‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Lindsey Shaw Talks ‘Pailey,’ an ‘Interesting’ Alliance for Paige (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

hiding is amazing.\”” ] Paige (Lindsey Shaw) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) are in for some much needed romance on the upcoming second half of the third season of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

During Season 3A, the couple was put through the wringer as Paige was considered a suspect by the Liars for much of the season and was then kidnapped by Maya’s “fake” cousin, Nate (Sterling Suleman).

“Obviously there’s a lot of trauma that she’s dealing with from that at the beginning of the winter premiere,” Shaw told Celebuzz when she stopped by our Hollywood studio. “We kind of see her very secluded and isolated. She’s very fearful and traumatized and we get to see Emily kind of come to her rescue, which is great. You get to see Emily take care of her in this really loving way so in the midst of all the chaos there’s a lot of good romantic Pailey scenes. ”

But Paige won’t just be sitting around experiencing post-traumatic stress all season.

“A little ways through Paige gets her fight back and she kind of teams up with someone very interesting to sort of continue the battle against the ‘A’ team,” the actress revealed. Though she wouldn’t dish as to which character Paige teams up with, she did say the duo will be working together to gather “some dirt on the ‘A’ team.”

Shaw, 23, also divulged that we can expect to “see her and Emily in some intense situations where the audience sort of knows Toby [Keegan Allen] is there but they don’t.”

As for Toby’s big reveal as a member of the “A” team to the Liars, she said, “It sends intense ripples through Rosewood.”

“It’s the coolest way that they reveal Spencer [Troian Bellisario] finding out,” she explained. “You can expect Spencer to sort of find out a little bit sooner than everybody else. It’s very, very cool, the way that it happens. I can’t say anymore than that.”

Watch Shaw’s entire interview above.

The winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday at 8 PM on ABC Family following a marathon of the last season beginning at 11 AM.

Who do you think Paige teams up with? Give us your theories in the comments below!

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