White House Bans Paparazzi Images of Sasha and Malia Obama on Hawaiian Beach (EXCLUSIVE)

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A paparazzo who took photographs of the daughters of President Barack Obama walking along a Hawaiian beach last week made a big mistake -- at least, in the eyes of the Oval Office.

Because as soon as the images of Sasha and Malia were sent out to news outlets around the world, the photographer received an official letter from the White House telling him to immediately stop their release, Celebuzz has exclusively learned.

Ironically, the man was waiting for pregnant Hollywood star Jessica Simpson to leave her Kailua Beach retreat in Honolulu County when the Presidential sisters, vacationing with their famous parents in an adjacent property since Dec. 21, came walking-by.

"After he took the photographs, agents from the United States Secret Service came over and asked him for identification," according to a source who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. Celebuzz has chosen not to name the photographer.

"They were nice enough to him and didn’t seize his camera equipment.

"But when he sent the photographs out via the agency's wire, he received a letter, on a White House letterhead, requesting that the images not be released."

The letter was from the White House Press Office, the source added.

"It stated that Sasha and Malia’s privacy should be maintained as they were on a private holiday," the insider told Celebuzz.

"The letter said that other media had been respecting these requirements.”

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are known to be very protective of Malia, 14 and Sasha, 11, previously demanding that the media respect their privacy unless they are attending a public or pre-arranged event.

The Obamas returned to Washington on Sunday after their annual end-of-year visit to the President's native state.

The family was staying at a 7000 sq ft rental home in the upscale Kailua area that boasts five bedrooms, a media room and a secluded lagoon style pool with tropical waterfalls and a spa.

The President -- who spent eight years at Punahou School in Hawaii before he graduated -- has his vacation disrupted just after Christmas when he was forced to return to the capital to help broker a solution on the fiscal cliff crisis.

He returned to Hawaii less than an hour after Congress and the White House resolved the fiscal cliff, at the eleventh hour.

Obama boarded Air Force One on Jan. 1 to return to his planned holiday vacation and later reunited with his wife and daughters, who have been vacationing there since just before Christmas.

The president began his family holiday — his first extended personal time outside of Washington since the presidential campaign.

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  • Stu Cozza
    Stu Cozza

    Does anybody really care about these two? If anything, we should feel empathy for them because of their parents.

  • sickofcomplainers

    Jimmy understand you are not stuck looking at pictures of Michelle Obama. You have choices.....

  • Martha Sparkman
    Martha Sparkman

    I'm not insulting Jackie, just drawing the comparison with her control over depictions of her family. The illusion of a happy family was crucial, as she was being cheated on constantly. Her sense of style was nice. Michelle's is not. The Kennedy children were sheltered. The Obama children are being raised by Marxists.

  • PatriotOne

    You do realize how ignorant your statement is right? Do you even know how much it costs to operate Air Force One for 12,000 mile round trip? Not to mention the fact the Michelle and the girls traveled ahead of the president, so Air Force One and Two were used for this "vacation". You libs will defend anything this fool does.

  • Jen06

    Big difference. GHW Bush, GW and Reagan vacationed at their own homes or Camp David.

  • Jedi Knight
    Jedi Knight

    Even Royalty get their pictures taken in public. Remember Princess Kate's Teeny Boobies, and tushy? You telling me they can show those pictures of an ACTUAL Royal Princess, but not Obama's kids? Get Real. He's not God. He needs to realize who he works for.

  • Hooli Gan
    Hooli Gan

    JD, We need to see your papers please!

  • Gail

    Did you notice how they seam to be eating ice cream(Not Healthy) and who were the boys with them? Family members the tax payers are paying for also:(

  • meg

    Um my guess is that it was a private beach to the resort. So, not a public place.

  • meg

    Sarah Palin has a reality show. You really think she deserves privacy?

  • meg

    drones don't spy, they are bombs.

  • meg

    You guys are all weird. Why do you want to see pictures of them anyway? Weirdos. Oh and btw the Obama's have more than enough money to pay for the vacation- they were doing it before he was POTUS. He has plenty of private money. Deal with it. Bush spent half his time flying back and forth from Texas- Obama goes to Hawaii once a year. Neither did anything wrong. Calm the F down, perverts.

  • meg

    Conservative politicians want to be able to ask anyone for identification regarding their immigration status. Papers please?! Ten times worse than asking for a photographer's credentials.

  • thelazycomic

    Beaches used to be public places, until Czar-bama came to town.

  • Brett Miller
    Brett Miller

    So it's OK for Barack Obama to spy on us using drones but we cannot spy on them using paparatzzi. Besides, public beach means public viewings

  • Louie

    Narcissistic, maybe? Good grief.

  • Bill

    America's first dictator

  • Bill

    So, unlike middle class kids, his have armed guards at their schools, were in Hawaii on a public beach yet could not be photographed. I recall his people attacking and not complaining when pics were taken of Gov Palin's kids. He wants to take away our guns yet his family is well protected by guns.

  • linda123456

    i have never seen or heard of a president sealing his own records, and now telling the media what they can print...this is a damn dictatorship

  • Bill Fisher
    Bill Fisher

    But its okay when TSA forces our kids into nude scanners and lets a stranger grope them in public. Privacy for me but not for thee. What a piece of trash. Hope his kids get harassed by his goons one day.

  • Curly Bill
    Curly Bill

    Actually, it is. It provides some needed balance to the HuffPoo obasmic sycophants like you.

  • Curly Bill
    Curly Bill

    BS!!! The difference is that the Bush girls' father was a Republican, and you know it!

  • Courtney

    All of the grown men calling to see pictures of two children in a bikini are really nauseating me... you're nothing but a bunch of shady pedophiles. Also, it's evident from all of this "ape" talk, that you're all a bunch of disgusting racists, too. God, this country is in the shitter. I can't wait until all of you morbidly obese Power-chair riding Teabagger neanderthals are irrelevant. Maybe then we will have REAL political conversation in this country, as opposed to this bullshit.

  • kikiinjuneau

    You do realize the money that was spent on staff salaries, secret service, etc. is all money that would have been spent regardless of their location. The Obama's actually paid for their own accommodation. This is no different than ANY president in our history.

  • Mann D. Lifeboats
    Mann D. Lifeboats

    Hey, Tom: CEASE FIRE! I detest Obama's words, actions and ideology. I think he and those who voted for him are the clearest and most present dangers to our Republic. And I hate his lawlessness, malignant megalomania, pettiness and hatred of our country, its people and our Constitution. But your racist hateful bilge has no place in any conversation. Keep that excrement to yourself and off any comment thread, anywhere, anytime.

  • Leon Chame
    Leon Chame

    Personally, I could go for the rest of my life not seeing ANY of their ugly mugs again. Elitists like them make me want to hurl!

  • retrocon

    we spend 1.4 Billion dollars a year (no, that is not an exaggeration), to support the Obama family. We spend nothing to support the Jolie-Pitts, we do nothing to support the Cruise-Holmes, yet the papps can take all the picture they want. Taking pics of kids and publishing them is NOT off limits. Heil Obama!

  • Christopher Richardson
    Christopher Richardson

    Three thoughts: (1) So what?, (2) If they used Camp David vs. flying out to HI, they would save a whole lot of tax payer money and be free of worries about roaming photographers, and (3) Boo-Hoo- he had to fly back in the middle of his vacation to DO HIS JOB.

  • Gerg C
    Gerg C

    It's sketchy because they are both minors, but hey, he can publish what he wants because it falls under the freedom of information correct? At least that is what the newspaper said that published all the names and addresses of the gun owners in New York.

  • Pete

    When we, the taxpayers PAY for their $1.4 MILLION vacation, we have a RIGHT to know how they are squandering our money! Damned thieves!

  • james

    A private holiday, paid for by the Taxpayers of America!

  • Steve

    The Despot has spoken. Hail, Caesar! Now if the WH would only ban all pictures of the rest of the Obama family...and Pelosi come to think of it

  • vinmar

    make a deal with you---no more Barry and Michele pictures for the next 4 years

  • Matador527

    ...Because they're SOOOOOO special!

  • b55

    Lib hypocrisy . . . the Palin kids were all fair game.

  • wiseguy

    The daughter goes on a 20 million dollar vacation in mexico and takes 25 of her friends on our dollar and the white house blocs media coverage.When they do this they are fair game .How many more secret vacations are we paying for? Sorry yo live in our white house makes you fair game

  • Crushing Morning Breath
    Crushing Morning Breath

    The Progressives rode into town in the '60s and shot the entire town up

  • Crushing Morning Breath
    Crushing Morning Breath

    Obama's services his official photographer. He cried that a competitor one upped him. So, Obama pulled out a gun and shot the photographer's career with a threatening letter.

  • Maud St James
    Maud St James

    Of course. The Emperor and his family are different from the hoi polloi, and the sooner the country realizes that rules which apply to the rest of us do not apply to the Amerikan Royal Family.

  • DavidDuke

    No different than anybody taking pictures of monkeys in the jungle. Photogs ought to tell the chimp-in-chief there's a thing called the Constitution.

  • Marco DeNola
    Marco DeNola

    They're on a public beach on the public dole. Fair game!

  • JCB

    I wonder if they know how truly evil their father is.

  • Edward Boothe
    Edward Boothe

    The GYM where I work out has music on the Cable, and I have recently been listening to Classic Country and Western, and Classic Popular Music from the 50’s while I work out, and have came to the conclusion that much can be learned about our society by comparing the music of the 50’s, to evil chanting that is now called “music”. The 50’s music is almost exclusively about love, beauty, patriotism and hope. It does not refer to women as Ho’s, does not advocate killing “pigs”, does not use profanity, or any of the other evil filth that comes out of the modern so-called “music”. It is almost as though the Devil has taken over this country, and when we are in chains because we followed him, he is going to sit back and have a good laugh, and say “That’s what they get for believing me”.

  • Edward Boothe
    Edward Boothe

    Sounds like something a wannabe dictator would do. Just wait until he eleminates term limits for the presidency, then you will know we are really in trouble.

  • Jimmie

    I bet George Bush wishes he had that kind of power to protect his children....

  • mudpuppy

    Is it really a private vacation when the tax payers are paying the bill!

  • Zaichats

    Ve haf vays of making you stop this action comrade.

  • Zuck You
    Zuck You

    As long as you're out in public, you can't legally ban the paparazzi from photographing anyone. President still doesn't comprehend the constitution.

  • borntobepolitical

    More appropriately,fascism

  • Martha Sparkman
    Martha Sparkman

    Good role models? They aren't allowed to speak on their own, go to an exclusive school their Papa banned DC Scholarship students from, get anything they want, were baptized by a radical Pastor, were babysat by Bill Ayers and wife, wear embarrassingly inappropriate clothing, and are being raised by Marxists. How, exactly, should we want our daughters to emulate anything they do/are/think?

  • Steve McCrone
    Steve McCrone

    Those kids are UGLY dam put bags on their heads.

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin

    I wish they would ban pictures of DUMBO and BigA$$. It is bad enough that some America people are so stupid they can't see these clowns for what they are - thieves, but do we have to see and hear the FTARDS too???

  • Barry bin Inhalin
    Barry bin Inhalin

    Let me get this straight, photos were taken on a public beach of the Marxist prodigy and OhZer0 is attempting to dissuade thier release claiming a right to privacy? Is this the same vacation that I am paying for? Just curious. Release the photos. Sell them to whomever may be interested (which is not me, but someone will be). There is no expectation of privacy, age is irrelevant and most galling is the Preezy's 'general 'tude in sending out a cease and desist on something that is simply 'above his pay grade'. Good luck enforcing this.

  • tonyg10

    The fact that the vacation was paid for with taxpayer's dime doesn't seem to matter to the White House. It seems to be all one sided with this crew. They were not in any comprimising situations, so what is the big deal? It just seems to be "I am the boss and what I say goes." Sounds a lot like the cops who also don't want their photos taken.

  • Ounce Oflogic
    Ounce Oflogic

    The White House "BANS"???? What country do we live in?

  • catch22!

    As long as the letter only asks that the pictures not be published, it is up to the owner to make the decision to publish. Now if he did send was retaliated on, I would be upset. How many celebs request pictures not be published. I see nothing wrong with asking. Oh and if you believe you have a right to take photographs of anything you want. Try taking a picture of a power plant or an oil refinery. That will get you a quick visit from the police.

  • Capn Jack
    Capn Jack

    Who wants to look at spawn of the Devil.

  • Christina

    Everyday, stupid people as yourself remind us some white folks will never change.

  • Dave Halpern
    Dave Halpern

    We can look at whatever we want to since we are the people paying for their vacations.

  • dispatvet

    Private holiday on taxpayer's dime......nice......

  • Hugh Jerekshun
    Hugh Jerekshun

    I don't care for Obama one bit, but leave his kids alone!

  • optimist43

    The house they are renting this year looks like the $45 MILLION house that friends of the Obamas are trying to buy or raise money to buy for them. Let's give them a retirement gift. Call you congressmen and tell them that you want a limit put on IRS home deductions for mortgage interest and taxes and have them put a cap on the value of the house that can be deducted. Ask congress to limit the deduction to ONE house and that the value of that house not exceed $500,000. Most taxpayers' homes are below that value. When Obama retires, he expects to get this free house but there will be taxes. He also will get huge sums for speaking and books. If we put a cap on his home deduction, he will have to pay it all back to the IRS, if we don't put a cap on it, he will get off with paying no taxes. This could be our "gift" to them and will give us revenge on all the money he has stolen from us.

  • optimist43

    Sorry but the vacation increased to SEVEN MILLION when Obummer made the return to Hawaii from D.C. after his sham of a visit to "work on the budget". He needed to play more golf and use the extra bedroom that he has. Moochelle had a bedroom in the WH decorated for her use. They DON'T GET ALONG!

  • optimist43

    We are entitled to see photos of whatever they are doing because we are paying for their activities. In this case, I want to see what our $7 MILLION VACATION GIFT TO THEM was.

  • optimist43

    Why would you insult Jackie K. so? Jackie had style and class, the Obummers have neither.

  • optimist43

    We should be able to see if the girls are following Mooochelle's diet plan that the rest of the kids in the U.S. are supposed to be on. I think you will find two very hormonally challenged girls who have developed into women at an abnormally young age.

  • D-Dave

    I was surfing at Castles (right down the beach from his "little cottage") a couple days before christmas. The surfng is usually crap there, but was great on that day. His entourage held me up from picking up my nephew for 30 minutes, we couldn't park in our usual spot, and then there was a sign that said something like "absolutely no persons or watercraft allowed in Kailua Bay punishable by up to a $40,000 fine". Obviously, no one cared since the waves were good and it was somewhat enjoyable to tell my nephew that good waves trump federal law. Please never come back Mr. Pres, my longboard is waaay too heavy to carry that extra two blocks. Stick to Chi town (your self proclaimed hometown) or DC, NO ONE wants you here, especially when the surfs up!!!!

  • Steve3

    Once again the criminal thinks he's above our laws and Constitution.

  • Morgan

    What really torques me about this is the statement that "others have complied with this requirement". What? Once again our President thinks he is King. If the word requested had been used instead I'd be fine with it.


    The whitehouse has NO right to censor what the media publishes.. more NAZI tactics from Oblamea and his liberal thugs. wake up people. Last time I checked, we had a little thing called FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!

  • Justus Iselusive
    Justus Iselusive

    Oh yeah but obama was silent when the Palin children were hounded and attacked all over the media...never said a word.... who wants to see obama's offspring.... uggggh

  • peoriaboy

    Could be they were smoke'n dope like the old man used to do and he was afraid they caught it on camera.

  • peoriaboy

    It seems as though the left say like Al Gore and most or even all democrats think that we all evolved from apes so whats the big deal . I would rather compare them to rabbits as they bread like rabbits and you and I pay for them ,and why we pay for condoms I'll never know as they don't us them, didn't I just recently hear that Dennis Rodman's dad had about sixty some kids ? now you know he never supported them and I wonder who did ? no not another question mark.

  • peoriaboy

    Hell no he seen a chance to get away from that woman for a little sex in the sky.

  • eatShitOblammyFuks

    Who wants to see some niglets enjoying the beach on our dime? Not me!

  • Big Al
    Big Al

    How is it a private holiday when it's paid for with public funds???

  • peoriaboy

    Hell ya they paid 35 million for that pad or should I say Solandra did it for them some how or another that transaction was done through stolen money maybe even GM

  • peoriaboy

    Hell don't they meaning the obumer's hide everything ?

  • Chippy55

    He can fly over the Pacific all he wants, just like Amelia Earhart. Plus there's lots of sharks out there.

  • Rachel

    Another day, another Obama BAN. Life is fun in a Fascist Dictatorship!

  • Andrew

    Obama sure didn't give a crap about all the name and addresses that were published in a NY paper of registered gun owners but he wants to surpress a few stupid pictures of his kids. This guys takes the cake for hypocrisy.

  • Whowantstoknow

    I beg to differ with the Whitehouse, but they are not on a "private holiday", they are on a $4 million dollar taxpayer holidy! That's right folks, there entire vacation is being paid for with our tax dollars which means, photographers have every right to take pictures and distribute them. Don't want their pictures taken and published? Pay the $4 million dollars for a "private vacation" out of your own pockets! Now, get those pictures out to the taxpayers, cause this vacation belongs to them!

  • William Penn
    William Penn

    The White House totalitarians can't ban shite! Sasha and Malia are fair game. By the way, would Barry's bff, Jay-Z, classify Sasha and Malia as bitches or hoes?

  • Bill Otten
    Bill Otten

    Yet Obama has no problem allowing drones flying overhead to photograph us...

  • Minnie

    All I have to say is most of yall are hatersssssssssssss!!!! Instead of finding constructive to do, some of you just want to sit back and criticize. Get over it! He's President again itchesssssssssssssss!!!!

  • Minnie

    How the hell is that Karma????? He didn't do anything to the Bush daughters. GTFOH

  • Shift

    The comments here paint a pretty vivid picture of the sickness of being hyper-partisan. "They did it to Bush's, so we should do it to Obama's!" This is disgusting. Kids should be off-limits. I hated it when they ripped on Bush's kids. I hated it when they ripped Palin's kids. and I hate it when they harass Obama's kids. Every pro-family conservative should! Yes, they get secret service protection paid by taxpayers, but who does it benefit when these kids have their childhoods further destroyed and eroded by the sick and voyeuristic paparazzi? It benefits NOBODY! Yeah... Obama sucks as President. That's no reason to cheer on the worthless paparazzi going after his kids for an easy buck.

  • davidkache

    Where does this f***ing dictator think he gets the power to BAN ANYTHING??!!! The arrogance of this SOB is beyond description. And BTW, I HATE paparazzi with a passion. They are the lowest scum of the photographic world, but Obama is LOWER!!!

  • Sandman00

    Ok, that comment is out of bounds, so get your facts straight. Michelle looks like a baboon and only the older girl looks like a horse.

  • Sandman00

    The White House TOLD them not to publish the photos. Under what legally enacted law or constitutional authority does the WH ORDER someone not to publish a lawfully taken photo? This is the kind of crap that Putin or Chavez or Castro gets away with every day. Is this how it works now in the U.S? The Obama administration is an abomination against every concept of freedom from the rule of man that this country was founded upon.

  • Brandon Donavan
    Brandon Donavan

    Why anyone would want to see the 1st Chimpettes is beyond me.

  • Ah So
    Ah So

    1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, we don't need no stinkin' Amendments!

  • sklarr

    if the government wants pictures of you they will get them, doesnt matter if you are on vacation or not. I love the double standard

  • Paul

    Here is a thought for you. So you are going for a walk one day and you come across a news team filming the president pointing at a turd in the dirt. You happen to notice the peanuts in it. The President stands up and declares it is a Baby Ruth Candy bar and all good Americans shall start eating them daily. The Media immediately starts running the story across the nation. Laws are passed , and they claim you are unpatriotic if you don't agree. So, what are you going to do? I know what I would do, but I have a feeling I would have a lot of friends with bad breath.

  • GJ

    They can enjoy their privacy when they pay for their own damn vacation. How many millions did this one cost us? More than each of us has spent in our entire lives, I'm sure.

  • Dave Turner
    Dave Turner

    Frankly who gives a pile of manure what the White House has to say? The kids are public figures and therefore are fair game - sad to say. What happens if a member of the public takes a picture and puts it out on the net? Is the White House going to have a hissy fit over that as well? Besides, who really gives a rip about these kids anyway? Who cares about seeing them in the first place?

  • ubuibi

    No A. Levy we used to call this communism!!!!

  • fthomas cain
    fthomas cain

    True, and we paid 3 times because BO had to fly back to Dc for the fiscal cliff and then back to Hawaii. While in DC on the 28th, he decided to spend more money we don't have by giving Joe Biden, Congress and federal workers all a raise costing 11 billion dollars, done by his favorite instrument, Executive Order!

  • mignon

    Don't care about the pics, but how does the the White House "ban" a citizens photography? This is America ......or have we forgotten?

  • fthomas cain
    fthomas cain

    Who would actually want to look at any of them? The idea of seeing Michelle's thighs and rear end makes me reach for the Pepto Bismol!

  • Democrat

    Did the white press office call the journal and request that registered gun owner information not be made public?

  • Professor Fate
    Professor Fate

    The Ministry of Truth decrees that all pictures of Big Brothers children shall not be viewed by the Proles; only highly placed party members may view them through sunglasses in a dark room.

  • Mary

    No, I'm a drudge reader. I agree the kids pics are freedom of the press and if they don't want to be photographed, stay inside. BUT, kids are kids and the comments regarding the kids above don't reflect my views. I did't like it when they said bad things about Clinton's or Bush's daughters. They can say what they want about the prez and his wife, but to put a child down especially based solely only looks, is quite despicable and bully behavior indeed.

  • ParasiteObama

    It's okay to trot out the ugly little miniature wookies when it is politically expedient.

  • American Woman
    American Woman

    hilarious! good one....

  • Marcus B
    Marcus B

    But if the media has photos of Romney's grandkids with Sacha, they would run over themselves to be the first to publish them and mock the Romneys. Hypocrites all!

  • Larry

    No one cares about his brats. But, it's clear that our self-appointed king has total power over our freedoms in his new Amerika. Our fighting men and women died for this?

  • Jim

    Ah it's so good to see the drudge crowd on here

  • lyndaloo

    Don't forget how the press followed every move by the Palin family. My God, some press even moved into their town to catch them in photo ops. Liberals/democrats are lying hypocrites and Obama is the head of their party.

  • cda

    So, Slumbama can use his daughters to shill for Planned Infanticide but a photographer cannot post their pictures???? Maybe the president should be more concerned about his own violations of his children.

  • lyndaloo

    Did you think the same way when the media kept printing photos of George & Laura's girls? Huh?

  • Adam Sternberg
    Adam Sternberg

    Let's say the photographer DIDN'T stop sending them out? What would happen then I wonder? Would he be thrown in jail? Would he be charged with a crime? If so, what crime? I think these questions deserve answering by Obama!

  • Hatezlibz

    Wrong, stupid. The reason Obama "won" is because the takers now outnumber the makers. It had nothing to do with "racists" around every corner and under every bed. That tired old horse has been beat to death, you Marxist worshiping dummy.

  • Bob Macfarlane
    Bob Macfarlane

    Leave the kids out of this. A couple of medium sized seals and you've got all the pics you need.

  • Hatezlibz

    They were "kids" in the beginning, dipshit, meaning the Bush twins, who were teens when Bush took office. Big Media hounded them constantly, and you fux had no problem with it then, did you? You leftist bovines worship the people you deem "royalty," don't you? Nothing they do shocks you, regardless of how blatantly hypocritical it is. Pfft!

  • Donato

    Barry and Moochelle have no problem with running out the girls for Photo Ops that benefit him. If they kept them out of the spotlight all of the time, they might have something to complain about, but they don't.

  • optimist43

    So very true. If we were to see the pics, we would see a FULLY DEVELOPED TEN-YEAR OLD. These two ugly spawn are the reason that Moochelle has taken on the project of regulating what we can and cannot eat. The whole family is just plan UGLY.

  • dam

    I was walking by them on the beach the other day and a cat was trying to bury them in the sand.

  • brsinai

    It isn't like they are the prettiest of girls, anyway. I find the whole family a bit off-puting.

  • XrayVision

    If you're on a beach, there's no legal expectation of privacy. Print the photos. Otherwise it's hypocritical and censorship.

  • dragons3

    The big difference is that the Bush "kids" were legal adults, not children.

  • Carl Mertz
    Carl Mertz

    I understand this because these are two young children they should NOT be part of the MEDIA. But do us a favor QUIT taking so d@m many PIC. of there worthless @ ss DAD!

  • kentsan

    They are ugly children. Who cares to look at them.

  • Art O'Connell
    Art O'Connell

    Stop insulting his kiddos..they are adorable. also totally nothing to do with anything..it makes yall look stupid as hell. they are kids..who wasnt dorky lookin as a youth? anyway..what bugs me is the blatant double standard...BUsh would have been hanged by the media for taking a vacation to begin with..let alone week 44 at his private island of hawaii.

  • Art O'Connell
    Art O'Connell

    Were photos of the Bush girls off limits? I seem to remember someone posting NUDE photos of one of them..but thats totally different..they are related to Bush..ive had enough of this phkn scumbg marxist douche to last a lifetime

  • Joanne

    Remember the Bush twins, they never stopped photos from those kids, the difference is the Obama family thinks they're royalty. Didn't anyone inform them we have no royalty.

  • AZWarrior

    "How much for the little girls?". (The Blues Brothers)

  • whoeverIwant2be

    But they don't have problems with drones flying all around taking pictures of our kids do they?

  • aggietx2

    They stopped being off limits when the MSM started bashing the Bush daughters at every opportunity. . Ain't karma fun?

  • Chica Jones
    Chica Jones

    What did the idiots taking pictures think,that this is American....

  • yarply

    extended...lol Listening to these women gush over ole walleye Its like, do women actually think like this now days? Have they become this pathetic and shallow?

  • Cliff Renfrew
    Cliff Renfrew

    Sasha and Malia are good role models for young women in America - just wish more people would appreciate that their parents have done a good job no matter your political alliance.

  • Enemyof Theobamastate
    Enemyof Theobamastate

    They probably had the family bong lit.

  • Brian

    if he is able to stop these perfectly legal pictures, hang up the flag folks, America has ceased to exist. COME ON,WAKE THE FUDGE UP PEOPLE! this has to stop he thinks he is above the law. Whats next ? take our guns away/ (oh wait he is already trying)

  • yarply

    Are they really his?

  • Jeremy Meister
    Jeremy Meister

    Freedom of the Press? Not in Obamaland. You must be thinking of Bush crimes.

  • brolin1911a1

    "his first extended personal time outside of Washington since the presidential campaign." And that was, what, just under six weeks before he left on this "extended personal time?" Obozo spends more time on vacations and personal leave than he spends in the Whitehouse office.

  • Craig Poe
    Craig Poe

    Boy, that youngest one is the spitting image of Van Jones. Wonder why?

  • Unreal Uknow
    Unreal Uknow

    Thus the reason Obama won. The racists who can't dislike the man because of his beliefs or policies, killed it for anyone who was on the fence. I can't stand when racists defend some of my other political positions and spout their racist garbage at the same time. Its like those of us sane and rational people who accept all types of people, are fighting on two fronts to try to have some responsibility in government.

  • Martha Stewarton
    Martha Stewarton

    Screw the WH, Release the Pics!!! If the Obamas are going to spend over a million dollars of taxpayer money for their vacations then the public DESERVES to see what they're up to on vacation. Jessica Simpson is spending private money on her vacation at least so she deserves a little more privacy than the Obamas. But if you CHOOSE to be a public figure, that's part of the territory to deal with photographers. if you can't stand the heat, get out and leave the public eye.

  • Unreal Uknow
    Unreal Uknow

    I have to agree. They should be off limits as minors. I am shocked by all of the people, women especially who are almost demanding to see their pictures because we pay for them. I am as anti-Obama as you can get, but publishing photos of minor girls, possibly in bathing suits, is not something we should ever encourage. There are a lot of sick people out there who might want to use those for their own twisted purposes. The kids don't have a choice and don't deserve to be hassled.

  • Wally

    Must be because they weren't wearing their burkas

  • daniel

    These two are just as gross as barrack/michelle ... So I would rather them not be out anyways. They both look like pootle dogs. -- Also I swear I hope these two dont go into politics. Ill hear their junk for the rest of my days if so :(

  • Big Red
    Big Red

    “It stated that Sasha and Malia’s privacy should be maintained as they were on a private holiday,” Private my a$$! They were on a public beach and the taxpayers paid to get them there. Time for them to stay behind the fences at the White House and save the American Tax payers the millions the waste on themselves.

  • Bob

    Pay your taxes folks! Weezy Obama and the kids are on vacation....again!

  • Kate

    Slobber, her arms are so toned slobber, she's so fashionable, slobber, drool, she is so glamorous. Who are these two twits talking about? The first lady or a fashion model which Michelle certainly isn't. Makes a person need a barf bag to hear the media talking about the Obamas. Ugh.

  • Eramthgin

    What a crock. They were on a "beach" there are no private beaches in Hawaii. The photog should have told the secret service to go do deep knee bends over a fire hydrant. Regardless of what people say they are public figures. People have got to start standing up for our rights. Don't take any gruff from these thugs.

  • michelle o
    michelle o

    what, no pics of Obama screwing his own daughters on the beach?

  • Cliff Renfrew
    Cliff Renfrew

    Thanks for all the feedback on this story - I think the President and the White House were right to protect Sasha and Malia while on vacation. They need space and privacy during these private family times and as a father I can understand their parents concern - let's face it these young women are not going to be on reality television anytime soon!

  • Montford Greenwood
    Montford Greenwood

    Good thing the POS in charg is not in charge of the press.

  • yarply

    Stolen from may fit better.

  • yarply

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Congress writes or makes the law. Not obama. As a government official he just violated his oath of office. Obama just committed an impeachable offense.

  • Jaime Staalenburg
    Jaime Staalenburg

    Pretty lady...maybe a joke but I am taken aback by all of the racist comments here, including yours. Surely you people are joking...I don't like Obama but he's not a monkey; he is a man and his family are people as well. I think a lot of folks would do well to remember that people can disagree and still see each other as people...you have to try though. Best of luck to all the folks on these forums.

  • margielyle

    When the transportation costs are paid by the (bankrupt) public treasury, they are not involved in a "private" excursion. If they want things to be private then pay for the vacation costs privately.

  • Martha Sparkman
    Martha Sparkman

    They are much like Jackie Kennedy. She held a tight rein on the press coverage of her children, and would not allow anyone to photograph her smoking. Her image was of the utmost importance. No one was allowed to publish her husband's affairs, either. It's good to be the king. As for the video, I can't get over the gushing comments about the biggest fashion failure (Jason Woo's Tissue Explosion dress) ever.

  • RJ

    First of all, why would anyone want to see bathing suit pics of an 11 yr old and 14 yr old girl? Not only that, but trying to sell those pics seems wrong. Second of all, they are the President's kids, and no matter who's in office, Republican or Democrat, the families should be respected, especially when they're underage. This seems like common sense to me. I don't see how this could be twisted into something political.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    I agree that their vacation pictures don't need to be published, but I find it kind of odd that Obama will allow it when it benefits him politically.

  • Dan Goucho
    Dan Goucho

    Key word..."requesting" that they not be released. The photographer needs to tell whoever penned the cencorship memo to go f*ck themselves.

  • Cap Curmudgeon
    Cap Curmudgeon

    The Obama girls are private ... unless Obama parades them out as campaign ornaments. You know I'm right. Obama family motto: "All Hypocrisy All The Time"

  • Ken Chapman
    Ken Chapman

    This issue is very serious. I believe US courts have held there is no reasonable expectation of privacy for celebrities when they are in public places. In as much the paparazzo may be guilty of bad taste, he is not guilty of violating any laws. What Obama is doing is called censorship. I believe that means Obama has no respect for the first amendment to the constitution. So far as President Obama has violated, at least the intent, or directly of the following Constitutional Amendments: 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, and 16 He may also be guilty of treason.

  • diane

    They were on a "private holiday"? Its not private when all of us taxpayers are paying for it! What a load!

  • Rain

    Not sure how it can be considered a private family holiday when it is costing taxpayers 7 million dollars for this extravagent Hawaiian paradise vacation.

  • Jack Meihoff
    Jack Meihoff

    They were probably on the beach because they saw some bananas fall out of a tree and got hungry.

  • Bill in Tennessee
    Bill in Tennessee

    What's wrong with you papparizzi? Think you're like... CITIZENS or something? You are subjects, just like everyone else in the country, and King Obama doan wan no pichurs...SEE??!

  • dougdogg

    I would suggest that, as much attention as Barack Obama pays to his job, he's on vacation pretty much around the clock. Why the need to relax after relaxing, I don't quite get but, for my money (and it is, partly, my money), the more time he spends out of Washington, the better.

  • Dylan Howard
    Dylan Howard

    Good point

  • Dylan Howard
    Dylan Howard

    I agree... I am surprised the agency complied... well within their rights to continue publishing. But when I heard about this story, I was surprised that we haven't seen more photos of the presidential daughters. To me, it's clear this practice has been going on for some time and we probably just did not know about it.

  • Tmos

    Given that I am a conservative, would one of you liberal geniuses please tell us conservatives what laws are supposed to be upheld, and what laws are supposed to ignored. From what I hear and see, only liberals know. Maybe you could print a guide or something.

  • abbey

    The media doesn't HAVE to comply. This isn't the Soviet Union.....yet.

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones

    Paparazzi are just another form of bottom feeding animal life whose work mostly appeals to rather limited intellectual type. Anyway, I don't need a reminder of this latest $20,000,000 taxpayer paid O-Bama junket.

  • Morgana

    Seems a double standard when the media was ruthless with Sara Palin's daughter. She was not off limits for the press and attacks, photos, etc. I guess because he is the King with passage of the NDAA, etc he can make the photographer disappear and never be heard from again. What a clown we have in the oval office.

  • entitled2freestuff

    Obama flies his drones all over the country taking pictures of families and kids but wants his own to be treated as elites above the little people Obama abuses. We have a loser President.

  • Tmos

    Obama, like the Clintons, believe that they are above the law.

  • Mike Heuer
    Mike Heuer

    Obama continues proving he has no respect for the U.S. Constitution and is a complete moron when it comes to media relations. Simple fact is, anything in public view can be photographed, even if standing on private property or engaged in a "private" act.

  • Tmos

    What hypocrites. Where were the Liberals when the Journalist moved into the house next door to Sarah Palin. I did not hear a thing while they lied thru their teeth about Sarah & family. If you want privacy Mr Obama, why not go to Camp David for Christmas. At least then all of the Secret Service agents could be home with their families during the holidays. Just like GW Bush did. Damn liberal hypocrites...

  • Midnight2u2

    Don't need or want to see the pics but if they were taken in public he is free to do as he wishes with them. And how can they be on private vacation if the govt. paid for the travel and security. You can't use them when it is beneficial to the campaign or publicity for you and not when you don't think it would help.

  • jay

    When you use your kids in campaign mode, when you broadcast at the top of your lungs that you're going to Hawaii to vacation, and make a huge show of it, I don't think that they are off limits walking on a public beach.

  • lisa

    as soon as they let Malia go to Mexico at 13 on a solo Spring Break, I think all bets should be off. We paid for that vacation, we should get to enjoy the pics. period.

  • optimist43

    We PAID OVER $7 MILLION FOR THAT VACATION and we are enitled to see how it was spent. The Obamas are PUBLIC PROPERTY and we are entitled to know when one of them gets a boil removed from their buttts.

  • KP2GMU

    The Secret Service is there to protect the Obama's. They just want to ensure that the photographer is not there for sinister purposes. Since he wasn't, he could continue doing what he was doing. Since the kids were on a public beach, their pics should be fair game. I would feel differently if they were taken within the rental property (even if taxpayers are footing the bill).

  • phillynew

    Who cares, both the kids are as horse-faced as their mom.

  • Toni

    CENSORSHIP alert!! Sorry, that is called freedom of the press and any attempts to block the photos from being published is CENSORSHIP.

  • Rusty Bender
    Rusty Bender

    LMFAO! Gott love the double standards & ridiculose thought process of the White House. "It stated that Sasha and Malia’s privacy should be maintained as they were on a private holiday” A. This is not a "private" vacation because it was funded by tax payer dollars!! Cover ALL costs and then possibly it is a "private" vacation. B. Freedom of press allows these pictures if openly visable from public property, just look at the Kate Middleton fiasco! Do not worry Mr. President, no one wants to look at your butt ugly family!

  • Parker Shannon
    Parker Shannon

    Re: “It stated that Sasha and Malia’s privacy should be maintained as they were on a private holiday.” The same courtesy was never even considered for Sarah Palin's children.

  • Jim

    I guess they can only be used for political purposes when it HELPS the Bamster. I'd publish in a heartbeat.

  • JustAGuy

    I have no interest in seeing pictures of privilaged children of a Narcassistic couple determined to spend as much of the taxpayer's dollars as they can.

  • Common Tater
    Common Tater

    Nat Geo could run them in an "Ape-ette" segment.

  • Michele Marks
    Michele Marks

    What is the big deal about pictures of his kids? There is a big old shot of them at the head of this article. Besides, if i wanted to see a couple of monkeys playing around, I would just go to the zoo..

  • A. Levy
    A. Levy

    Didn't we used to call this, censorship?

  • John Gault
    John Gault

    Check that, Democrat's childern are off limits. The Bush kids were followed and photographed ad nausem. The reason the secret service did not take the camera is because they had no right to do so. The pictures can be published, but you will have to deal with Lord God Emperor Obama. And since he is a Democrat that means everyone involved will be audited by the IRS for as long as he is president.

  • Vivian

    This only applies to Democrats- any GOP woman or child can be harrassed, cursed out on air, and emotionally abused via the press- but Democrats live in a Royal Bubble please.

  • djm159

    Royalty has privileges. The only time the children are not off limits is when the Marxist in Chief is exploiting them for political cover or gain. It is perfectly okay for them to be seen to make a political point, i.e., free contraception for all women and free government provided abortions, but God forbid if we see them when we are paying $20 million for their vacation. How rude of us to even consider such a thing. Who wants to see them? I can watch an episode of Orangutan Island on Animal Planet and see the same thing. When the eldest one went to Mexico for spring break at age 13 at taxpayer expense we weren't allowed to see that either even though we paid for it. Vote for him again; he is such a genuine individual.

  • RKS

    He's all for releasing names and addresses of legal gun owners, but not pictures of his daughters. Chairman Obama will be King Obama before 4 more years are up.

  • michelle

    Private vacation? maybe the Obamas should use their own private funds.

  • Boomer

    Who wants to bet that within 5 years after Obama leaves office, one of these girls will NOT be found to be involved in some sort of criminal activity.

  • Boomer

    The beginning of the article says the WH told them to stop the photos, but later on it says they requested them not to use them. Which is it?

  • JD

    No one has an expectation of privacy in any public place, to include President Obama's daughters. If one is in a public place, one's picture can be taken at any time by anyone for any reason.

  • guest

    so the media is going to listen to them? since when and why. they should not have took their vacation on me and the rest of america.

  • Dan

    I thought this was a free country. Who cares what the White House thinks!!!

  • hal99

    Well, not ours anyway. Kenya's, um ...

  • ObamasucksitRaw

    Who wants to see pics of those piglets?

  • E Holder
    E Holder

    pres obama does not want the pics of him having sex with his own daughters on the beach!!!

  • richar of Jax
    richar of Jax

    Private holiday on a PUBLIC beach!

  • Delsa Winslow Amundson
    Delsa Winslow Amundson

    Why? Do they have 20 of their closest friends with them? My guess that is the reason.....?????

  • hal99

    The kids, dad, Bill Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, the whole gang -- they could all stay out of sight back there.

  • Bill

    Mr. Obama apparently hasn't read the Bill of Rights.

  • whatsamattau

    Sorry, first amendment Mr. President. Don't like it? Then vacation somewhere where the press is off limits, such as Camp David. Amazing how the first amendment only applies with things the Liberals agree with.

  • LTCB

    We have a right to see where our money is going so, they're not off limits.

  • Tony Rohl
    Tony Rohl

    Nice picture of the president and her husband.

  • walls

    Didn't know the SS could walk up to anybody not doing anything illegal and demand identification. Sounds like the Gestapo .... your papers please.

  • Tom

    The Whole Bunch Of Them Should Be Picking Cotton In A Hot Dusty Field Down South. Who Cares About Their Little Sprogs.

  • hal99

    You're obviously a left-wing hack trying to pose as a real American to make us look racist. FAIL!

  • Melaine Cooper
    Melaine Cooper

    They are trotted out for political proposes and are on vacation paid in part by the taxpayer's millions. Print 'em.

  • Elizabeth Fisher
    Elizabeth Fisher

    I'm with you Dan Bowman - if I'm paying for a $7 million vacay, I want to see what I'm paying for !!!

  • Ed

    Release the Photos!!! If they want to remain private, stay home!!!

  • Alex

    Hear ye, hear ye... The king has spoken.

  • Dano

    Agree, when the US taxpayer foots the bill for the entire family then there is nothing private about being in a public venue. Sucks to be them - the Obama's and the WPC can pack sand

  • WillieT

    "The President — who spent eight years at Punahou School in Hawaii before he graduated — has his vacation disrupted just after Christmas when he was forced to return to the capital to help broker a solution on the fiscal cliff crisis." Had his vacation DISRUPTED when he was FORCED to return to DC for what? TO DO HIS JOB!!!!

  • chance you take
    chance you take

    could care less what the P.O.t.u.S. wants.... still a free country (fo a little while longer, anyway)

  • E Holder
    E Holder

    why not post them..... just a bunch of young female obama APE pictures. The young ones are as ugly and stupid as their parents.... barry and mooooochelle

  • Lee

    Hmmm, doesn't seem like a private vacation if the public is paying for it?

  • Tom

    Who Care's About The Kenyan Frauds "Sprogs"

  • CBoecksh

    This is not a "private" vacation. It is paid for by us taxpayers. Millions of dollars of taxpayer's hard-earned money. This president and his family are awful human beings!

  • Dan Bowman
    Dan Bowman

    No they are not! Taxpayers are paying for them to be there.

  • Jack America
    Jack America

    NOT THAT WE WANT TO SEE THE PICS, BUT WE PAID PLENTY FOR THE TRIP> MAYBE obummer should pay for the trip himself if he wants privacy...........

  • Linnie

    I dont think celebs kids should be photographed by the paps.. Unless they're with the family, in some type of event. Like with the Jolie-Pitts.. I guess the paps get the in the shots when their all together, but I dont think it would be right to photograph Maddox visiting a friend or something..

  • Sonny

    Kate is less likely to break the camera than the other two.

  • Dutra

    Maybe the kids could hide behind Momma's big behind.

  • ladyjk

    Private vacation? I guess it would be a slap in the taxpayers' faces to be able to see how much the prez and his family are enjoying the taxpayers' expensive trip. Oh, would the Sandy storm homeless, heatless, foodless families would enjoy some of that money. I like the spin on the article--Obama HAD to interrupt his vacation to fly home to make the deal to prevent the fiscal cliff. He didn't have to fly home--Joe Baby did the work and the magic pen signed it. Obama flew home to insert a package of specialties he had worked out since August to pay off his cronies. That's the only reason he flew back at our expense.

  • Rob H.
    Rob H.

    It amazes me that the left in this country is so comfortable with this kind of fascist display of power. A guy takes a picture of a public figure in public and gets a visit from the Secret Service? What law was broken? None. This is fascist thuggery.

  • Bob Boberson
    Bob Boberson

    and taxpayers pay for both vacations.

  • Jimmy

    So we're stuck looking at pictures of Michelle?

  • WALT C
    WALT C

    Whatever happened to freedom of the press? I seem to remember some unflattering pics of the Bush twins during that administration.

  • Peter Buttkiss
    Peter Buttkiss

    Release the pics have we forgotten that we have a constitution that protects this sort of problem it is called the 1st amendment. So they are the presidents daughters big whoop it did not stop them from publishing pics of every other presidents daughters now did it. The Obamas believe they are royalty and don't have to abide by the law lets show them they do!!!

  • Mitch

    Were they doing something illegal that the would should not be seeing? Is the anointed one above everyone else? The American Tax Payers spent over $20,000,000 to send them on this little vacation. They are on a public beach, they are fair game. Take all the pictures you can.

  • Lloyd Hargett
    Lloyd Hargett

    Hell, I don't want to see Obozo's pickaninnies anyway.

  • Paolo Roberto
    Paolo Roberto

    Obama's are liars and frauds.

  • HSW

    Don't like the guy or agree with him, but the children are off-limits.

  • Lance burton
    Lance burton

    Why should they be protected from having their images posted, when stuff like this is plastered on the net everyday?

  • N2

    Interesting since pictures of Kate Middleton were taken when she was on private property but the wishes for them not to be published were not honored. The one difference is that Sasha and Malia are not adults and Kate is.