Chat With Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi LIVE on Celebuzz

The MTV star joins us for an exclusive Twitter chat TODAY, January 8, at 5:30pm ET / 2:30pm PT.


Thanks to those of you who joined us for the LIVE webcast and Twitter chat party with Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi earlier today.

Snooki joined Celebuzz for a 30 minute chat in our studio in Hollywood, Calif. to answer your burning questions about Jersey Shore, the second season of Snooki & JWOWW, what it's like being a mom, and much more.

If you missed the live webcast, check out the entire broadcast below.

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  • Nicole

    Dear Emily, Not a chance in bloody hell! You Aussies are nothing but a bunch of drunk, outlawed Brits. Snooki P.S. Don't ever call me Snooks again

  • Abbey - May
    Abbey - May

    Hey Snooks, Would you ever consider coming to Aussie ? My one wish is to meet you ! Your my idol & I look up to you ! Your gorgeous !! <3 Love you <3<3

  • Emily McLean
    Emily McLean

    come to Guelph Ontario

  • Melissa Lopez
  • heatdates2013

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  • Nicole

    Hi everyone! Thank you for all of the well wishes and good thoughts. While I cannot answer all of you individually, I just wanted to let you know that i am back to hitting the bottle...hard! I go out all night and party like a rockstar, and then come home and sleep all day. Don't worry, I have a nanny to watch my baby, lol lol.

  • Melissa Lopez
    Melissa Lopez

    Snooki, I love all your pretty things u make :D I'm starting to be a fan lolol.... how do you make everything? do u have designers helping u?

  • yari

    Do you think Lorenzo look like you or he look like jionnie

  • yari

    Hi! Snookie how you like being. Star .. you look so pretty



  • Teira Barrera
    Teira Barrera

    You look amazing Nicole, dont listen to all the jealous haters. you have a beautiful family, keep up all the hard work <3

  • Jennifer

    Snooki will you ever be willing to come down to phoenix arizona?

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt

    Hey, fuckwads. Puuki does not read your comments on a 2 bit website like this, nor will she answer your lame ass questions.

  • Bre Dooley
    Bre Dooley

    hay snookie my name is bre and I'm just wondering if you would ever come to the quad cites for your fans would love to meet you I'm a big fan

  • Leila

    Norway loves uuuuu

  • Jade

    Patiently waiting...

  • Lexi Rene Moore
    Lexi Rene Moore

    Please answer my question if you can. I would totally apreciate it :) <3 ya

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt

    Awwwwww, I'm sorry!!! You're a slut with saggy tits too? Only difference is your ass aint famous...BIATCH!!!!!

  • katie

    first I love you snooki second u think n the future after bein a wonderful mom u wanna do another show

  • Alicia

    I <3 ya Snooki!! From another 4'8 meatball!

  • Olivia

    Is it already over????????

  • Tiffany Woods
    Tiffany Woods

    Hey Nicole I love you. How did you know that jionni was with you for who you were and not the fame and fortune?

  • Valeriana

    Snooki I Just Wanna Let You Know You Have A Huge Fan In Houston Texas I Love You I Think Of You As My Bigger Sister Just Shorter Lol Im 5`9 LOL Much Love From Valeriana Mariie Ybarra

  • Susana Vazquez
    Susana Vazquez


  • Ashley Gonzalez
    Ashley Gonzalez

    Have you gotten pooped on or peed on yet? The joys of being a mom! :) - Keep up the good work. Show the world

  • Jessie Marie
    Jessie Marie

    your amazing snooki

  • Hannah Ruthann Vandenbeckens
    Hannah Ruthann Vandenbeckens

    Can i hae your phone number!? so we can text

  • Susana Vazquez
    Susana Vazquez


  • Emily McLean
    Emily McLean

    Hey Snooki congrats on Lorenzo he is so adorable! xoxo

  • Hannah

    Can i have your phone number? so we canbe texting buddies?

  • Jessie Marie
    Jessie Marie

    yor so pretty snooki and your my fav on jersey shore whats your twiiter and hows lerenzo did i spell it right

  • hannah sutton
    hannah sutton

    hi snooki ur cool

  • christina romano
    christina romano

    how are you adjusting to mother life?

  • Chad Kennedy
    Chad Kennedy

    Thanks for your comments -- and keep them coming! Snooki will be in the studio LIVE one hour from now. Stay tuned!

  • Anna Maria Legut
    Anna Maria Legut

    Hey Nicole, My question to you was are you really adopted and if so have your biological parents tried to get a hold of you since your fame. I tweeted this to you ,but just in case you didn't get it. Much love, Anna Maria Legut

  • hannah sutton
    hannah sutton

    shut up ur just mad cuz no one likes u asshole y not u go and jerk off to prn cuz no girl wonts to sleep with u GROSS!!!!! loser

  • hannah sutton
    hannah sutton

    ur awseome i love u guys so much

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt

    Her boobs sag way to low for a slut her age. GROSS!!!!!

  • makayla

    hi snooki