Plus-Size Model Blasts Fashion Industry (EXCLUSIVE)

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Plus-size model Robyn Lawley is 6’1″, weighs 180 pounds and is a size 12. She’s also made huge strides in the modeling world as the first plus-sized model to star in a Ralph Lauren campaign.

“Ralph Lauren has always had a plus-size section,” the vivacious Aussie told Celebuzz. “But they have never done any advertising for it. Actually, most designers do [plus-size lines], but they never take any pictures of it because they deem it unworthy.”

Like many models, the 23-year-old — who was plucked from a competition at age 16 — said she struggled to stay thin for much of her career. At one point, she tried to become a size 8 by skipping meals and obsessively counting calories to stay under 1,000 per day.

“I think I got down to a size 8. I couldn’t get any further,” Lawley remembered. “It was horrible. You don’t want to go out with friends because you don’t want to eat food. You end up alone because you don’t want people to know. I was miserable.”

After a year, she moved to study in France and packed on 40 pounds.

“I gained back all the weight I lost. I came back to Australia and tried to do it again and gave up. I went back to normal work and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.”

It wasn’t until she noticed ads around town featuring a buxom model that she thought she might have a shot in the industry. Since then, the New York-based Lawley has been featured in everything from French ELLE to Vogue Italia.

She’s also an avid foodie. Not only does he have her own food blog, RobynLawlyEats, she’s publishing a cookbook with Random House Australia and plans to film a cooking show for Australian television this year.

“I love, love, love food!” she said.

To this day, Lawley is critical of an industry that caters to thin women.

“It is crazy to make me have to change my body to fit fashion. Fashion should be changed to shape people’s bodies. If I was a designer, I would definitely pick a range of different sized girls. If you’re going to be confident in your clothes, then they should look good on different sized people.”

And she would never let a daughter of hers become a model.

“I definitely had an eating disorder,” she said, “but it was forced on me. It wasn’t by choice. It’s bizarre to me that girls are being told to lose weight and they’re so young, 15 or 16. I would never let my girl model because of that. Being really skinny is not the look for everyone. I don’t want to attain that look. I’d rather look like Beyonce.”

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