Jennifer Aniston Praises Reality Stars: 'There Is Nothing Wrong With Kim Kardashian'

But the former 'Friends' star takes a subtle jab at overnight sensations, saying in her line of work,

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While some actors condemn the celebrity of reality stars, Jennifer Aniston tips her hat to them.

"There’s nothing wrong with Kim Kardashian and all those people," she says in a new documentary, $ellebrity. "If that’s how they choose to make a living, more power to them."

As an award-winning actress, director and producer, Aniston — who originally shot to fame on the 1990s sitcom, Friends — doesn't want the public to draw comparisons between her career and that of a reality star, however.

"My line of work is different," she clarifies. "I want to entertain people."

But within the small town of Hollywood, even the most acclaimed actors collide with reality TV celebrities within one realm — that of a paparazzo's photo lens. That's the focus of photographer Kevin Mazur's $ellebrity, which explores the challenges of living life behind the velvet rope, chronicling from the golden age Hollywood to the 20th century world of celebrity.

Stripping away the glitz and glam of Tinseltown, Mazur offers the star perspective on how the frenzied paparazzi and free-for-all press weigh on their lives, including interviews with Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sheryl Crow, Marc Anthony, Elton John and more.

"At the premiere of something, the studios would hire photographers," Aniston reminisces of old Hollywood. "But it was gracefully waiting [and asking], ‘May I take a picture?’ It was all agreed upon."

But this era of the industry is a world away. "They don’t care about breaking the law," Aniston explains of the ever-determined paps. "They’ll climb a wall and take pictures over the gate. They’ve done it at my office, in my backyard, they do it from the helicopter. You’re in your backyard and the helicopter is coming that low and you’re running in and it’s like a stupid game."

Nothing will deter the photographers from their never-ending mission for a sellable snap — not even a pep talk from one Hollywood's most buzzed-about stars.

"Have I tried to reason? Oh my god have I tried to reason," explains Aniston. "I have tried to reason with them. I’ve had talks about, 'Come on, there’s better things you can do. You can achieve your dream.’ It’s stupid. It’s just gotten out of control."

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  • Nikita

    so you do mention that brad was maybe cheating but you dont mention that justin and jennifer started an affair on set of wanderlust. the movie was made in okt. 2010. Justins dumped Heidi Bivens in June 2011. But you say they began dating in May 2011 hmmmmmmmmm if you mention cheating, dont forget justins cheating and his affair with jennifer. its just fair. just because heidi is not a famous actress, it doesnt make it right. and being a couple for 14 years counts like a marriage. cheating is cheating, no matter if you signed a paper or not.

  • Leah`

    I love Jennifer Aniston and she is RIGHT. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Kim Kardashian or the Kardashian's, I adore and love the kardashian's, Hater's gonna hate but that's part of life. We have ppl who hate us and ppl who love us. Go Jen and the Kardashian's.

  • jordan77

    Really, leave Kim Kardashian alone. You should all be so lucky to have hit the lottery. She makes money off of clothing, handbags, and the like..sellling on QVC. A big fat SO WHAT. The reality show is nothing more than a vehicle for publicity for her sales. She's a businesswomen with talent. Her body is hers to do with it as she sees fit. Misogyny never goes away.............

  • Kristina Fox
    Kristina Fox

    That what she thinking ,,,,,,,,,I respect here ,but not my opinion......

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