Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult Make an Adorable Inter-Species Couple in ‘Warm Bodies’ (VIDEO)

Young Adult lit fans worried that Twilight’s Bella and Edward might be the movies’ last supernatural-fantasy couple can rest easy: Warm Bodies is set to be the next great romance featuring two characters not just from different walks of life, but different species.

In the upcoming film, Nicholas Hoult plays R, a zombie who takes a shine to Julie (Teresa Palmer), the girlfriend of one of his latest meals. The duo make an unlikely but unexpectedly charming pair after R brings her back to his lair, vowing to protect her from his brains-eating brethren even as he shows her the post-living world he’s created for himself in an abandoned airplane.

But in a new clip exclusive to Celebuzz, R and Julie find their burgeoning romance tested after the prejudices of others – namely, Julie’s father, General Grigio (John Malkovich) – threaten to keep them separated, permanently, by putting a couple of bullets into R’s undead head.

Audiences know Hoult from his turn as Hank McCoy, a/k/a Beast, in X-Men: First Class, while Palmer made a case for changing the name of I Am Number Four as the title character’s ass-kicking companion, Number Six. Writer-director Jonathan Levine wrung both comedy and drama out of the true-life story of a cancer patient’s efforts to fight off his disease in 50/50, after introducing himself to the world with the ‘90s-set dramedy The Wackness.

Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive clip for Warm Bodies, which breaks down the world and the characters within the film. And then let us know in the comments below – how excited are you for a new movie about forbidden love?

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