Father of Brave ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Admits He Had ‘Concerns’ About Show

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Sean Is 'The Bachelor'
Popular 'Bachelorette' star will carry the torch.
The father of brave Bachelor contestant Sarah Herron has admitted that he had “concerns” about his daughter competing to become Sean Lowe’s bride.

Colorado-born native Herron, 26, who was born without her left arm, bravely revealed her disability to Lowe, 29, during some intimate one-on-one time during this season’s premiere episode.

“I had concerns when Sarah told me that she wanted to compete on The Bachelor, but it was something that she really wanted to do,” her financial planner dad Terry Herron told Celebuzz.

Hunky Dallas insurance agent Lowe was taken by the bubbly blonde’s honesty and presented her with a red rose after she explained that she did not want to be treated any differently.

The junior art director — who now lives and works in Los Angeles — was one of the lucky 19 contestants to receive a coveted rose from Lowe and progress to the next round after seven others were eliminated.

It’s just the first step in Sarah’s search for The One — on reality TV, that is.

“She genuinely went on the show to find love,” her father revealed. “The truth is that she has no dated many guys, but I think that is more to do with her personality than the fact that she was born with only one arm.”

“She is a very conservative girl and has pretty high expectations, so I think she eliminated a lot of people as a result of that more than anything else.”

Sarah’s dad watched the season premiere of The Bachelor at the family home in Colorado, along with his wife Mary and their 13-year-old daughter Taylor. He says they were proud of the way Sarah handled her situation and that she came off as being “authentic.”

But he admitted that it’s the other female contestants and not Lowe that he’s most concerned about.

“Look, Sean seems like a good guy, but I think they are all learning about this experience as they go along and all these women competing for him will get tough,” he said. “But I would be as equally concerned about my daughter if she was an able-bodied person, but she is a very aware and we are talking with her regularly.”

It also helps that the Herron family has received nothing but love from Bachelor fans. Said Terry: “My family was overwhelmed by the messages of positive support we received after Sarah appeared on The Bachelor, and that has been very encouraging.”

Do you think Sarah will win  Sean’s heart — and vice-versa? Leave your comments below.

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