'!!?) Win he does create a Hybrid, She Turns out to be Good Vampire!!! Ha Ha Ha...Someone hv Stephanie call me, I don't want money!!! Happy Twilight Dreams

    • Elena

      It's very very hard to choose only one¡¡¡¡ I LOVE them all grrrr... <3

    • crizo

      the wedding ,it has everything + the best kiss ever in any movie ever made,

    • Mariel Muñoz
      Mariel Muñoz

      Les falto cuando le propone matrimonio en Eclipse *-*

    • Chloe

      Why did you not include the prom scene in the 10 favorite Twilight scenes? Although I voted Breaking dawn ending scene, I think the best Twilight scene is the prom scene!!

    • Mimi

      The first kiss, definitely!


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