'They Were Smiling and Looking Super Cute': Restaurant Goers Describe 'So In Love' Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, Just 24 Hours Before Split

Texan family who ate dinner alongside Swift and Styles describe their "total shock" at break-up news.

"would never have guessed a break-up."

The split of Taylor Swift and One Direction boy-bander Harry Styles came as a complete shock to vacationers on the British Virgin Islands, who've told Celebuzz the pair looked "so in love" -- just hours before they had a relationship ending "almighty row."

As we previously reported, the country-pop crooner, 23, and the young star, 18, split during their luxurious New Year's vacation at Virgin Gorda, the third largest of the islands known for its "yacht clubs, quiet coves, safe anchorages and luxury resorts and villas".

But within three days of the jaunt, Swift had caught a flight out of the Caribbean and headed home to the United States after getting into a heated argument with Styles.

“I can’t believe they broke up... this is so surprising; they looked so adorable together when we met them,” Kris Held, a mother of four from Texas, who had dinner alongside the couple at CocoMaya restaurant in Virgin Gorda on Jan. 3, told Celebuzz.

“Harry was joking around with my husband and taking pictures with all of my girls; he was so sweet.”

The family from San Antonio spent time with the star-studded couple, while watching a "beautiful beach sunset" at the cocktail bar housed on a white sand beach.

“Virgin Gorda is such a beautiful place I don’t see how anyone could not just have a great time,” daughter Holly Held added, sharing an image of Swift posing with her and her sisters.

The excited sisters couldn't believe the whirlwind romance of the couple known colloquially as "Haylor" had come to an abrupt end.

“When I heard they broke up I thought, 'Oh no, my gosh.' I can’t believe it. When I met them they looked so in love and were such a cute couple," Holly said.

“I would never have guessed a break-up would come judging by their body language.

"Taylor constantly had her head on Harry’s shoulder. They were very close to each other the entire time and constantly leaning into each other.

"My sisters and I even saw them share a kiss... It's hard to understand, really."

Before the family had their chance to meet unlucky-in-love Swift -- who previously has dated Conor Kennedy, Cory Montieth, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer and Taylor Lautner-- they had been listening to her music, ironically.

"She was so nice to us and nicer than we expected," sister Hailey Held told Celebuzz.

"When we walked into the restaurant we couldn't believe Taylor and Harry were right in front of us, sitting on a swing together, smiling and looking super cute."

But it apparently didn't last.

Swift Tweeted suspicion of a split on Satuday when she posted a lyric from her song, “I Knew You Were Trouble” -- a ballad said to be about Styles.

He, meanwhile, hopped over to Richard Branson's private Necker Island soon after Swift departed, according to a photo which has hit the web.

Did the split shock you? Sound off in the comments, below.

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  • deniconn

    Will you please stop stating that song was about him? It was obviously written long before October of this year when she started dating Styles. The Album was released on October 22nd. Give me a break!


    I didn't like them together!! I am happy they are done and I hope they DO NOT get back together. I think she is going to write a song called Wrong Direction! She writes a song after every brake up, no wonder she has like 15 songs one for each of her ex-boyfriends!!!! Harry deserves better. She can't even keep a boyfriend for like a month!! Come on Taylor you know better. But I am SO FREAKING HAPPY they are done!! Thank god!!! Harry you need to wait untill you find the right person because she definitly was not!! I knew she was not going to last from the start!!!! Please don't do it again!!! Harry deserves someone better!!! I will always be her for you Harry!! I love you baby!!!!!!!<3


    been young does not mean you should be flirting around