'Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls': Alex McCord Explains Why She 'Appreciates' Camille Grammer (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG)

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Former Real Housewives of New York City cast member and VH1's Couples Therapy star Alex McCord is back to give her thoughts and concerns with Monday's episode of Bravo's hit reality series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

McCord was first thrown off by the physic scene with Taylor Armstrong and Kyle Richards. She loved how "Taylor looked thoroughly confused" during the session and thought it was just a ploy on Bravo's behalf to pack as much drama in the episode as possible.

What did stand out to her though was how Kyle talked Taylor down and explained to her that "it's just stuff, you can replace it" when Taylor was uneasy about the psychic's talk of a financial settlement.

But what stuck out the most in this episode for Alex was how compassionate Camille Grammer was towards Brandi Glanville.

Camille paid close attention to Brandi and made sure to take her aside and ask her if she was going to be okay while she went to SUR, Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant, to face Sheena – a woman who was once her ex-husband's mistress and is now an employee at Lisa's restaurant.

"Camille is the best ear for Brandi," Alex said. "I really appreciate that she was so gentle with Brandi."

What did you think about the episode? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Marilyn jones
    Marilyn jones

    Alex I loved all of your comments you hit the nail on the head on every subject. Your good girl and the only one with any sense or of any values.Where do these people come from.I can't think from real life.

  • Mrm

    Ok, what's up with Kim? This last episode seems like she's on something or am I the only one that saw this?

  • Cynthia Beaumont
    Cynthia Beaumont

    Vanderpump’s Rule is so bad ! Like a very bad soap opera. I'd rather watch GIGI !

  • Ruby

    Alex, I like Brandi, Camille, Lisa and sometimes Taylor and now Marisa. I would like to see bravo terminate Kyle, Kim and Adrianne who I consider the REAL PIGS OF B.H.

  • Fiona Lilly
    Fiona Lilly

    Upps I mean your own show.. l

  • Fiona Lilly
    Fiona Lilly

    Hi Alex really love your comments on the show. I live in Ireland and won't get 2 c it till later on in the year. I have just watched the new York wife's and it's not same with out you and your husband. I really hope the give u your on show.m

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Oh, interesting -- I wondered why he was there because it did seem weird. Doubly weird that he dropped that Kim bomb. But if they are dating, it makes slightly more sense.

  • LNW

    Alex, I was surprised that you didn't mention anything abt Taylor bringing her attorney (turned boyfriend) to dinner with the ladies. That was an interesting to me.

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    You know, I didn't even realize until you mentioned it that Kim wasn't on the episode! Except that little bomb dropped by Taylor's attorney that he'd seen her at a cigar bar. Wonder if there's an "off the wagon" story arc in the pipeline -- for Kim's sake I hope not.

  • Jan

    Fun recap!

  • AZ

    Amazing blog as usual, Alex. Love it! Is Kim still on this show?? Happy that the producers gave Adrienne and Yolanda the little bit of screen time...feels like it was simply to remind the viewers that these ladies still exist.


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