People's Choice Awards -- The Complete Winners List (VIDEO)

Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence among those who triumphed.

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The people have spoken!

Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift were among the early winners at the 2013 People's Choice Awards, held Wednesday night at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

Aniston -- who just wrapped a rather sexy vacation in Cabo with fiance Justin Theroux -- accepted the award for Favorite Comedic Movie Actress in a gorgeous leather black dress, and thanked fans for letting her do what she loves to do.

"I can't thank you enough for allowing me to be honored with this again, after supporting me for almost 20 years and allowing me to keep doing this," Aniston said.

Swift, meanwhile, won for Favorite Country Artist.

"I want to the fans, because this is a fan-voted award and I love you with all my heart!" an overwhelmed Swift -- who just broke up with boyfriend Harry Styles -- told the crowd.

Other big winners of the night were Chris Colfer and Lea Michele, who won Favorite Comedic TV Actor and Actress, respectively, for Glee; and Jennifer Lawrence, who won Favorite Movie Actress and Favorite Face of Heroism for The Hunger Games.

"Thank you for loving movies as much as I do," said Lawrence, who also won for Favorite Face of Heroism.

Sandra Bullock was also honored with a special award -- Favorite Humanitarian -- for her charity work, including her work with New Orleans's Warren Easton Charter High School.

"I'm not at all being modest when I say I'm not doing anything compared to what they do on a daily basis," she said.

See a full list of winners, below.

Full List of Winners:

Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games

Favorite Movie Actor: Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Movie Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor: Zac Efron

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress: Emma Watson

Favorite Comedic Movie Actress: Jennifer Aniston

Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: Adam Sandler

Favorite Dramatic Movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Favorite Action Movie: The Hunger Games

Favorite Action Movie Star: Chris Hemsworth

Favorite Movie Icon: Meryl Streep

Favorite Comedic Movie: Ted

Favorite Movie Franchise: The Hunger Games

Favorite On-Screen Chemistry: The Hunger Games

Favorite Movie Superhero: Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Country Artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite Band: Maroon 5

Favorite Album: "Up All Night" - One Direction

Favorite Male Artist: Jason Mraz

Favorite Female Artist: Katy Perry

Favorite Song: "What Makes You Beautiful" - One Direction

Favorite Music Video: "Part of Me" - Katy Perry

Favorite Pop Artist: Katy Perry

Favorite R&B Artist: Rihanna

Favorite Hip Hop Artist: Nicki Minaj

Favorite Daytime TV Host: Ellen DeGeneres

Favorite Network TV Comedy: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Network TV Drama: Grey's Anatomy

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show: Supernatural

Favorite Celebrity Judge: Demi Lovato

Favorite Competition TV Show: The X Factor

Favorite Dramatic TV Actor: Nathan Fillion

Favorite Dramatic TV Actress: Ellen Pompeo

Favorite Comedic TV Actress: Lea Michele

Favorite Comedic TV Actor: Chris Colfer

Favorite Breakout Artist: The Wanted

Favorite New TV Drama: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite New TV Comedy: The New Normal

Favorite Late Night Talk Show: Jimmy Fallon

Favorite Cable TV Comedy: Awkward

Favorite Cable TV Drama: Leverage

Favorite Premium Cable TV Drama: True Blood

Favorite Face of Heroism: Jennifer Lawrence

The People's Voice: Christina Aguilera

Favorite Movie Fan Following: Twihards (Twilight)

Favorite TV Fan Following: SPNFamily (Supernatural)

Favorite Music Fan Following: KatyCats (Katy Perry)

Favorite Humanitarian Award: Sandra Bullock



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  • Brian

    I like this guy, he's hot, tatoos!

  • tahoegeminii

    when Anustain actually gets an award it is bought and paid for-like her Star, and all those made up magazine awards-People's choice are like the Golden Globes they have hidden agendas and alot of Hollywood politics that really runs them-Anustain probably had her legion of blog trolls at the ready if their was any kind of "voting" being done-if it's people's choice then they have to pretend the people choose somehow right -so how much did she pay to look like she had garbage bag hoop skirt on?? is this how you flaunt how rich you are? pay thousands to look like a homeless bag lady in the rain-seriously when they make the black garbage bag skirts-this is exactly what they look like-and something about Miss uptight anal and boring in leather seems so staged, fake and contrite-isn't natural -Anustain is always just trying soo hard to act hip, laid back and casual but the truth is just the opposite-this is what she desparately wants the public to believe but she seems mostly controlling, uptight, self obsessed, devious,completely boring, spiteful and a grudge holder-besides the whole revenge pity party she has been actively launching for the last 8 years-and oh yes that is her keeping it alive-if she wasn't good at holding a grudge she would go see her dying mother and make sure she was at her wedding-actions speak-what can I say-so honestly who cares if she looks good in the pseudo garbage bag-she is a very ugly person

  • Homer J
    Homer J

    So, are the "People" in People's Choice Awards 14 year old girls?

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  • gmfkl

    like with the TCA's in the fine print they say producers reserve the right to change the if the real winners weren't there they gave them to 2nd place...or what it looked like was...whoever was there

  • Rick Grayson
    Rick Grayson

    the people's choice awards is a popularity contest. it has NOTHING to do with talent. so, really, who gives a flying fuck?

  • ivan

    How could Katty Perry win best fanbase when she trailed One Direction and Justin Bieber by hundreds of votes in the last few minutes? She trailed them for weeks. something is rotten in Denmark?