The Life That Awaits Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Baby (INFOGRAPHIC)

Celebuzz goes inside Kimye's empire with this exclusive infographic.

Kimye's Jet-Setting Utero
Kim Kardashian's traveling baby bump. Read More »

With parents who enjoy superstar lifestyles, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's bundle of joy is certain to be born into the lap of luxury.

We've mapped out exactly what's in store for Baby Kimye -- including numerous homes, countless family jewels and trips on private jets to the world's most exclusive vacation spots.

That's not all: between multimillion dollar car collections, fashion lines, and famous friends like Beyonce and Nicole Richie, the impending arrival is going to have access to the best of the best. See all that awaits the baby, below:

"Kimye" hasn't been welcomed to the world yet and it's already requesting top notch cuisine. Kardashian, 32, who is around three months pregnant, told reporters during her New Year's Eve party that she is having cravings for sushi.

But cravings aside, there's one thing that the soon-to-be-mommy wants for her newborn.

"I just want a healthy baby," she said.

What do you think of baby "Kimye's" glamorous life? Weigh in below.

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  • gina

    I'm excited for their baby. He/she will be beautiful.

  • LaLa

    I agree im totally blocking this site if i hear one more thing about this. This is not my life, like get your life. I would have been more interested in blue ivy's forthcomings more than this. I actually "read it" thanks for drawing me in to this. This makes me feel like i care, but im going to reassure you that i dont. And kanye has to do better. He probable already has kids. But just because its with her. Can you say ridiculous!!!

  • guest

    MISTAKE -- Kourtney and Scott are not married yet. Thus partner not husband, Scott Disick

  • Alyssa

    I completely agree with Ryanne. I am so sick and tired of hearing about the Kardashians on here. Truthfully, I don't think anyone cares except for the people writing these articles. Enough already. The Kardashians are greedy, money-hungry individuals. Kim became famous for having a sex tape and posing naked in Playboy. Gee, what accomplishments. You hardly ever hear about her giving back to charities, other than to a church which her mom happened to start. And her ebay charity? She only gives 10% of the proceeds away and keeps the rest for herself. What a selfish person. Celebuzz, instead of writing about how much money the Kardashians have and show off, why don't you focus more on celebrities who give back to others? I, too, am going to stop using this site if these stupid articles continue.

  • Ryanne

    Is this website owned or run by the Kardashians? I mean I like celebuzz but if this is a preview of what is going to be on here for the next 7 months count me out. The Kardashians are NOT like royalty they are white trash scumbags who exploit themselves and I think may have sold their souls to the devil for fame. If I see one more article about "Kimyes" baby on here blowing smoke up her giant ass I am boycotting this site.

  • AlaBella

    Oh for heaven's sake, you think that baby will care when it gets out of it's mother's womb?! This is getting seriously ridiculous! Kim Kardashian is not the first, nor the last woman on earth to ever have a baby. She's not the first nor last rich person to have a baby that will get overexpensive things they'll never use or only once. And she's not the first reality person who's offspring will have a camera shoved in their face from Day 1. Quit acting like the Kardashians are royalty and deserve an special treatment!!