Patti Stanger on Taylor Swift: 'She Has ADD With Dating' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

The 'Millionaire Matchmaker' blames Swift's lackluster love life on...Joe Jonas

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She may be one of the most successful artists in the music industry, but Taylor Swift isn't hitting the top of the charts with her love life.

So what's she doing wrong?

In wake of the 23-year-old's recent breakup from One Direction singer Harry Styles, Celebuzz sought advice from relationship expert Patti Stanger while she was promoting her new season of Millionaire Matchmaker.

Her thoughts: Swift has "ADD with dating."

"She picks the wrong ones," Stanger revealed in our exclusive sit-down interview. "Now she's picking young; before she was picking old."

"She needs to date in her own age pool," Stanger continued. "She needs to date someone who either can support her behind the scenes, like a musician in her band, or a businessman. It's one of the two."

One might think that Swift -- who has dated everyone from John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor Kennedy -- is simply young at heart. But Stanger doesn't. In fact, she blames Swift's ADD on her past relationship with Joe Jonas.

"I think she started off in bad terms," Stanger said of Jonas, whom Swift dated in 2008. "I think [Joe] Jonas ruined her. When he gave her the Post-It note and broke up with her, I think it all went downhill from there."

On Thursday, Jan. 10, Stanger returns for another season of her hit Bravo series Millionaire Matchmaker.

In addition to the show's regular set-up, in which Stanger pairs millionaires with eligible men and women, she says the new season dives deeply into her personal life. On the list: meeting her new boyfriend, whom she found online, and the discovery of her biological parents.

"I have to know why I'm single," she said of the new season, which premieres at 9/8c.

For more on what you can expect from this season (hint: Robin Kassner is back!), watch the video, below.

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  • someone

    Did Joe make her date all those famous? seriously everybody has bad break ups but they dont go dating new guys every week.The reason Joe broke up with her over the phone is cause he was miles away what was he suppose to do travel miles just to break up? Tay or is just a spoiled celeb thats the case

  • lagirl

    Also, that Robin gal WAS over the top and drunk but she did not deserve the fat comments Patti hurled at her. So upsetting to watch girl on girl hate.

  • lagirl

    God Patti's bf is hideous. No offense to him. Big time offense to Patti who I felt was dismissive of me for being an average size, not a skinny mini at one of her book party/mixers a couple years ago and gave me a bitchy look when I talked about being single but for some ungodly reason bit her tongue. Well, the joke is on her. I have a SUPER HOT boyfriend of 2 years. Meow!

  • dani

    oh please dont blame joe for her issues