'Fifty Shades of Grey' Sparks Off-Broadway Spoof

Comedy troupe to tackle Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele affair in a musical.

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Curtains up on Christian Grey!

Fifty Shades of Grey, E L James’ kinky New York Times’ bestseller, is coming to an off-Broadway theater this January, according to Time.

But don’t expect seriously sultry, handcuff-happy sex scenes. Created by the musical comedy group Baby Wants Candy, 50 Shades! The Musical is a song-and-dance spoof on the X-rated trilogy, which originally began as Twilight fan fiction.

Directed by Albert Samuels, the musical opens on a book club of middle-aged women paging through Fifty Shades of Grey, a sexual thriller about the S&M-tinged affair between curious, college-aged Anastasia Steele and older, bondage-loving billionaire Christian Grey.

Instead of blush-worthy bedroom play, 50 Shades! The Musical — playing the Gramercy Theater on Jan. 11 and 12 — takes on 11 original musical numbers, such as “They Get Nasty,” “I Don’t Make Love, I “F#*!” and “There’s a Hole Inside of Me.”

The show has previously played at Chicago’s Apollo Theatre and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

The musical comes as a feature film based on the book — which has sold 65 million copies around the world — get under way this year. “It will be NC-17,” said the adaptation’s screenwriter, Kelly Marcel, according to The Telegraph. “It will be raunchy. We are 100% going there.”

“The fans love this book, and I want them to love the film as much,” she continued. “I want to make them laugh and cry, to turn them on. I want this to do everything.”

Watch a preview for the musical, below. Would you go see the show off Broadway? Tell us why in comments.

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  • Heather Terrell
    Heather Terrell

    It's nice that she has so much time to read after having a baby. Spoiled celebrities!!

  • Julia Knowles Ungermah
    Julia Knowles Ungermah

    If you saw this man in true blood you would know that he is the perfect Mr. Grey. He has an intense stare. He is very tall. He looks much better on film then in pictures. His character in true blood is controlling and has an obsession and strong feelings with a woman that he never felt before. I really hope he gets the part.

  • tbweathersby

    Ian is the perfect christian Grey!! It is all about how many viewers the character brings in to the movie and HE IS IT! I am waiting to hear the cast call If Ian is in it I will def go see the Movie If not I wont even bother. One man for this Job and its IAN

  • cknaron

    Oh my gosh Ian who? Look at his jaws he looks like he has hog jowls or they have been broken. I have read all 3 books about 15 times.I can envision chris hemsworth or maybe Bradley Cooper(may be too old) There was another guy named with Hemsworth the other day but I can't remember his name but him whoever.The blond girl who was on this list would be a perfect Ana.I know Pattinson won't get the nod but-----.By ALL means NOT soma holder!!!1!!!!!

  • Nanou Hemsworth Lutz
    Nanou Hemsworth Lutz

    Matt Bomer or him will make me happy! :D

  • Nanou Hemsworth Lutz
    Nanou Hemsworth Lutz

    She can read the book but I don't want to see her in the movie!

  • andie

    Ian is very good looking but he is not jaw dropping gorgeous like Matt Boomer. Matt boomer matches the description in the book perfectly.

  • Liz Pullen
    Liz Pullen

    I would LOVE to see this off-Broadway musical because I found the book so awful, I couldn't get through it! I'd love to see what some talented playwright could do it jazz it up. ; )

  • Nanou Hemsworth Lutz
    Nanou Hemsworth Lutz

    No you are not! You are not sexy enough! Ian is THE Christian Grey!

  • Nanou Hemsworth Lutz
    Nanou Hemsworth Lutz

    As much as I love the Twilight Saga I think no Twilight actors/actresses should be in 50 shades of Grey! It will ruin my fantasy to think of vampires while I should think of Christian doing some hot kinky stuff!

  • Nanou Hemsworth Lutz
    Nanou Hemsworth Lutz

    No way!! As Kate maybe but not as Ana Steele!

  • Maybe?

    I can see her being Mia