Courtney Stodden: Behind the Scenes of Her Music Video 'Reality' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Courtney Stodden is giving fans an up close and personal look at the music video for her new single, "Reality," and you can see it all for yourself right here on Celebuzz.

In our exclusive behind the scenes footage, the 18-year-old starlet -- who shot to fame in 2011 when she married actor Doug Hutchison at the age of 16 -- offers a sexy tease of what everyone can expect from her latest venture in front of the camera.

"It's about this hot nerd that I'm captivated by," Stodden told Celebuzz. "We get into the bedroom. It gets a little steamy. And the rest is history."

"It'll be pretty sexy, pretty hot -- a lot of kissing, straddling," she added.

Along for the video shoot, in which Stodden can be seen dressed in a gold Wonder Woman-esque costume and licking a giant lollipop, was her husband, Hutchison, whom Stodden praised for being so supportive of her career.

"My husband Doug absolutely gives me confidence, because he's so supportive," she said. "He's here as my assistant. He's just really helping me. He's like my helping hand, which is a great asset to have, especially in a husband."

For more from Stodden's "Reality" check, including an interview with the man who plays her nerd, watch the video, above.

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  • Piggly Winks
    Piggly Winks

    Another reason why there needs to be more mental health counseling.

  • kery

    whatttt!! she is a singer now after that she will become an actress and so on :(

  • jetcitygirl

    Can someone say TRAINWRECK? How it is that her boobs are EVEN BIGGER than before. Who is stuffing this poor girl's bra?? And can someone explain this horse face boy she picked to be in her video. I can wait to see the carnage

  • Seppie

    ummmm, you know, ummmmm.. So, is this a porn video or a music video?... I can see this being an epic fail. Isn't the premise that she is supposed to be dancing in a club? Dressed as that? Whatever that is.. Dear God, please go away..

  • Lars

    Ewww gross this girl needs a nose job ASAP! She is definitely no Kim K, Kate Upton or any sex symbol!! Sad she tries so hard but still looks 45! & why doesn't d-list Doug her husband, star in the video with her?? Lmfao! Train wreck first class!