‘Revenge’ Recap: An Arrest and a Return to Emily’s Little Black Book

'Revenge's' E.J. Bonilla
The guest star teases what's next for Marco and Nolan.
ABC’s Revenge returned from a winter hiatus with an episode that should have sizzled so as to suck the audience back in after so much time away.

But between elaborating on the Initiative, which is just a departure from the cunning series with two strong women at the center, and getting back to its “name of the week” element, Revenge returned much more quietly than we would have liked.

Spoilers ahead if you have not yet seen Sunday’s episode, “Power.”

“Power” put Emily (Emily VanCamp) right back in the position she was in when we first met her on the pilot episode. She was on a mission to cross off yet another name from her little black book — this time that of the judge (Geoff Pierson) who sentenced her father — and seduce Daniel (Josh Bowman) for more nefarious purposes. This time, of course, her every interaction with the eldest Grayson heir (who now walks a little cockier thanks to his position as CEO of Grayson Global) is much more weighted due to their history. And despite the fact that she’s still actually hooking up with Aiden (Barry Sloane), she still runs the risk of real emotions getting in the way of her plans. It’s just a mess!

After “vetting” the couple’s guilt over dinner, Emily showed up at the judge’s wife’s (Clare Carey) gala — ironically for a charity that helps falsely imprisoned people — and convinced said wife to help her take down her own husband. Emily was emotional and raw with the wife in a way she is not with just about anyone, and it was the perfect way to reach the woman. The wife actually stood up in front of her gathering and revealed that David Clarke was the subject of a tainted jury. If you’re worried she’ll have second thoughts in the morning, don’t be. Apparently the judge was beating her, so you know, she got her own revenge on him; it just took someone else to get her to the point where she was ready to.

When it came to Daniel, though, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) was actually a help in steering Emily back towards him, as the women had a tete-a-tete, and Victoria revealed just how much Daniel cared for Emily. Concerned about her son’s safety with the Initiative basically using him as a pawn right now, she must have figured Emily was the safer of the two “evils” because she could at least keep her eye on one, small girl. It all worked, too. Emily did what Victoria asked and “stepped in,” which had Daniel knocking on her door for a booty call of sorts. It was a nice bookend to Emily’s early-episode fight-then-makeout with Aiden (Barry Sloane). But don’t worry, Aiden was in on Emily’s plan to get Daniel back, even going so far as to stage a breakup fight with her in front of him at a restaurant.

Speaking of Aiden, he is deep in with the Initiative now, after they revealed to him that his sister is still alive. We probably shouldn’t be so sure that he’s not just being manipulated. But for now, his own emotions are making things messy, too. He and Ems may really be meant for each other!

Daniel went to Nolan (Gabriel Mann) for help after learning his father had even more secret accounts than he expected, but this action basically played right into what Emily and Nolan wanted — as Nolan now has access to Grayson Global’s system in a whole new (with permission) way!

Nolan was partially preoccupied with Marco (E.J. Bonilla), who certainly appeared to still be in love with him, giving him gifts — and wouldn’t you know it? The computer chip he gifted Nolan just “happened” to be the one that would help Nolan infiltrate Grayson Global even deeper. We’d say that was just too convenient not to be a trap, but considering Bonilla recently told Celebuzz fans might come around to Marco, it must be real, because this would certainly be a way to do it. If there’s one thing the Revenge fans all agree on, it’s that they love Nolan and want him to get everything!

In the Porter camp this week, Declan (Connor Paolo) found out the truth about what the Ryans were doing in the bar: running drugs. He wanted to go to the police, and Jack (Nick Wechsler) insured him he had “buddies” on the force that would help with that. First Jack sent Amanda (Margarita Levieva) and the baby out of harm’s way, though, but it turned out he should have sent his brother with them because when this so-called buddy found the stash (which had been moved to The Amanda) — and a gun — he arrested Declan! Of course, Jack is too good a guy to let that fly, and he probably had guilt over being the one to set up the sting anyway, so he stepped up and took the fall. Um, what??

Buzz Moments

OMG!: WHAT IS WRONG WITH JACK? Why does he keep stepping in for Declan? Sure, Declan wasn’t guilty this time, so there wasn’t any mess to actually clean up, but come on, Jack: use your head. If you go to jail, Amanda will go back to stripping, Declan will lose the family business, and baby Carl will probably be sold on the black market for v-neck tees.

Thank you, TV gods.: The Montauk PD finally showed their faces! So much goes down in the Hamptons that we just can’t believe they ignore. Even if it took a “tip,” and even if they nabbed the wrong guy, at least they showed up and earned their keep tonight.

Awk-ward: Declan and Charlotte’s (Christa B. Allen) romantic little dinner for two on the boat got busted up in the worst way when that drug-sniffing dog bounded in!

Hotness: Marco trying to lure Nolan back over to the dark side of a project he once “abandoned for a reason” makes Marco so much more interesting. And attractive. But that probably says more about us than him.

Fab-u-lous: Amanda’s seaglass necklace from Jack was shiny and blue, two of our favorite things. But his reasoning behind it (“something new from something old, something borrowed from the sea, and something blue”) was bordering on Saccharine.

Can. Not. Wait.: With Emily cozying up to Daniel again, and Aiden now out on a personal mission of his own, just what will become of their own partnership!? Paging Takeda…

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7

What did you think of Revenge’s winter return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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