Emma Stone Slow-Dances with Jay Leno (VIDEO)

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A new year means new moves for Emma Stone.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the 24-year-old actress revealed her resolution for 2013: taking dance classes.

“I would like to dance more — I am an excellent dancer,” she revealed to viewers.

Determined to bring on the laughs, Leno quizzed Stone on her preferred type of dancing — pole or tabletop.

“Sometimes it is table top, but no, I kind of want to take some dance classes and dance around the house more,” she replied.

To showcase her fancy footwork (and Leno’s admitted lack thereof), the talk show comedian invited the Gangster Squad star for a slow dance around the studio.
Speaking of Gangster Squad, the actress dished about her latest movie (also starring Ryan Gosling), which was filmed next door to Leno’s Los Angeles home.
“My wife and I are going, ‘There is machine gun fire coming from [next door].’ I look out and I see a guy with a machine gun on the lawn,” he revealed.

To which Stone replied with a laugh, “I’m just thinking of you walking outside to guys dressed in forties costumes with machine guns and not knowing what is going on.”

Gangster Squad hits theaters nationwide on Jan. 11.
See the video above for  Emma’s late night slow dance!
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