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Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are just a few of the stars that won big at the 2013 Critics' Choice Awards Wednesday night -- and now you can be a part of this elite circle.

Celebuzz is celebrating awards season by giving away one of the much-coveted Critics' Choice Awards gift bags that stars like Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried received. Valued at more than $1000, the official gift bag -- a Vera Bradley tote -- includes goodies from Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, Nautica Eyewear, Parade Design Jewelry, Dearfoams, Murad, Skinnygirl Cocktails and more.

How can you get your hands on this A-lister swag?

Simply leave a comment below telling us your favorite movie of 2012 and why.

Be sure to see below for contest rules and a complete list of the prize pack's content.


  • Vera Bradley Tote Bags
  • Parade Design jewelry - silver Lyria band with rose gold plating
  • Nautica Eyewear
  • TwinLuxe – men’s skincare
  • Billy Jealousy – men’s skin care
  • OPI Skyfall James Bond Collection Mini Nail Polish Lacquer
  • Cross Pens
  • Murad
  • PopChips
  • Walker’s Shortbread
  • Tortuga Rum Cake
  • Guylian Chocolate Truffles
  • Gourmet Lollipops
  • Dearfoams – two pairs of slippers for men and women
  • Samsonite - iPad 2 Portfolios
  • Power Pack Mini Daypack
  • Urban Decay Cosmetics
  • Ultra Opper Fiber - cleaning cloths for iPads, computer screens, glasses, and more
  • Conair Carbon Smooth Fast Drying Antistatic Brushes
  • Kit-Cat Klocks
  • Angel by Thierry Mugler, Precious Star Fragrance
  • Skinnygirl Cocktails - bottle stoppers in the shape of the Skinnygirl silhouette, as well as wine carriers (easily foldable)
  • Carl F. Bucherer - hard cover book and 40% discount card
  • Sigg Limited Edition Crystal Bright.6 Liter Aluminum Bottle with Genuine Swarovski Crystals
The giveaway will close on Friday, Jan. 18, 2013 at 11:59pm PST


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  • Pamela Tonsberg
    Pamela Tonsberg

    The movie brave

  • BDH

    Amazing all the goodies in these types of bags

  • Jeff

    I loved "Life of Pi". It was visually stunning and the story was captivating.

  • education

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  • Yvonne Galindo
    Yvonne Galindo

    Les Miserables is awesome! Perfect acting by the whole cast!

  • Laura V
    Laura V

    My favorite movie from 2012 was "The Hobbit". I feel these movies end up being epic trilogies, and it is always pleasant to see them in the big screen. I think I even liked it better than the Lord of the rings itself. Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck to everyone.

  • Michelle Bacik
    Michelle Bacik

    My favorite was ParaNorman. I saw it shortly after my Gramma died and it cheered me up.

  • Kate


  • Rose

    Breaking Dawn Part 2; i enjoyed all of the films but this particular movie in the saga had a plot twist that had everyone in aww and no one can say they seen this cominng.

  • Jenn Lynn
    Jenn Lynn

    My favorite movie was one for the money..... I loved the book and enjoyed the movie!!

  • Jenn Lynn
    Jenn Lynn

    I would LOVE to win!

  • Ron

    My y favorite movie was the avengers

  • jesse surratt
    jesse surratt

    My favorite movie was Django Unchained

  • Melissa Nix
    Melissa Nix

    My favorite movie was Skyfall!

  • Ariella

    I loved Lincoln because it is not about a fantasy world. It showed us just one thing that was critical in the making of our country.

  • Wendy T.
    Wendy T.


  • Debbie Groschke Cook
    Debbie Groschke Cook

    My favorite movie was Skyfall...awesome!

  • jwilson921

    Brave was our favorite because we love Pixar movies!

  • Tari

    My favorite was Silver Linings Playbook. Cast was phenominal. It made me laugh and made me cry, but was'nt too much one way or the other. Loved it!

  • Maureen Mcl
    Maureen Mcl

    i liked the movie Lincoln it was very well acted

  • Melissa Chappell
    Melissa Chappell

    Alex Cross is my favorite movie

  • Lark

    I LOVED Silver Linings Playbook. It was the funniest movie I've seen in ages!

  • Kali

    My favorite movie of 2012 had to be Lincoln! My reason? The acting was suburb, Daniel Day Lewis was amazing!

  • winterfan3

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Cloud Atlas because I liked how original and different it was. In my opinion, it truly stood out from other movies that were released in 2012.

  • Cyndro

    Les Miserables was one of the best movies I saw this past year. What a great opportunity to win a gift like this. Thank you Skinny Girl.

  • Tina McNally Schlief
    Tina McNally Schlief

    This is Forty hit mighty close to home! Now you know why I need to WIN this gift bag of SWAG!!!

  • Kathy Marcella Carpenter
    Kathy Marcella Carpenter

    I would love to win this bag so I could feel like a star!

  • Lauren

    The Hobbitt because it was just awesome

  • jamesmjay

    Lincoln Long but intelligent and thought provoking.

  • jamesmjay


  • kardelen

    Silver Linings Playbook is one of the best movies I've seen for a while. You leave the movie with a smile on your face.I laughed and I cried!!!! Great performances by all the actors and a great feel good story. A must-see!

  • rene chartier
    rene chartier

    My favorite movie is Les Miserables. I was impressed with the techniques used in filming and of course the performance of Ann Hathaway.

  • Susan

    Wow such cool stuff. Just like the stars get.

  • Irene Myers
    Irene Myers

    Argo was amazing!

  • tim smith
    tim smith

    My favorite movie of 2012 is ARGO

  • Kathleen M Smith
    Kathleen M Smith

    My favorite movie was Lincoln because it was so awesome in every category = acting, screen play, musical scores, cinematography....

  • Kelly McGrew
    Kelly McGrew

    my favorite movie of 2012 the avengers. there were many stars in it!


    Very nice prize ~ be sweet to win


    leaving a comment because that would be a very SWEET prize to win !

  • Jordana Dec
    Jordana Dec

    My favorite movie for 2012 is Les Mis. There really aren't many amazing musical movies out there and this needed to be done! The actors, the was raw...real and simply beautiful. Jordana Dec

  • Eustacia Miliusis
    Eustacia Miliusis

    My favorite movie was the Hunger Games because I loved the books and I think Jennifer Lawrence fits the role of Katniss perfectly!

  • Kathryn Mayhue
    Kathryn Mayhue

    my favorite would have to be Hunger Games for 2012

  • Tamara Burks
    Tamara Burks

    Taken 2. Liam Neesom's sexy voice in an action movie . Nuff said.

  • Carolyn Poirier
    Carolyn Poirier

    Hunger games,just a good movie

  • Brandy Leigh Farmer
    Brandy Leigh Farmer

    Hunger Games it was amazing and had great visuals can't wait for the next movie.

  • Matthew L.
    Matthew L.

    Zero Dark Thirty! Fantastic acting!

  • garrettsambo

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey-great story and adventure.

  • mullylin33

    I am surprised that Guilt Trip was not winning really was a very good movie

  • Pri

    I loved the movie Skyfall. It's like tradition to me...first watched James Bond movies with grandpa in the eighties, then with dad in the 90's and today I watch with my husband and son.

  • Jessie

    this year is going to be amazing

  • Danielle

    My favorite this year was Argo,

  • Linda Fishel
  • Lana Armstrong Fitzgerald
    Lana Armstrong Fitzgerald

    Argo - controversial , thought-provoking, and depending on who you belive...historical.

  • steve mccuan
    steve mccuan

    I like it all

  • msol

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Hunger Games, not only because I love Jennifer Lawrence but also because the movie was about survival and a woman that is portrayed as strong and courageous is inspirational to me.

  • heather


  • Michelle DiFlorio Coles
    Michelle DiFlorio Coles

    I took my kids to see Rise of the Guardians and I could of sat there and watched it twice..LOVED it!

  • Karri Steed Dry
    Karri Steed Dry

    The Hunger Games. Thrilling dystopian storyline, great acting, loved it.

  • Julie Lutz
    Julie Lutz

    The Avengers is my favorite movie of 2012 it was great. I might have picked another on but I haven't been able to afford to see some of the others in theaters and have to wait until they come out on dvd

  • marian

    love the hunger games great movie

  • Liz Curtis-Robinson
    Liz Curtis-Robinson

    I would love to win this. My favorite movie of 2012 was The Life of Pi. For once, the movie did a book justice.

  • ioana c.
    ioana c.

    hunger games because i loved the books and couldn't wait to see the movie!!

  • jennifer chadwick
    jennifer chadwick

    My favorite movie this year was Lincoln-loved the acting

  • Wendy Duckduck
    Wendy Duckduck

    My favorite movie of 2012 is Moonrise Kingdom. It is adorable and original. It made me smile.

  • bethanny

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Avengers. I absolutely loved it. It is amazing.

  • Mark Watson
    Mark Watson

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Ted. It cracked me up.

  • Tasha Blue
    Tasha Blue

    That gift bag is AWESOME!

  • Celeste Kautz
    Celeste Kautz

    I loved Life of Pi which I saw at Thanksgiving, it is visually stunning and I had read the book so I was really impressed with how well it had been adapted into a movie.

  • Celeste Kautz
    Celeste Kautz

    I loved Life of Pi which I saw on Thanksgiving, it was visually stunning and I had read the book so I was really impressed with how well it had been adapted into a movie.

  • Jason R
    Jason R

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Dark Knight Rises and it was because Bane was the such a great villain.

  • Isabel M
    Isabel M

    this would help my winter blahs!!!!

  • Be Linda
    Be Linda

    Lincoln! Hands down the best movie of 2012. Steven Spielberg beautifully directed this movie. Daniel Day Lewis performance was amazing and Sally Fields as well. This movie was a historical masterpiece!

  • Naomi

    Argo. It was so well done & told a story that needed to be told.

  • Yamilet Cubias
    Yamilet Cubias

    My Favorite movie of 2012 was Madagascar 3D. I took my kids, then my kids and nephews and nieces. And my husband hadn't seen it so then our kids and hubby went again. And as soon as the movie came out in 3D we bought it. It was such a fun movie. Makes you smile and laugh. It's a great family movie and most memorable movie i watched all year.

  • Michelle Colon
    Michelle Colon

    breaking dawn was an end to a book series that i feel in love with! even though i hate kristen stewart because she can't act! the surprise in the movie was awesome ! i almost left the theater because i thought it was they messed up my stroyline!

  • Nicole W
    Nicole W

    The Hobbit! It did not disappoint in any way, it was just as great as all of the LOTR movies! I can't wait for the next one.

  • Angela Qcrazy
    Angela Qcrazy

    Twilight Breaking Dawn because I just can't get enough of the supernatural and it keeps engaged constantly. Love it!

  • Brian Kautz
    Brian Kautz

    my favorite movie of 2012 was The Avengers

  • Leondra Saintil
    Leondra Saintil

    My favorite Movie of 2012 would have to be Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 ! This movie was long waited for and worth it ! The movie was more then I expected, I loved this new Bella and Renesmee is a beautiful wonder ! The soundtrack also was a perfect match For Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 ! All time favorite beautiful ending loved it !

  • Manuel van Montoya
    Manuel van Montoya

    Let's do the giftbag!

  • manuel montoya
    manuel montoya

    Let's do this!

  • Jean Burks
    Jean Burks

    I loved Les Miserables, I have seen it on stage and enjoyed it, but now it is in the movies for everyone to see and appreciate. How wonderful.

  • Steve Marino
    Steve Marino

    I enjoyed the movie Silver Linings Playbook .The movie was great,funny and the acting was excellent!!

  • Gail

    Wow! Would have so much wining this prize!

  • Janet Seals
    Janet Seals

    My favorite movie from 2012 is The Avengers. I enjoyed the movie because it was very action packed, humorous, and left me sitting on the edge of my chair.

  • Angela Cash
    Angela Cash

    My fave movie of 2012 was Django Unchained because Tarantino is a genius!

  • J Fred Hubbs
    J Fred Hubbs

    Hunger Games - very different & interesting concept

  • Robin Yost
    Robin Yost

    Avengers b/c it was great and I love Robert Downey, Jr.

  • heather c
    heather c

    The Avengers, by far. I just love RDJr, and plus, I get to cheer for superheroes of all shapes and sizes. Yay.

  • Donald Bratcher
    Donald Bratcher

    the Three stooges-good

  • Donald Bratcher
    Donald Bratcher

    The Three stooges. I liked it.

  • Dewi R.
    Dewi R.

    My favorite movie is The Hobbit! Love it <3

  • nathalie


  • Jozefin Farkas
    Jozefin Farkas

    Lincoln. What a great movie!

  • Shannon Scott
    Shannon Scott

    I loved Lincoln! I didn't think that I would but I loved, loved it! So well done and deserves the nods!

  • Cheryl

    Les Mis, love Anne Hathaway but enjoyed entire cast!

  • Randy

    The hunger games, it had a little of everything

  • Cheryl

    Les Mis, I love Anne Hathaway but enjoyed the entire cast!

  • kim charlton
    kim charlton

    Les Miserables was an awesome movie!There were so many good ones it was hard to pick a fav!

  • Eva

    I liked was real

  • Julie Carmelo
    Julie Carmelo

    Hunger Games was a great movie and winning this bag would be too

  • Catherine Hamilton
    Catherine Hamilton

    Hunger Games! I would love to win that gift bag :)

  • patti

    Lollipop, lollipop. I hope I win!

  • Lena Alsaka
    Lena Alsaka

    My favorite was The Lorax because it was awesome!

  • Amanda Anderson
    Amanda Anderson

    Silver Linings Playbook is my favorite movie of the 2012, because it gave me hope to find my silver lining again. It was a rough end of the year for me in 2012, and it inspired me to be more positive, happy, and to be thankful for what I do have in my life. My life, family and friends. Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert Deniro, and the entire cast were an amazing ensemble. The writing was spectacular. I just felt the story was true and I could relate to it. Silver Linings Playbook was unlike any movie I've ever seen period. I loved it!

  • Karen Massey
    Karen Massey

    Life of Pi--adventurous movie

  • Theodore

    Definitely Moonrise Kingdom. it is cute, imaginative, fun, quirky, sweet, has odd yet likable chracters, good acting, and beautiful film to watch.

  • Shad Robert
    Shad Robert

    Favorite movie of 2012: Silver Linings Playbook because my wife and I are both pretty messed up. We have unique flaws and triggers. Watching Silver Linings Playbook made us feel like we weren't the only messed up couple that can make things work in a very large Universe.

  • Sharalee

    Loved the last Twilight movie because they handled her transformation into a vampire with class. The twist of the war in the field turning into a future event that "could" have happened was great!

  • Catherine Lemanski
    Catherine Lemanski

    I loved the movie Hunger Games.

  • Lynn Z
    Lynn Z

    would love to win the awards bag too! Good luck to all!

  • Vincent Bernota
    Vincent Bernota

    In it to win it. Great Prize!

  • Katie

    My favorites ware Ted and Magic Mike

  • Barb

    I loved Lincoln the best! Spielberg is amazing. thanks for this super contest, I would love this swag bag!!!

  • Nicholas Porzio
    Nicholas Porzio

    Les Miserables. The singing and epic cinematography make for an awesome movie experience.

  • Kathryn C
    Kathryn C

    definitely The Hobbit, didn't disappoint!

  • Krystine

    My favorite movie of the year has got to be The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I just love Middle Earth :)

  • Denise Anderson
    Denise Anderson

    Dark Shadows-keeps my step daughter quiet therefor its the best!

  • Lisa

    Les Mis is my favorite! Wonderful cast.

  • Corey Olomon
    Corey Olomon

    I loved Lincoln. I learned so much and the acting was incredible.

  • Stacey V
    Stacey V

    Les Mis was amazing! It was done perfectly!

  • Annette

    Les Miserables - It was so moving. My 13 year old daughter and I went to see it together. I wasn't sure she would enjoy it because of all the singing. She and I both cried and when it was over we applauded. I thought Hugh Jackman was phenomonal.

  • sharee hill
    sharee hill


  • Wendy Wallach
    Wendy Wallach

    I loved Les Miserables because it was so movingly and so well made.

  • Gina Stevens
    Gina Stevens

    I loved "Les Miserables". The musical was well-done, engrossing and filled with emotion. I can not wait to see the movie again! The cast was phenomenal!!!

  • Electron S.
    Electron S.

    My favorite movie of 2012 is Looper. It was suspenseful, action-packed, funny, and a great movie to watch.

  • Allison Mack
    Allison Mack

    My favorite movie was Wreck-It Ralph. I usually only get to the kid's movies since it is something I can do with my boys. Wreck-It Ralph was like the video game version of Toy Story. And having grown up in the 80s when those type of video games were hot (and the arcades), I totally loved that retro vibe. :)


    awwwwwhhhh!!!! i would love to win this prize without ''ANY'' doubts!!!!!!!!! :*

  • Vena

    I enjoyed the Hunger Games.

  • Don Poole
    Don Poole

    My fav movie of 2012? The Hobbit

  • Marie Cornelius
    Marie Cornelius

    I liked Ice Age 3D because it was funny and my daughter loved it

  • Joe Mitchell
    Joe Mitchell

    Argo would get my vote .

  • Shauna Cunningham Timmons
    Shauna Cunningham Timmons

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Hunger Games. l loved reading all of the books and did so in a matter of 2 days. Seeing the movie so soon after reading the books was exhilarating and I think they did a wonderful job bringing this amazing story to life. I can't wait for next one!!

  • Hanifah

    Taken 2 had to be the best movie of 2012. Liam Neison is a great actor, he could have did a one man role like Will Smith did in his movie a few years ago.. LOL! I was drawn in from the beginning to the end, and I'm actually looking forward to a Taken 3 after he kicked everybody's ass in this movie!!

  • Vivian

    Lorax.. Kid movie of course haha

  • Melanie Montgomery
    Melanie Montgomery

    My husband and I really enjoyed Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

  • Crystal Sell
    Crystal Sell

    Favorite movie was Pitch Perfect because the underdogs were vindicated!

  • LJ

    The Avengers!!! I love RDJ!!! Makes my world a better place!

  • Madison ruchotzke
    Madison ruchotzke

    I have never won anything like this in my life, actually i have never won anything that i have entered! but to recieve this gift bag i think would be soooooo awesome! :)

  • Dolores Olsen
    Dolores Olsen

    ARGO, because it was riveting

  • Jeanne Fairbanks Conner
    Jeanne Fairbanks Conner

    I only saw Frankenweenie in 2012, so I will say that one..

  • Sabrina Howard
    Sabrina Howard

    My favorite movie of 2012 would have to the the words with bradley cooper and zoe saldana.This was a beautifully scripted and directed movie even though some might not get it i thought the moral of the story told was that even if you do bad things and that bad things comes back and bites you on the hiney that does not necessarily make you a bad person we are all human and we all make mistakes,you can seek salvation and redeem yourself no matter what the situation is..I thought it was really big of the the old man to forgive bradley for what he did kudos!

  • Damien Humphrey
    Damien Humphrey

    My favorite movie is Django because it showed how there were good people even during those hard times.

  • Inga Ryesia Thomas
    Inga Ryesia Thomas

    Twilight: Breaking Dawn Par 2 was my favorite movie of 2012. Just awesome... :)

  • Brenda

    I missed it. Sorry!

  • Angela Garland
    Angela Garland

    My favorite was the Hunger Games

  • Alli

    OMG! This would be so amazing to win. Please consider picking me!!

  • Lindsey

    Beasts of the southern wild

  • Jean

    ParaNorman was really good

  • Ann

    I could not get over the dark knight rises

  • Sert

    Skyfall for me

  • Donna


  • Jeanineb

    TED - because it was sooooooooo funny and off the wall

  • Linda

    Skyfall waas so awesome

  • Julie

    My favorite was pitch perfect

  • CJ Takas
    CJ Takas

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Le Miserables. The acting was fantastic and it moved me to tears. Way to go cast!

  • Edna J. White
    Edna J. White

    Winning this would be like a vacation in a bag for home! Thanks already... lol

  • Diane F.
    Diane F.

    The Hobbit is my favorite movie of 2012 because I love Adventure movies.

  • Taylor Fields
    Taylor Fields

    My favorite movie of the 2012 was Les Mis! For obvious reasons, it was incredible and one of my favorite musicals and the movie did a great job capturing all the emotions felt when seeing the show live.

  • Beth Ascoli Pena
    Beth Ascoli Pena

    My favorite movies of 2012 were The Dark Knight Rises and Les Mis, both starring the incredible Anne Hathaway!

  • Tami Richards
    Tami Richards

    Avengers, Black Widow

  • Woo Wooten
    Woo Wooten

    what a way to have a hollywood night i hope i win this would be the best. HOLLYWOOD I LOVE YOU>

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams

    Avengers of course

  • Vanessa

    My favorite movie of 2012 was mirror mirror because from the preieveiws and behind the scene footage I saw I was banking on hating it. From the opening scene I started laughing and knew this wasn't a typical Snow White story and I truly enjoyed it.

  • Christine Nesbit Thorp
    Christine Nesbit Thorp

    Favorite movie was Beasts of the Southern Wild- what is not to LOVE about this movie? A tear jerker, yes, but like nothing else I have seen!

  • Lisa

    Love the website and would LOVE the giftbag!

  • Kelsey

    I enjoyed django, the avengers, and dark knight rises!

  • Deb

    The Hobbit.. I love all the Lord of the rings too.. awesome! It would really be awesome to win your prize too! Its fabulous :)

  • Debra Hinson Sauvageau
    Debra Hinson Sauvageau

    I loved The Campaign! It was too funny and put a humorous spin on the election year.

  • Toph

    Pretty, pretty, pretty... cool!

  • Les Jensen
    Les Jensen

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  • Leslie

    What a cool giveaway!

  • Trisha

    I want it!!!

  • Timothy

    There are so many moves I liked in 2012. If I had to pick one has m favorite it would be Marvels The Avengers..

  • Georgia-Rae Mottley
    Georgia-Rae Mottley

    OK i am THE movie buff and every year I make it my business to take in ALL the frontrunners. This year, the movie that stood out for me was Silver Linings Playbook. I must say that this was an IMMENSE SURPRISE simply due to the fact that in my opinion, the trailer gave no indication that this movie was inclined to be the BEST movie of the year. We really need to look out for Jennifer Lawrence, she just stepped into roles over the past 4 years and blew us away. Bradley Cooper showed me a dimension of himself as an actor I really didn't think he had. I think I deserve this swag bag because I am the epitome of a true movie fan and a genuine film watcher and an ideal movie critic

  • Tammy Shank
    Tammy Shank

    Pitch Perfect. As for why that is easy Rebel Wilson! She is awesome.

  • Kelly McGrew
    Kelly McGrew

    My favorite movie of 2012 is Think Like a Man because my boyfriend actually listened to it and follows those rules!! He makes ME feel like a star! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN!

  • Tracie Gasca
    Tracie Gasca

    Breaking Dawn part 2 we loved the series! And my daughter is saying Brave mommy Brave because it was full of action!!!

  • Amy Sherrll
    Amy Sherrll

    I want to win!!!!

  • JoAn

    Lincoln, I love historical movies alsolove Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field

  • susan lloyd
    susan lloyd

    hunger games for the suspense and a halfway happy ending!

  • Katrina Frank
    Katrina Frank

    I didn't get out as much this year to the movies but I did love Argo. Kept me on the edge of my seat, especially at the end, and just rooting for Ben's character to get those guys out of there. All around just great movie!

  • Katrina Frank
    Katrina Frank

    Would love to win one of these gift bags!

  • Renee Browning
    Renee Browning

    Hunger Games - We saw it at movie theater & purchased the DVD. More you watch it the more you see.

  • sutler7

    Argo, because it represented the reality that there is enough drama in the real world, without the need for an alternative make believe fantasy genre.

  • Scooper

    Les Mis cause of the music and drama.

  • drewdeb

    Perfect Pitch is one of the few movies I was able to sit all the way thru. I love that imperfections are utilized to well. Great entertainment.

  • April Doss
    April Doss

    I loved "Rise Of The Guardians" in 2012, it was an awesome kid's movie with a great message and entertaining enough for adults!

  • Linda

    Django- Christoph Walz of course!

  • Michelle Teter
    Michelle Teter

    I really would LOVE to win this :) It would really be nice to win something!

  • Emi Beltran
    Emi Beltran

    Definitely Argo. The movie had everything from humor to suspense and was beautifully directed.

  • Karen Bell Smith
    Karen Bell Smith

    Pick me please, y'all!!!

  • Janice Patterson
    Janice Patterson

    My favorite movie so far wasTwilight, Breaking Dawn Pt 2.beause I saw it at a premiere surrounded by heavy duty twilight fans, the twist at the end, and their reactions was priceless!!!

  • Christine Morgan
    Christine Morgan

    So many good movies---Les Mis was wonderful--all of the actors were incredible. Life of Pi was incredible. But Silver Linings Playbook was over the top-----my favorite movie of the year. Would consider myself a very lucky person if I won! Thanks

  • Jaelyn Lyon Knudson
    Jaelyn Lyon Knudson

    Monsters Inc. 3-D, Who wouldn't want to see Sully in 3-D?

  • dmw

    thanks for the opporunity to maybe win!

  • clenz1983

    Hunger Games and Skyfall were my favorite movies of 2012!

  • Tanya Contos
    Tanya Contos

    Argo for sure! The right amount of humor and drama with excellent casting!

  • Lindsey Gerard
    Lindsey Gerard

    This would be fabulous!!!

  • Kelley Foulk
    Kelley Foulk

    my favorite movie of 2012 was twighlight breaking dawn 2!! I loved the intense and feeling of the characters. the movie was great

  • Maria

    I LOVED Les Miserables!!! In the beginning of the success that film musicals thrived. Soon they disappeared. We need to keep seeing musicals and keep them in our theaters as they are one of the best expressions of human performance. Nothing can get into your heart more than a musical. Hugh Hackman was amaze balls and despite the panic attack, Ann Hathaway was truly great. Please pick me! If I win I promise to belt the songs from the show from the rooftop! Raise the roof!!!1

  • Richelle Bowers
    Richelle Bowers

    Magic Mike...enough to give me some good dreams the rest of my life

  • Kattlin Diaz
    Kattlin Diaz

    I loved Hunger Games! Showed how strong a Woman can be and what she can do for herself!

  • Maria

    I LOVED Les Miserables!!!! Film's big success was musicals and then they disappeared. We need to bring musicals back into the theaters as they are one of the best parts of performance art. Hugh Jackman did an amaze balls job! Ann Hathaway, despite the panic attack was truly great! Please pick me. I will belt every song from this show from the rooftops!

  • Ashley

    I would say my favorite movies of 2012 is tied between Brave and 21 Jump Street. Brave is a movie that will be around for ever and is family friendly and who doesn't like an adult comedy like 21 Jump Street. Everyone needs a little laughter in life. Laughter makes the world much less scary.

  • Susan

    Love It!!!

  • Lauren

    I really loved Lincoln!

  • terri bowser
    terri bowser

    my fa movie for the year was avengers cuz I got to see it with my kids and nephews and my niece..we only see each other once a year and that what we did..

  • Alyssa Dawn Lyles Spencer
    Alyssa Dawn Lyles Spencer


  • Lisa Ann Smith
    Lisa Ann Smith

    Best movie i've seen in 2012 was Argo because we enjoy factual historical educational movies and it was the first movie hubby and i went to in a long time.

  • Rhonda

    My favorite movie was Hunger Games. It was so suspenseful and kept your attention through the whole movie!!!

  • Michael S.
    Michael S.

    My favorite movie was Lincoln because it was a well done, historical movie and I've always been interested in Lincoln's life.

  • Jennifer Peterson Gagnon
    Jennifer Peterson Gagnon

    Need to win this bag! SkinnyGirl keeps me sane, happy and going! Please pick me; pick me; pick me!!!!!

  • Becky

    The Hunger Games. Loved the books and the first movie.

  • Kelly Wren
    Kelly Wren

    Les Miserables was an amazing movie! I have loved musicals since I was a little girl and really enjoying watching them now as an adult. I had seen the play a couple of times before seeing this movie & it was so much more emotional because you could see the actors faces up close!

  • Sandy

    I have to say by far it has to be "Lincoln"!

  • Angie C
    Angie C

    Avengers! great movie that the whole family can watch together. These days there aren't many movies coming out that the whole family can enjoy together.

  • Tina McNally Schlief
    Tina McNally Schlief

    My favorite movie of 2012 was definitely "This is Forty". My girlfriends and I laughed our butts off through the entire movie! This is a great movie for anyone in their 40's ~ it really hits home, in a good way! Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are fantastic in the movie.

  • Camille Taylor
    Camille Taylor

    Argo was my favorite movie. Even though I knew how it would it it still had me on the edge of my seat

  • cu

    I loved The Hunger Games! I read the books & greatly enjoyed them & I think the first movie was an excellent depiction of the book. I love that strong female lead characters are finally being focused on for what they are truly are: strong, independent, awesome! women - not sex objects. Keep it up Hollywood!

  • Kimberly

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Twilight's Breaking Dawn 2. I read all of the books and a small group of friends and I have seen all of the movies. Loved and was shocked at the "small" change made to the movie!!

  • Judy

    My favorite movie of 2012 is the Hunger Games! I love watching a book turn into a great movie. Although some details couldn't be translated, and will all of the talk on who was cast, a very good movie was made. It was also released while I was just back to work from Maternity leave, so I was happy to get a "me" day at the movies!

  • sandi

    Breaking Dawn Part 2; because it's such a GREAT love story and I <3 a love story!

  • Jari Wietfeldt
    Jari Wietfeldt

    my fave of 2012 was the strange life of timothy green

  • Camille Taylor
    Camille Taylor

    My favorite movie of the year was Argo. I saw the movie on my birthday. And even though I knew how the story would end it still kept me on the edge of my seat with suspense and excitement!!

  • Camille Taylor
    Camille Taylor

    My favorite movie of the year was Argo. I saw the movie on my birthday. And even though I knew how the story would end it still kept me on the edge of my seat with suspense and excitement!!

  • Lindsey

    I loved Brave! It portrayed a strong female with a strong mother. My son and I had a great time watching it together!

  • Jamie Lynne
    Jamie Lynne

    The Vow. Having to win someones heart again is a fear we all live with everyday. What a romantic, realistic and hard hitting movie. A true tearjerker and one that hits everyone close to home. Something I'm sure we all think about everyday. The fear of forgetting.

  • Natasha

    'Frankenweenie,' 'The Cabin in the Woods my whole family enjoyed it!

  • Sheila Manning
    Sheila Manning

    Pitch Perfect was so funny!!! I watched with my daughter and we laughed and sang along the whole time!!!

  • Stephanie A
    Stephanie A

    My favorite movie of 2012 was the Avengers because it had a great cast and was entertaining!

  • seattlesuz

    My favorite movie was Zero Dark Thirty. The entire (nearly) three hours was riveting, and Jessica Chastain's performance was so captivating! Plus last year, I snapped her photo from the sidelines at another awards show and she was the sweetest!

  • Erica Vignola
    Erica Vignola

    2012 was a good year in movies..I'd have to go with Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World as my top movie. First, I love Steve Carell and all of his performances, this character being one. He and Keira Knightley were amazing together telling a comedic, yet emotional love story set in chaos. Loved it!

  • Rosemary Romito
    Rosemary Romito


  • kynhasweeps

    My favorite movie from 2012 is 21 Jump Street! Schmidt: I look like Fred Savage from The Wonder Years! But completely naked wearing Indian friendship bracelets.

  • dfelix

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Silver Linings Playbook! The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence was red-hot and the acting was phenomenal!

  • Rosemary Romito
    Rosemary Romito


  • Athena Hloros Fedenis
    Athena Hloros Fedenis

    Hunger Games by far my favorite! Thanks for giving a lucky person the chance to win things we could not afford! <3

  • christienne

    Hunger Games!

  • Mary

    I am not a huge movie goer, however I did see "Lincoln" and it was amazing. This movie brought history to life and made even a non history buff totally enthralled and brought to tears.

  • Cara

    I loved Silver Linings Playbook (not only because I love Jennifer Lawrence) but because it shows the need for reform needed in mental health! I would love to be friends with a woman like Jennifer Lawrence who is an excellent role model, and so funny! It would be fun to win this awards bag and feel like a celebrity for just a little while.

  • Aubrey Harrington
    Aubrey Harrington

    Well I have two kids 5 and 3 so my favorite movie was Brave because I adore pixar movies and it was the first one we ever all went to see in the theater together

  • Ashley

    Silver Lining Playbook, I loved watched the chemistry between Bradly Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence unfold. I was able to laugh at times, and got a angry a few times. A perfect romantic comedy!

  • Lisahenderhog

    Moonrise Kingdom, very diferent, Love love love Edward Norton

  • Mary Stallmann Tine
    Mary Stallmann Tine

    Lincoln...the unknown facts that we weren't old about in our history books!

  • Larry

    Les Miserables was the best movie of 2012.

  • Mary Stallmann Tine
    Mary Stallmann Tine

    Lincoln...the unknown facts that we weren't told in the hostory books!

  • Nicole Richey
    Nicole Richey

    Silver Lining Playbook or The Hunger Games, anything with Jennifer Lawrence.......I love her!!

  • Patsi Novia
    Patsi Novia

    Les Miserables - no less than Perfect!!! Great production, great choice of actors/actresses!!!

  • Mary Lipa
    Mary Lipa

    I went to the movies 3 times in 2012. I was disappointed in all 3 movies. If I had to pick the one I liked the most it would be Snow White and The Huntsman. Charlize Theron was great at the wicked queen.

  • Wendy Cornell
    Wendy Cornell

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Silver Linings Playbook. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were both great in it. Winning this swag would be GREAT!

  • ashleynoel

    Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to win this prize!! My favorite movie was Les Mis, beautifully done!

  • KimmerL38

    Glad Ted won comedic's probably one of the funniest I've seen in a long time. Also, glad the Hunger Games cleaned up pretty nicely :)

  • Carrie Payton Dewyer
    Carrie Payton Dewyer

    I would love to win this and love SkinnyGirl!

  • Kate

    Les Miserables!! Two words, Hugh Jackman!!

  • Kristen Membrino
    Kristen Membrino

    Loved ARGO & The Hunger Games!! So many that I still want to see after watching the Golden Globes though...

  • Jennifer

    Winning something like this would be so exciting and awesome. Talk about feeling like a celeb!

  • yankee5683

    I thought that Pitch Perfect was really funny, Love Fat Amy

  • Jessi

    My favorite movie of 2012 is a toss-up between the Avengers and Hunger Games. The Avengers was a great movie and I love everything Joss Whedon does. Hunger Games was an amazing movie based on an awesome book.

  • Megn Jones
    Megn Jones

    Breaking Dawn Part II because it was my favorite one of the series!

  • Linnea

    WOW! What a bunch of swag! Gotta admit, Hunger Games kept me at the edge of my seat!

  • Ranee Shurtliff Turnage
    Ranee Shurtliff Turnage

    I can't believe I'm going to admit this, but my favorite movie for 2012 was Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2. I really couldn't stand this saga because of such bad acting, but my little sister absolutely loves it. My little sister convinced me to give it a chance, and we watched all the movies on DVD to catch me up, and when this movie reached theaters, we went together to watch it. I thought the acting had gotten increasingly better by this movie, and I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. I have been on a medical leave of absence from my career for the past 2 1/2 years, and have been dealing with a lot of stuff all at one time. I would absolutely love to win this gift bag! I'm crossing my fingers!! lol

  • Amy

    Breaking Dawn Part 2- Great twist that I did not see coming! Great excitement!:)

  • Melody

    My favorite movie is Battleship. I know it has a high cheese factor but I Love Taylor Kitsch. Also, Rihanna was just too cute.

  • Theresa Strong
    Theresa Strong

    My favorite movie of 2013 was Wreck It Ralph!!! Story of my life! Everyone thinks I'm the bad guy, but when push comes to shove I know where my heart is!!!!!

  • Fawne

    Loved skyfall! One of the best bond movies to date and who doesnt love the action and lovely ladies =]

  • Pam Mullins Shumate
    Pam Mullins Shumate

    I'm going out of the box here and saying Finding Nemo in 3D is my pick.I remember watching the first one when my kids were younger with them over and over again.. I got to share the experience of seeing the new one with my grand-kids.The smiles,laughs and the 'LOOK NANNA'S were priceless.I recently had knee replacement surgery and nothing has gone as it should have....I have spent the last 4 weeks in bed which makes me even more Thankful I got to share this with my babies before my life changed after the surgery.

  • Heather Driscoll
    Heather Driscoll

    I liked Hunger Games, because of the intrigue and twists that kept me riveted!

  • Jodie Gill
    Jodie Gill

    Les Miserables. It's French, historical, has Hugh Jackman & Anne Hathaway amongst the talented stars, & is simply the most amazing movie ever! I've cried every time!

  • Dianne Bultz
    Dianne Bultz

    My favorite movie of 2012 was "Argo". i was impressed with the dramatization of the 1980 joint CIA-Canadian secret operation to extract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran. It was intense and dramatic.... edge of your seat kind of movie.

  • Mary L
    Mary L

    Les Mis was awesome! Hope I win too!

  • Linda

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Lincoln. Every aspect of the movie was fantastic. This includes the script, the actors, the wardorobe and a realistic version of President Lincolns experience.


    I loved the Hunger Games,Katniss Everdeen is my hero

  • Suzanne Kaiser
    Suzanne Kaiser

    My husband I and LOVED Skyfall. It was our favorite movie of 2012. Love Bond films - love the action.

  • Susana R.
    Susana R.

    I loved The Hunger Games. It was filled with action and the hint of a love story. I like the fact that the story revolves around a strong female character that survives because of skills and instincts gained from helping take care of her family.

  • Liz

    Loved it!!!!

  • Jill Zamarro
    Jill Zamarro

    I loved Les Miserables. I loved the acting and seeing the familiar faces tell such an amazig story. Total must see!!

  • Collene

    I loved Life of Pi and Les Mis! And I would love the Awards bag!

  • Tammy

    As a busy mom of a 6 year old, I will have to go with our favorite of 2012, Rise Of The Guardians! My son is all about Jack Frost now. And Hugh Jackman was a great Kangaroo--I mean Easter Bunny :)

  • Melissa

    My fav of 2012 was Ted, it was a funny movie that had me laughing the entire time!!

  • Tammy

    PICK ME , PICK ME please :) A great year of movies, can't wait to watch!

  • Sheila Manning
    Sheila Manning

    Hunger Games was amazing. It really kept you wanting more.

  • spinos1

    Les Mis. was my favorite movie of 2012. All the starts gave the most beautiful performances and really went the extra mile to make their roles believable.

  • leelee85

    I would love to win this bag-it was my birthday a few days ago sooo I'll consider it a late bday gift. ;) And my favorite movie of 2012 was "This is 40". I know it came out at the end of the year but it trumped all the other movies I saw for the year. Hysterical!

  • Natasha

    My favorite movie was the Hunger Games! (also loved Pitch Perfect...)

  • Harmony Poisson
    Harmony Poisson

    My favourite movie of 2012 was Les Miserable. I thought they did an amazing job of turning it into a movie, as well the incredible cast really made it what it was!!

  • S.M

    My favorite movie of the year was The Lorax. I know, a children s movie, but it really was a great film. My 6 year old nephew loved it and I thought overall it gave such an amazing message to children which is something that is becoming so rare in today's society. If I was to win this the Awards Bag I would be thrilled because I besides being able to use some of the product for myself - I can use a lot of them as giveaways to the followers of my blog.

  • Sara Casey
    Sara Casey

    Awesome giveaway. Thank you.

  • Annette Zeiderman
    Annette Zeiderman

    Les Mis. It was well done and a personal favorite. All the movies that have been nominated for awards had their own strengths but Les Mis, was my favorite.

  • Jeff Kaiser
    Jeff Kaiser

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Skyfall. WHAT is better than James bond? Love the action!

  • Kathy

    Brave was my favorite movie - reason: spending time with my kids and watching them watch the movie. Great memories.

  • Jade Mavric
    Jade Mavric

    The best I've seen has to be les miserables because Anne Hathaway and the rest of the cast blew me away with their singing. I felt like I was watching Broadway play, which I had a chance to see it when I was in High School but didn't wind up going. I've regreted it ever since. I am glad a movie was made. I will definitely try and see the play now. Movie left me speechless. =)

  • Lauren

    I'd have to say The Vow was one of my favorite movies in 2012. Such a great story and really makes you think about how you should cherish each and every day.

  • Sue Seemann
    Sue Seemann

    Would love to win this awesome bag...pick me!! Looks like lots of great stuff!!

  • Kimberly Hayes
    Kimberly Hayes

    My favorite movie of 2012 was the Hunger Games!! It was amazing. I still haven't read the books, but I so need to. I can't wait for the next movie. :-)

  • Denise Ann Hanner Sutterfield
    Denise Ann Hanner Sutterfield

    Fave movie of 2012 Quentin Tarantino‘s ‘Django Unchained,’ Jamie Foxx.... Leonard DiCaprio.... nuff said

  • Annette

    Les Mis is my favorite for so many reasons. The acting, the singing and the fact that it was done without breaks. I appreciated all the movies that were nominated, each had its own strengths, but Les Mis was my favorite.

  • Kelly

    My favorite movie in 2012 was Looper. I thought it was very clever and an exciting sci-fi movie. It kept me thinking and it's a movie you can watch over and over again because you start to understand more and more each time.

  • Sue Seemann
    Sue Seemann

    So cool, pick me!! Would love to win this awesome giveaway!! Cheers! Sue

  • Kate

    My favorite movie at the tail-end of 2012 was Les Miserables because it left me speechless, made me cry, and affirmed my passion for performance.

  • Megan Elizabeth
    Megan Elizabeth

    Django. Because Quentin Tarantino is one of the best directors and the casting was perfect and it was a kick ass movie.

  • Jenny

    Pitch Perfect..was completely blown away by this movie. Didn't even want to see it because I thought it would be cheesy. A co-worker bought and told me to watch it. Now I own it and have watched it too many times to mention. It is a good fun movie that isn't serious at all.

  • Brittany M
    Brittany M

    Thanks for the chance to win this amazing gift bag!

  • duraniechick

    Skyfall was an enjoyable ride.

  • Rashele

    I just cherish 'Couples Retreat' because most of us can relate to the movies statement about relationships, the ups and downs, and in the end it's worth fighting for love!

  • Samantha Lewis
    Samantha Lewis

    I loved Lincoln and Skyfall but my favorite was definitely Wreck It Ralph.

  • B_Rand

    My favorite movie was Hunger Games--loved the book and was excited to see it brought to life

  • Bonnie

    My favorite movie was Argo. The fact that i lived through the entire hostage crisis and know that the movie accurately represented the facts plus Ben Affleck and the cast's performances make me vote for this movie. It is a sleeper of a movie but, an important piece of history that should always be remembered as it can happen again if we don't pay attention!

  • Kathy Coleman
    Kathy Coleman

    My favorite movie was The Hunger Games and waiting to see if there will be another :)

  • shopptina

    The best movie of 2012 would have to be Dog Days-Diary of A Wimpy Kid movie. Such a great laughter movie. Watch it and you will see.

  • Denise

    While watching the Critics Choice Awards I am sure is a great time to spend the evening - Unfortunately, I was unable to watch it and am thankful that I can go to Celebuzz to catch all of the highlights/lo-lights & in betweens... AND get the chance to win a Critics Choice Gift Bag!! Now that is Very nice!!!!

  • Jennifer Shears
    Jennifer Shears

    Silver Linings Playbook - incredible! Would love to win a gift bag of all these incredible goodies! :-)

  • Barbara Butler Dileonardi
    Barbara Butler Dileonardi

    My favorite was Les Mis ! didn get the play but loved the movie ! the actors he singers and the whole thing !

  • Kay

    My favorite movie of the year was, "Zero Dark Thirty." My husband is in the military, so I can relate. People so often get the wrong impression of what they do, and I thought the movie depicted it so well. Also, I just think Kathryn Bigelow is extraordinary!

  • Cathy Heddinger Bradford
    Cathy Heddinger Bradford

    Loved SKYFALL! Anything Daniel Craig is in tops my list!

  • Tiffan Childers
    Tiffan Childers

    Silver Linings Playbook!!! Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawerence were great, and I loved the music!

  • Kate

    This would be so amazing to win. As a mom, you so rarely can have things like this for yourself because you're always thinking about your kids!

  • Malena Rutecki
    Malena Rutecki

    The Hunger Games was one of my favorites it had action and a great story line. The movie really got because I am a older sister so I get the bond between the sisters! Also with all the action my husband was able to enjoy watching it with me and not having to just settle to make me happy:)

  • Jill Clark
    Jill Clark

    The Hobbit would be high on my list (my husband got me hooked!) but I think Skyfall wins out for my favorite movie of 2012... action packed and kept my attention! Would love a chance to win the gift bag!

  • Laura Lopez
    Laura Lopez

    Silver Linings Playbook. Love the last 15 minutes!

  • Sue Gost
    Sue Gost

    Loved Parental Guidance. It was nice to actually laugh out loud at a movie.

  • Julie

    Les Miserables hands down - amazing acting, singing, music, set design.....raw emotion about redemption, forgiveness and love with some humor just where it needed to be. Epic film that translated from the stage to the screen to be seen with the depth that is the book. Just the best!!

  • Cathy Bradford
    Cathy Bradford

    I loved the movie SkyfFall, I am a huge Daniel Craig fan and love all of his movies!

  • Rachel

    My favorite movie of 2012 was by far the Avengers. It was a fun mix of action and comedy. I'm also rather fond of it because many scenes were filmed in my city.

  • Jennifer Swatsworth Godesiabois
    Jennifer Swatsworth Godesiabois

    Awesome gift bag!!! Celebs have all the fun!

  • wendy

    for the first time i sat and watched the awards and it was great. definitely have my list of movies i want to watch now.

  • Barbara Butler Dileonardi
    Barbara Butler Dileonardi

    Les Mis les mis was awesome !

  • Kim Azure
    Kim Azure


  • Fern Sessing
    Fern Sessing

    My favorite is Hunger Games and my daughters is Perfect Pitch. Thanks for the contest and winning the bag would be a great way to start the new year!!

  • Rena

    I have to say Pitch Perfect was my favorite because it made me laugh so hard I almost peed!

  • barbara dileonardi
    barbara dileonardi

    Loved les mis ! it was so good didnt get the play and had to see the Movie and WOW !

  • Nafeisa Shukair
    Nafeisa Shukair

    My favorite movie of 2012 is Monsters, Inc. 3D - it was amazing to see the characters come out of the screen and animation breath-taking.

  • Shannon

    I think this was one of the best years in a long time for so many fantastic movies to come out. Having said that, I am absolutely in LOVE with Les Mis, Ann Hathaway is just breathtaking in her acting and her attitude, looks, she, in my opinion is a CLASS Act. I felt so bad for her at her premiere and her dress, however, she handled the incident with such gace and with the best interview on th Today show about the papps even taking pics like that. I think the entire cast was just the best. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this gift!

  • Ambie Gilbert
    Ambie Gilbert

    Loved Pitch Perfect. It was absolutely hilarious!

  • Jill Wellen Brotzman
    Jill Wellen Brotzman

    My favorite movie was Ted. We don't get out too often. Especially this year. I lost my mother in law. This was not a fun time. Trying to get back to the normal. Seeing that movie made us forget for a while and made us laugh. Just what we needed. Thank you!

  • Fran O
    Fran O

    Arbitrage, love that Richard Gere

  • Debby

    I enjoyed watching Hunger Games and The Avengers!

  • Candice

    Hunger Games was my fav!! Would love to win this great grift pack!

  • Fern Sessing
    Fern Sessing

    Thanks for the contest! I would love to win the gifts, and i will be watching to see who wins, i turely love Hunger Games!

  • my3pups

    the only movies I get to see are for kids so I have to go with parental guidance...I laughed and I cried

  • Julie Garcia
    Julie Garcia

    Favorite movie of 2012 was definitely The Avengers! The story was excellent, had religious undertones, which seems to be a rairity these days, was funny and full of action. The cast comlimented each other well, and it was just hands down, the BEST!!

  • Thelma Clements Padgett
    Thelma Clements Padgett

    Les Miserables....amazing plot development through song

  • Amy Tolley
    Amy Tolley

    my favorite movie would have to be Wont Back Down...Love it....

  • Dawn

    The Hunger Games! Great acting and effects.

  • Mary K. Tooke
    Mary K. Tooke

    Let me first start off by saying... Bethany you truly are an inspiration to so many and the fact that you have done things on your own terms has made you a role model to not only myself but in how I am raising my 7 year old daughter. Your daughter is one very lucky little girl :) My favorite movie for 2012 would have to be Hope Springs. It is so funny and sweet all at the same time.

  • Monica Villarreal-Micale
    Monica Villarreal-Micale

    Lincoln was my favorite, a new perspective on such a great man!

  • Amy

    Lincoln..great acting and educational!

  • laura

    I want those

  • Debbie

    I would just love to win the Awards bag!! Thanks for giving everyone a chance to win!!!! Whoever wins should feel like a star!!!!!!!

  • Theresa

    Yes, please! I didn't get to see much this year, but we did see SkyFall! Loved it on the big screen!

  • lauraO

    Pick me Id love to win!!

  • Julie Harris
    Julie Harris

    I loved The Hunger Games! It's great to watch a break out star from the beginning Great movie! Can't wait to see more!

  • ryennjessica

    My favorite movie of 2012 was definitely Argo! I always love a movie based on a true story. This one. even already knowing what was going to happen, kept me on the edge of my seat. I think Ben Affleck did a spectacular job directing, acting, and producing. It was great acting and an awesome story put to screen. LOVED IT!

  • Virginia Valdez
    Virginia Valdez


  • Lisa

    Les Mis, it was beautiful.

  • Jeanne J
    Jeanne J

    My favorite movie was Les Miserables. I was so moved by the story , the scenery, the cinematogrophy etc. Loved. It. All.

  • Brittny

    Avengers was m favorite movie of 2012. It was full of action and twinges of comedy througout. The cast was fantastic and I can't wait to see the Avengers next feature.

  • Diana

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Bully, hands down! My daughter and I took the time to watch and discuss this film together. It is a very serious topic and all of our children should be educated on it, along with the potential outcomes. It was raw, real and touching.

  • Jenn S.
    Jenn S.

    The Hunger Games was my favorite, as it stayed very close to the book and I loved the book.

  • Sue Brinton Kanter
    Sue Brinton Kanter

    Silver Linings Playbook

  • Lauren

    Skyfall was my absolute favorite!!! It was the best James Bond movie yet, and if I didn't have 2 small kids, I would have gone to the movies to see it 100 times.

  • Judy Swafford
    Judy Swafford

    Ben Afleck is all I needed to hear Love him:)

  • oliviaz

    Les Mis was my favorite movie this year. I'm a huge fan of the stage musical, and I think they definitely did it justice with the movie. I'm also very impressed that all the actors sang Live! That never happens in movie musicals. Loved It!

  • Angel Weers
    Angel Weers

    The Avengers...Thor and Iron Man in the same move? Yes, please!! :-)

  • rlego

    I loved The Hobbit great story and special effects

  • Andrea

    Fav movie was definitely Lincoln!!

  • Rachel

    For a Good Time Call... I really thought it was a very funny, well-written "bromance" for the ladies. Not a rom-com where a best bud helps the other find love, but a true friendship love story. Very cool. :)

  • Kristen Martinez
    Kristen Martinez

    Definitely Hunger Games. This movie combined so many different genres and wasn't all about the special effects. It was number one in my book and kid friendly!

  • stella h
    stella h

    SKYFALL was by far the best movie of the year and by far the best movie in the Bond franchise.

  • Amber Harding
    Amber Harding

    My favorite movie of 2012 was definitely "Argo." Not only did it make me want to learn more about the Iranian hostage crisis, it was also a perfect mix of drama, action and comedy. John Goodman and Alan Arkin together was a brilliant combination, and they had me laughing every time they were on screen. But the movie also made me nervous - I was literally on the edge of my seat until the very end! Anytime a film can make you feel like you're actually there and take you on an emotional ride, it's a keeper!

  • Sheri

    Love Skinny Girl...Bethany

  • Becky

    Would love love love to win this!!! =)

  • Cortney

    I loved Silver Linings Playbook. J.Law and Bradley Cooper were amazing in it. Especially with their real Philly accents and seeing places I've been to in the movie! Great story with a cute ending :)

  • Giovanni de Lesseps
    Giovanni de Lesseps

    Favorite film of 2012 was "Cloud Atlas." I loved the fantasy elements of the film within the intertwine love stories.

  • Monica Villarreal-Micale
    Monica Villarreal-Micale

    All of my favorite things!

  • Asheleigh Forsburg
    Asheleigh Forsburg

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Django, it really captured the brutality that existed during slavery in America. As horrific as it was to watch at moments it shed light on what we would like to forget in our history.

  • Mike N Bobbi Pack
    Mike N Bobbi Pack

    Love....Love...Love Wreck-It Ralph! This was a perfect date for my kiddos and me...daddy deployed make it hard on everyone. So, having a move that you entire family can enjoy is a plus! We giggled and cried through this movie which means the movie was AWESOME! :)

  • Becky

    My favorite movie of the year was The Hunger Games...Love the thrill of the action! Can't wait til the next part comes out! Thanks for the opportunity to win the gift bag! :D

  • Amanda Daddario
    Amanda Daddario

    I would have to say its a tie between the Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn Part 2! Hunger Games was so well made and just enthralling, even for those that didn't read the book, and Breaking Dawn because I have read those books and seen every movie, and it was the finale of that series for me!

  • Brandie Dillman Maness
    Brandie Dillman Maness

    I really enjoyed The Woman in Black back in early 2012!! It was just creepy enough and well done!!

  • Kristina M
    Kristina M

    Hunger games, because i loved the book series!

  • Jes

    Loved Lincoln!!

  • Lindsay

    Loved Lincoln! Such great perfomances by brilliant actors. Gave me a small glimpse into the personality of this beloved president.

  • J Barbuto
    J Barbuto

    Moonrise Kingdom, hands down! It was simple and pure, yet raw and honest. Wes Anderson is brilliant, as is the cast!

  • Mariam

    My favorite movie of 2012 is Argo! I thought the portrayal of a real event was so riveting and Ben Affleck did a phenomenon job both directing and telling such an a acing story!!

  • Jill

    luuuv the different flavors. i have introduced your products to my bunco ladies! BIG HIT

  • Katherine

    Lincoln, because there was no contest.

  • Sami Wallace
    Sami Wallace

    Lincoln was definitely my favorite movie of 2012. A very close family friend was Harold Hollister which made the movie even more exciting for us!!

  • Jodi

    My favorite is probably Hunger Games. I haven't seen many new ones and am dying to see Argo and Lincoln to name a few. But of those I saw HG tops the list. Amazing acting and scenery.

  • Emily

    Ted!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. And who doesn't love some Mark Walhburg in their life?

  • Kristy Sabin
    Kristy Sabin

    Would love to win this!! Thank you for the chance.

  • Dacia Leigh Johnson
    Dacia Leigh Johnson

    Silver Linings Playbook was epic! I love Jennifer Lawrence and the crazy, weird messed up lives of the two characters and the fact that they found love just shows that everyone deserves and will find great love.

  • Kelly Miller
    Kelly Miller

    My Favorite move was The Hunger Games. I thought they did a brilliant job transforming the books and was very happy with the on screen portrayal of the characters. I can't wait for the release of Catching Fire!!

  • Lindsay B
    Lindsay B

    My Fav movie? LES MISERABLES......amazing, amazing, amazing cast, wonderfully scripted, beautifully done. Will watch it again, and again! Here's to winning the gift bag, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Darina Reynolds
    Darina Reynolds

    I love the awards shows. I enjoy seeing everything they get in the gift bags to, and to think I may win something, that would be fun.

  • Angela

    My favorite movie of 2012 is The Dark Knight Rises. My boyfriend really loves super hero movies and I was happy to see this one time and time again with him. :)

  • Liz Banhegyi
    Liz Banhegyi

    My favorite was hunger games, then reacher. Just saw silver linings playbook- it was good just not what I expected. Very "Garden-State-Ish".

  • judy

    Ben Affleck is all I needed to hear:)

  • Michelle

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Brave. Great message and since I have a sassy little lady of my own, I could completely relate!

  • Ruth Bracy Ewald
    Ruth Bracy Ewald

    My favorite movie was Hunger Games. I thought the books were better but the movie was very well done. Loved it!

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams

    I loved this is 40

  • Abi

    My favorite movie was Les Miserables. It was beautifully done and did the stage show justice. I loved the genuine emotion of the characters that came through. Thanks for the fun opportunity to win the gift bag!

  • April Lynn Kelley
    April Lynn Kelley

    My favorite movie for 2012 was The Hunger Games! I couldn't wait to see it after reading the series. Amazing! I think they picked the perfect actress to portray Katniss! I am highly anticipating the release of Catching Fire! Thank-you for the chance to win this incredible prize package!

  • Britta Dee
    Britta Dee

    My favorite movie this year was Silver Lining's Playbook. It was beautifully filmed, with cinematography that enhanced the story, entertaining to the eyes and soul alike. Not to mention, one of the few films that depicts addiction and mental illness struggles in such an incredibly real and honest light. So refreshing. As someone who has struggled with all of the above, as well as one who has had her own struggles with love, I was touched and moved by this movie. So real, and so beautiful. Not to mention it has a happy ending, which gives us all hope, and who doesn't enjoy leaving a theater with an extra boost of hope. :)

  • Polly H
    Polly H


  • Miranda

    My favorite movie of 2012 would have to of been The Hunger Games. I read all the books with in two weeks and was hooked. I cannot wait til November when the second movie is released!!!

  • Elana

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Argo. Affleck really impressed me!

  • Lynda

    Skinny Girl is my fav! All the items in the gift bag look either yummy or fun!

  • Laura

    Wow that is quite a gift bag. I want it all! haha. :)

  • Karrie Gold-Gusman
    Karrie Gold-Gusman

    Hands down my favorite movie of 2012 is Les Miserables!

  • JK

    Would love this!!!!

  • Abby Kraynick Sovko
    Abby Kraynick Sovko

    My FAVORITE movie was The Hunger Games. It was So exciting & Sad. I loved it ♥

  • Amy Holmes
    Amy Holmes

    I loved avengers and batman. I thought the batman gave a great end to the trilogy, even when it probably was not the most popular

  • Jodi

    This would be so awesome to win! I would give lots as gifts/donate but keep a few fun things for myself! Fingers crossed!!!

  • Jen

    I loved Lincoln! Terrific acting in this movie. We still REALLY like Sally Field!

  • Chandra Jordan
    Chandra Jordan

    LOVED Django Unchained.

  • Pamela Meek Murphy
    Pamela Meek Murphy

    My favorite movie of 2012 is Les Miserables. The music was fantastic!

  • Alberta Hawkins
    Alberta Hawkins

    My favorite pick of 2012 is Flight. Densel Washington displayed his awesome acting skills in his portrayal of an alcholic. It was unbelievably realistic.

  • Gwen Manning
    Gwen Manning

    One of my favorite movies in 2012 is The Untouchables. It was a wonderful story about friendship and the joy of the human spirit. I don't think this movie got the exposure it deserved!

  • Rose

    The Runaways, because II'm a rock n' roll fanatic and have loved the band The Runaways ever since I heard them a couple years before the movie came out. I think Kristen Stewart di a remenous job as Joan Jett and I loved the way the movie ws protrayed about how living a rock n' roll lifetyle isn't alwys walk in the park. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Denise Welch
    Denise Welch

    Great Giveaway Love it Thanks

  • geta65

    Oau,I'd like to win it!

  • cynthia mahoney
    cynthia mahoney

    Lincoln...It was remarkable and gave insight to a man we only knew from what was taught to us.

  • Kat

    Les Miserables had me in tears for virtually every song! The ability it had to move me made it my favorite by far. Such an amazing film

  • Claire

    My fave movie was Argo! It had just the right amount of humor, action, and suspense. And best of all, its based on a true story!

  • April Martin
    April Martin

    Thanks for the chance! Love it! <3

  • Heather C
    Heather C

    The Hunger Games! I loved that movie.. the plot was great and it made me wanna read the books too.

  • Cherie Montorio
    Cherie Montorio

    My favorite movie of 2012 is The Dark Knight.

  • kathylo

    Love to win!

  • dmie

    Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln! Amazing movie with an amazing cast. Daniel Day-Lewis was incredible and Tommy Lee Jones nailed it, as usual. This will probably be one of those movies people are still talking about in 20 years.

  • Rita

    Enjoyed Hunger Games - lots of action and great storyline. Heard sequel is being made - Good!

  • Laura P.
    Laura P.

    Moonrise Kingdom-I loved that it was such an unusual and fun comedy with many great performances. My favorite family film was Wreck It Ralph.

  • Cathleen N
    Cathleen N

    I loved Brave because it was different from the standard animated movie, not to mention absolutely gorgeous to watch!

  • Terter Rowbow
    Terter Rowbow

    Great Giveaway! Love Vera Bradley!

  • Gia Le
    Gia Le

    My most favorite moment would be that of Shania Twain making a come back!!! Yes Love Shania :)

  • ethel solinski
    ethel solinski

    I love the Hobbit. It was pure genius in the making.

  • AudreyB

    Hunger Games and Life of Pi, loved the books and thrilled to see the great job they did on the films.

  • weeziestoy

    I enjoyed Lincoln....Lincoln is history....I wanted to see how much would be in the movie...

  • Christine burd
    Christine burd

    Les Miserables.very touching

  • Ron Miller
    Ron Miller

    Batman, have always been a fan of the series, the third in the trilogy, absolutely awesome!

  • Cristine Natkin
    Cristine Natkin

    Absolutely loved the Avengers. Love seeing all the characters come together. Looking forward to more Avenger Movies. Outstanding!

  • sheri hodges
    sheri hodges

    avengers.great to have all superheros in one movie

  • Jason Steinmetz
    Jason Steinmetz

    Les Mis because of the wondeful cast

  • Patricia

    The new Batman movie

  • Timothy Helmer
    Timothy Helmer


  • Meredith Jones
    Meredith Jones

    The Hunger Games

  • Mark Westfall
    Mark Westfall

    Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis was amazing.

  • Simone Yancy
    Simone Yancy


  • Liza Ellis
    Liza Ellis

    This is great swag & Lincoln was really good.

  • Doris

    Django to me was one of the best movies of 2012, because for something as serious as being a slave. They where able to make you laugh at something that was so unjust to not only black people but to some whites who did not agree with slavery. The cast was awesome!!

  • dk

    The Avengers. Full of great actors and action. And it was clever. Loved it

  • Michael

    The Lorax was my favorite, because it was a movie the whole family could see

  • Judy Sizemore
    Judy Sizemore

    very nice i have to win

  • Alexandra Roach
    Alexandra Roach

    Silver linings playbook! Cutest love story ever

  • drewpu

    The Hunger Games- Did not read the books went in not expecting to enjoy it! But I found it exciting and kept me wanting more!

  • Michelle

    I loved Django Unchained. Tarantino made yet another cult classic and I can't wait to see it in theatres again. Leo was an incredible villain and Samuel L. Jackson was soooo funny. Loved it!

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    My favorite was Lincoln because I love historical movies and this one was captivating and epic.

  • Jennifer W
    Jennifer W

    My favorite movie was Pitch Perfect because it was funny and I loved the singing.

  • Kael Harvey
    Kael Harvey

    The Avengers was sheer summer movie magic...i saw it 3x.

  • Kathy

    Lincoln. Daniel Day-Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones performances were amazing

  • Jodi Boulier
    Jodi Boulier

    Hunger Games was my favorite movie. I saw it with my kids and my husband was wanting to see it so bad but it wasn't available in Afghanistan. I saw it again with him when he was home. It was the best of 2012 in my/our books! (Believe me, he's the critic! Ha, ha!)

  • Tamra Stevens
    Tamra Stevens

    Any comment to win? So this is my comment...

  • Nicole Fusco
    Nicole Fusco

    My favorite movie of 2012 was People Like Us. It was extremely poignant. This movie induced a roller coaster of emotions from laughing to crying. I really loved this movie.

  • Tim in SD
    Tim in SD

    Best movie of 2012? The Avengers. Six words sums it up: Chris Evans; Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth. In all seriousness.. it really had it all: hot guys, comedy, drama, romance (of sorts), monsters, horror (ScarJo's acting), and more! If you take individual, successful franchises and then make an even more successful movie, I'm not sure how you can top that!?! Sure, Anne Hathaway's nominated (um, 18 mins?) and DDL got all Honest Abe on our asses... Jennifer Garner got her "churn" (get it?) her husband Argo-bly faired better... Pitch Perfect was pretty damn funny... Batman rose and Twilight closed... but while there were plenty of good ones, I stand by The Avengers. 1.5 Billion dollars would agree with me. :-)

  • Ashia Austin
    Ashia Austin

    My favorite film of 2012 was Life of Pi. I had no idea or expectations about the movie before I went to the theaters to see it but it definitely impressed me with its wit and unique story line.

  • elfette

    just one ... bummer. several had good parts ... could see over and over.

  • Melissa Green Hartley
    Melissa Green Hartley

    The Avengers!! Great acting, directing, music, everything! :) Thank you.



  • Sundas Hussain
    Sundas Hussain

    my favorite movie of 2012 was te odd life of timithoy green" because i was it wa ineresting to see and it was't boring I loved eveything about it. Short and sweet..:)

  • Sharon

    Dark Knight was my favorite

  • Teresa Goodman-Otwell
    Teresa Goodman-Otwell

    I wuld have to say my favorite would be les miserale

  • Linda

    My favorite movie of the year was “Lincoln.” Excellent movie and great cast. It was also a very well done, historically accurate movie. Interesting and educational

  • Erica Pinto
    Erica Pinto

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Django Unchained! Superb cast and great story. I loved it and I'm glad it won so many Golden Globe awards :)

  • Crystal Dawn Espinoza
  • Crystal Dawn Espinoza
  • Deb

    Lincoln, because it reminds us what a great President can accomplish, even when all looks lost.

  • rosetta

    the hobbit! i had been waiting so long for it and was not disapointed.

  • Ann




  • Malcolm

    I thought the awards show was amazing this year. This would be a great prize

  • lisa

    I loved loved loved MOONRISE KINGDOM. My husband even bought me the framed poster for my birthday!

  • Tom Butler
    Tom Butler

    hunger games was the best movie of the year. not big on this genre,but this one was exceptional

  • Sally

    Hunger games -exciting, powerful images for young Owen and great translation of book to film.

  • Melissa Robinson-Arezzi
    Melissa Robinson-Arezzi

    Hunger Games for sure. I adored the book so much so it was great to be able to see the movie version of it.

  • Dina Knorr Brown
    Dina Knorr Brown

    Les Miserables was my favorite

  • lori smith
    lori smith

    I thought The Bourne Legacy rocked it!!!

  • scott smith
    scott smith

    I really enjoyed the movie The Grey with Liam Neeson.

  • vranab

    Lincoln. Absolutely amazing

  • Amber Piekos
    Amber Piekos

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Les Miseable. I was moved by the story in a way I wasn't when I saw the production onstage.

  • Lorena

    Wes Anderson Moonrise Kingdom.. It was original and a feel good movie.

  • Alyssa Chen
    Alyssa Chen

    Loved Les Mis! Everyone was spectacular.. loved the music and costumes!

  • Beth

    Definitely The Hobbit.

  • Kate Daly
    Kate Daly

    Argo, the suspense was chair tipping and believable. I saw this movie in a 35 seat home town hall theater and the experience was uniquely shared on as a whole awesome!!

  • Gregg Welpe
    Gregg Welpe

    Rise of the Guardians, who doesn't love a feel good holiday-themed movie?

  • lolaj

    The Hunger Games. I loved the suspense, the scenery, the acting, how well it matched up to the book. I can't wait for the next one!

  • Deborah Mireles
    Deborah Mireles

    Id probably pass out if I won this, it looks so cool! I really want to see Argo!

  • Lorene Brooks
    Lorene Brooks

    My favorite movie in 2012 was Brave. I love family movies and it was cute enough for my daughter and tough enough for my son. The entire family loved it. Great Family Fun!

  • Jamie Tobias
    Jamie Tobias

    I would have to pick Ted i love Seth Macfarlene 's sense of humor i also love the acting i would love to in this awasome giveaway

  • Jamie Tobias
    Jamie Tobias

    I would pick the movie Ted because i enjoyed the sense of humor of Seth MacFarlane loved loved the acting also i would love to win this gift bag full of goods.

  • blackrosesinjuly

    I'm pretty into action and superhero movies. I loved "The Dark Night rises". I would of went and saw it in theaters over and over again if I could. Bane I thought was perfect, they picked the right voice and build to be perfect. It was very action packed and many scenes were amazing. I enjoyed all the batman movies even when I was a kid. A close second was "Skyfall". Which in my opinion was one of the best bond movies. But that's just me. It really kept my attention. Those are the only two movies I went to see in theaters. Unless I absolutely can't wait to see a movie, I wait till it comes out on dvd. There were other good ones too I thought, but those two I would have to say were my faves by far.

  • rose

    My favorite movie of 2012 was the hunger games. Very emotionally gripping story that displayed the best and worst of human nature. Can't wait for the other movies to come out!

  • crudy01

    My favorite movie of 2012 was pitch perfect !!

  • Kaitlin

    The best movie of 2012 has to be The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The book is my favorite, and seeing be adapted into a movie was lovely.

  • katball

    The Hobbit, beyond all others!

  • rebecca

    The Lorax. Simply put it was heartwarming

  • Stacy

    I really loved Les Miserables. It was just so well done.

  • Inti Aggarwal
    Inti Aggarwal

    I have never really won in the lucky draw competitions and would love to win something as awesome as this gift bag. Amazing stuff!

  • Beth Harris
    Beth Harris

    I would have to say the Avengers. The whole family loved it!

  • traci

    Hunger games!

  • Karen F
    Karen F

    The Avengers because we watched it as a family and we had a great time.

  • Veronica Bejarano
    Veronica Bejarano

    Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom stole my heart as the best movie of 2012! The film proves that you can be playful and fantastic while expressing deep sentiment at the same time. Well Played Wes.

  • Tiffany DelMonico Behrens
    Tiffany DelMonico Behrens

    There were so many good movies this year and quite a few that I haven't seen yet! Cannot wait to see Silver Linings Playbook and LesMis.

  • torn8o

    Moonrise Kingdom was a great movie ... quirky, funny, terrific acting, great story. The whole package. Also enjoyed The Avengers for the action and effects. Who doesn't like a little Tony Stark teamed up with The Hulk???

  • Sarah W
    Sarah W

    Rock of Ages......Because I loved all the music and it was a good movie with a lot of interesting characters in that kept you watching to see what happens next. It also made me laugh on the stupid things we wore in the 80' saw a lot of beverages from the 80's that brought back memories...... I would LOVE to win this ROCKIN' bag o swag..... :)

  • Mary

    This would be awesome!

  • Sheila

    Ooooh, I would like to win this prize.My favorite movie of 2012 is Avengers. Such a great job on the story line. Even though they were super heroes you never lost site of their humanity. Loki was one of the best villains yet. His intelligence was shown well, as well as his pride that usually got him caught. This movie made up for the not so good job on Thor too.

  • kennyatchison

    the hunger games was ery enjoyable, and i was glad that the whole family liked it.

  • kennyatchison

    the hunge games was really good-the whole familynjoyed it.

  • Justin

    Zero Dark Thirty - amazing from start to finish!

  • sarahbethe

    I loved Life of Pi. Beautiful movie.

  • Brandy Graham
    Brandy Graham

    My favorite movie of 2012 was "The Hunger Games". It was a very entertaining movie and it introduced me to a great actress. Jennifer Lawrence.

  • pamela =
    pamela =

    Lincoln! I could watch it over and over

  • James Watts
    James Watts

    My favorite movie of 2012 was the Avengers. I grew up on this comic book and it was a real treat to see it in live action

  • Maggie Anderson
    Maggie Anderson

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Les Miserables. Not only was everything about the movie great, but my experience of watching it was great as well. I went with my brother and sister on Christmas Day at around 10PM to go see it, and I couldn't have loved how I spent the end of my holiday any more than I did. I got to pass around napkins when they started to cry, and to this day, we still sing songs from the movie when we're together. The acting was wonderful and the emotion portrayed was really true to life, whereas some movies are just so unrealistic when it comes to the actors trying to force emotion. Even though the sing-talking bothered me at times, it all felt right, and though the movie was about three hours long, I never got bored or tired like I did with Lincoln.

  • Sahara Rao
    Sahara Rao

    My 2012 favorite movie was "The Hunger Games" . Totlly enjoyed it.

  • Diane Hamel
    Diane Hamel

    the Hobbit

  • Kellie

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Last Ride! I liked seeing the troubled relationship between a father and son come together and make things work out.

  • Jeffrey Vastine
    Jeffrey Vastine

    I will have to go with Total Recall. Peace!

  • Teresa L Parsley
    Teresa L Parsley

    I guess I would have to say the Hunger Games, I really didn't watch a lot of movie's in 2012 but it was a good one!

  • Catharine Elizabeth
    Catharine Elizabeth

    Lincoln is my choice. I didn't expect to be so entertained and informed by a historical movie.

  • jennifer

    My favorite movie this year, there are so many to choose from! I would have to say The odd life of Timothy Green! I went with my kids and they loved it! My daughter and I were crying, and lots of laughs to!

  • Ahdeem Tinsley
    Ahdeem Tinsley

    D'Jango, best movie of 2012. The perfect combination of History, Action, and Drama..... Tarantino never lets you down.

  • Angelina Jacobs Howell
    Angelina Jacobs Howell

    Silver Lining Play Book I loved it ..everything about the movie and Bradley Coopers looks doesn't hurt :)

  • Mary

    I loved Hunger Games. Read the book and usually the book is so much better than the movie, but not in this case. Wonderfully done!

  • krystal-angel

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Breaking dawn part 2 !!!! Dragged the hubby and daughter to see it and they loved it as well..... I really would love that gift bag :)

  • Barbara Ann Smith
    Barbara Ann Smith

    Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis was amazing. I felt I watching history as it was being made.

  • Kristina Vieweg
    Kristina Vieweg

    My favorite was Lawless, just a good interesting movie with some humor mixed in! Prohibition must have been a crazy time

  • Kathie L
    Kathie L

    Ted, it was very funny and starred Marky Mark!

  • Caitlin Downey
    Caitlin Downey

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Hunger Games. I LOVE the books and was very happy with the movie.

  • Emily Luker
    Emily Luker

    I loved Skyfall! We saw it over Thanksgiving and it was an awesome experience. Thanks for this chance to win!

  • heather

    Thank you!

  • Crystal Brown
    Crystal Brown

    would love to win!

  • Bram Zimmerman
    Bram Zimmerman

    Life of Pi was my favorite movie this year, How about Richard Parker!

  • Bud Lisa Samson Mass
    Bud Lisa Samson Mass

    I heart Lincoln! Was the best!

  • stephanie

    What an exciting giveaway!

  • Alex Gardner Wilson
    Alex Gardner Wilson

    Loved Skyfall. The franchise is back and fabulous.

  • BillieO

    My favorite movie so far is ARGO. That gift bag looks like lots of fun! Good Luck Everybody!

  • Karen

    Too many too mention but Hunger Games is really good!

  • mike w
    mike w

    the hunger games

  • Maria Deanea
    Maria Deanea

    The Avengers. The special effects were amazing. They brought to life the SUPER Hero

  • Susan Climan
    Susan Climan

    I have to say that this was a great year for movies and I'm not sure I could pick one favorite. I really enjoyed The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Skyfall, Silver Linings Playbook, Django Unchained and This is 40!

  • Kimberly Cumings Harvey
    Kimberly Cumings Harvey

    The Hunger Games, hands down. Just awesome!

  • Tiffany Crowder
    Tiffany Crowder

    There is no doubt in my mind that The Hunger Games was the best movie of 2012! I'm typically a person to wait til the movie hits Netflixs, or Redbox, or the stores and then I'll watch it. But just from the commercials you could tell it was going to be amazing. I loved the graphics when Katniss and Peta come out on the chariot and Katniss has the wings of fire, deeming her "The Girl On Fire" It was amazing. The colors, the emotions. It was amazing. A lot of people I worked with from the beginning said that it would turn out to be as hated as the Twilight series, but even they were amazed by the story lines. I've taken time to read all 3 books, and with my busy schedule, yes that's a hard thing to do! But I can not wait til the next one comes out, and I only hope the director and actors can do as an amazing job as they did the first time!

  • Jayni Nicole Butta
    Jayni Nicole Butta

    My favorite movie of 2012 was definitely THE HUNGER GAMES! I read the entire series in about 2 weeks and could not wait for the movie to be released. My favorite part about it was how closely the story line was to the book! It really brought the story to life. Jennifer Lawrence is also wonderful in it!

  • Britt Brewer
    Britt Brewer

    My favorite movie of 2012 was definitely Lincoln. Everything about it was great! The acting was perfect and it really took you away to another time

  • Deidra Cribb
    Deidra Cribb


  • Karen Spector
    Karen Spector

    Silver Linings Playbook was my favorite movie because it showed that everyone has flaws. But, that shouldn't deter others from loving them wholly. Everyone has great loving qualities that show through their pain.

  • Tammy

    pick me

  • Gia Le
    Gia Le

    Love Argo but Django are so cool with lots of great acting :)

  • James Lenhard
    James Lenhard

    I have wanted to see the Hobbit but I hobbit'nt had the time to see it yet.

  • Ushpa

    Lincoln because I love the subject and cast and of course Spielberg knocks it out of the park.

  • Leslie Michelle Hoyer
    Leslie Michelle Hoyer

    My favorite movie was The hobbit. I loved reading the series 20 years ago when I was a teenager and loved the movie to boot.

  • Todd Betzold
    Todd Betzold

    By far my favorite movie was Pitch Perfect. Rebel Wilson is hilarious and I want her to be my new best friend!

  • Harvey Scott
    Harvey Scott

    My favorite movie of 2012 was the Hobbit. It was a great adaption of the book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Lurline Eldemire Lawrence
    Lurline Eldemire Lawrence

    Django Unchained....It was great. Samuel L. Jackson, "for real????" I've always liked you.... until this movie. NOW THAT'S AN ACTOR! lol

  • Elly Craig
    Elly Craig


  • Greg Clardy
    Greg Clardy

    The Avengers-all American super heroes fighting for truth and justice. .. that movie put all my favorites together in one place.

  • sharon cairns
    sharon cairns

    Favorite movie The Hunger Games because I went to see it with my granddaughter Loved it

  • rachel

    Step Up Revolution!! Just plain fun :)

  • Dona Farmer Keyton
    Dona Farmer Keyton

    My favorite Movie of 2012 was The Help, because I had to put a face to the best book I had read in a long time.

  • Debra Miller
    Debra Miller

    I loved "Lincoln." It opened up his life to me. I learned things I had not known about him and appreciate his history so much more. I believe the writer and director stayed fairly close to true facts about his life. He truly was a remarkable person.

  • Daniella

    My favorite movies of the year were Les Miserables and Moonrise Kingdom. Les Miserable made me cry for two hours and Moonrise Kingdom made me laugh for two hours

  • jenny willis
    jenny willis

    My favorite movie of 2012 is possesion because it was a new idea for a horror. I am tired of the same kinds of horror movies over and over again.

  • Donalee Plecenik Richmond
    Donalee Plecenik Richmond

    Loved Skyfall Big Bond Fan

  • Marcus Manderson
    Marcus Manderson

    Hunger Games - I never heard of it and I enjoyed. Pitch Perfect - see Hunger Games descrip. LOL Batman - Hans Zimmer's score There were probably more, but those come to mind initially...

  • Teresa Hoyt
    Teresa Hoyt

    Lincoln. It tells an old story with a new perspective.

  • Jamie Northup
    Jamie Northup

    Definitely Pitch Perfect- it made me laugh like no other!!!

  • Aaron Garza
    Aaron Garza

    My favorite movie of 2012 is Les Miserables. I was blown away, best musical I've seen in years! Two words to sum up the greatness: ANNE HATHAWAY.

  • Ashley Hilton
    Ashley Hilton

    MIB3 (Men In Black 3)...hands down! As always, Will Smith, delivered a wonderful, realistic performance. I felt as if I could connect w/ the characters, and their journey, literally, through time. It was a wonderful feeling to finally come 'full circle' of the plot, and be able to fully appreciate not only Will's character, but, Tommy Lee's, as well. It's never easy to 'say good-bye' to something that has become so familiar, but w/ an ending as astounding as that of MIB3, not to mention, the amazing story line, newer gadgets and hints/touches of the two previous movies, cleverly visible; yet hidden in every scene-it made it easier and a delight to watch. One of those movies that just keeps getting better and better, and you never want to see it come to a close. Thank you :)

  • Natalie

    i want to win this.

  • Erika Thomas Victoria
    Erika Thomas Victoria

    loved Les Miserables....because the movie brought back memories of reading the book with my grandma :)

  • Felicia Escobedo
    Felicia Escobedo

    My favorite was Lincoln because I love history and all the actors performances were great.

  • Elisa Clements Lowe
    Elisa Clements Lowe

    Silver Linings is my favorite and I hope I am winner!

  • Sky

    My fave movie of the year would have to be The Hunger Games!

  • Sarah Scott Oswald
    Sarah Scott Oswald

    brave because it is a movie that the whole family could watch. thanks for the chance to win!

  • Ruben

    Dark Knight rises, was the best of 2012. Bane can't top the Joker but was still a very awesome film.

  • Cindi Decker
    Cindi Decker

    Les Miserables is a wonderful movie - also Lincoln and Argo.

  • doris wood
    doris wood

    I guess it would be Safe House, because of the realism.

  • Katey Brooke
    Katey Brooke

    My favorite movie of 2012 was October Baby. The film showed an honest portrayal of a controversial issue, focusing on the perspective of the people involved (and not the politics!). It emphasized emotional healing, and it stayed true to the film's intended message: no matter what, every life is beautiful. Thanks!

  • Janel M.
    Janel M.

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Looper--only because I only saw 3 movies, and it was the best of the 3.

  • Robby Rob
    Robby Rob

    loved The Expendables 2. Great action flick! All the best action stars of all time compiled into one movie. Great one liners!

  • Matthew


  • Hokie01

    Lincoln because it was great to see Sally Field on the big screen again.

  • Lindsay

    I really enjoyed the Hunger games - love it when a great book comes to life!

  • Kimbre Music
    Kimbre Music

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Savages. What a twisted movie!!! Loved it...wish there were more like it.

  • pam i.
    pam i.

    Les Miserables was the best.

  • Rick Espy
    Rick Espy

    My favorite movie was The Hobbit because I made all my kids read the book before it came out. It was a great family outing!

  • suzanne

    my fav was the hunger games.

  • Lisa Phillips
    Lisa Phillips

    I loved Christian bale,was awesome in the dark night,I absolutely loved it..

  • Sam Schalk
    Sam Schalk

    The Sessions was my favorite move last year by far!

  • Stephanie Powell
    Stephanie Powell

    Favorite movie was Django... that was he last movie I saw in 2012 and it was a good laugh!

  • jaimelynn3

    I loved Skyfall, it was one of the best Bonds ever! I needed a bathroom break and I stuck it out to the end. Long movie, but VERY good.

  • pinski51

    #1 Hunger Games

  • Jennifer Bishop
    Jennifer Bishop

    My Favorite Movie of 2012 Was "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D". Why? I Have Been Waiting *Years* For The Sequal To The 1st Silent Hill Movie. Bonus Factor -> It Was In 3D! Lovely Contest BTW. :o)

  • Shirley Martin-tutolo
    Shirley Martin-tutolo


  • Abhishek Sachdeva
    Abhishek Sachdeva

    Loved Lincoln. Showed how difficult and complex the politics can be

  • Jennifer

    Hunger Games

  • Rita Ruud
    Rita Ruud

    Lincoln was my favorite for 2012!

  • jammie

    The Amazing Spiderman! Amazing and thankfully pretty close to comic.

  • erinmbruce

    Argo. Its the first movie I've seen in a long time that the audience clapped at the end of the movie. And it was deserved; the movie had you cheering for the good guys just wanted to ensure that it all ended ok. Which is a strange concept considering most probably knew how it ended.

  • Tracy

    The Hobbit - My first fantasy read and it stayed with me all these years. I love them all

  • Terrie

    The Hunger Games, both myself and my 16 yr old teenage son thought it was a great movie.

  • Carly B.
    Carly B.

    I liked the Lorax, it was really cute, and I thought it had a lot of messages for the adults too

  • Leah Surratt
    Leah Surratt

    My favorite movie of 2012 was frankenweenie because i love all tim burton movies

  • Loretta

    Les Miserables - the drama!!!!!!!1fantastic.

  • Karen K Teague
    Karen K Teague

    I always love the 007 movies and Skyfall was on e of the best yet. I would love to win all of the same gifts that the celebrity's get.

  • Ayse

    I loved The Hunger Games! Jennifer Lawrence is a terrific young actress. Thanks for the contest - winning freebies is so much fun!

  • Kyra Mairead Gorski
    Kyra Mairead Gorski

    Silver Linings Playbook. It was a surprise for me, very touching, funny.............fabulous acting. I loved it.

  • Cheryl Ray
    Cheryl Ray

    This looks like a great prize!. I love all the awards shows.

  • chelyea

    My favorite movie this year was either The Hunger Games because the books were great and the movie did not disappoint, or The Avengers because of the all-star cast and humor of the movie.

  • champ76

    "Ted" with Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis was funny!

  • Eric Sanders
    Eric Sanders

    I was amazed with the movie Lincoln. Great actors for the Great parts they played

  • Pam Fox Flynn
    Pam Fox Flynn

    I loved Lincoln which portrayed the Civil War in the most realistic of terms as well as the death and destruction that was caused by those fighting for their beliefs.

  • Jaime Love
    Jaime Love

    Les Mis had me in utter tears. I thought the concept of doing live vocal performance on the big screen was brilliant as it put forward so much emotion. I loved Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman especially.

  • Sharlene Pate
    Sharlene Pate

    I'm going to say Argo. It was exciting and had me on the edge of my seat. And Ben Affleck was wonderful!

  • Heather Zeh
    Heather Zeh

    Loved Hunger Games! Was a great movie for whole family and can't wait for the next installment!

  • lisa

    I would have to say the avengers! It was action packed without a dull moment! Looking forward to a sequil! Film it in Cleveland again please!

  • sandra

    the hunger games because i loved the series

  • kim burnet
    kim burnet

    The lorax itis a great family movie and very cute & funny!

  • Kathleen Fennessey
    Kathleen Fennessey

    WITHOUT A DOUBT THE HOBBIT, I have been waiting for this movie for years. A dream come true after dealing with the animation old time movie. PJ Has done it again, made my year.

  • Penny Mcclain
    Penny Mcclain

    I loved Breaking Dawn 2 ,nice action good continuing story line and great characters.

  • Maria Brown
    Maria Brown

    Breaking Dawn Part 2. I spent so long waiting on the ending not to mention I was out without hubby or kids. That never happens. LOL

  • Pamela Eatherton
    Pamela Eatherton

    My favorite movie was Avengers amazing cast spectacular special effects and edge of your seat drama couldnt ask for more


    i loved loved well done

  • nancy


  • melb

    Les Miz was my favorite - great singing, acting, etc.

  • clark

    The Avengers, great action!!

  • jessalena

    I really liked Hunger Games. I thought it was fun to watch and it kept me interested throughout the whole movie. The Hobbit was pretty good too.

  • Maria Iemma
    Maria Iemma

    Definitely the Hunger Games

  • Jessica B
    Jessica B

    My favorite movie was Wreck it Ralph because it was a pleasant time with my whole family.

  • Michele Mazzarella
    Michele Mazzarella

    My favorite movie of 2012 was definitely the newest Batman. I'm surprised it didn't get much award attention. I loved it!

  • Claire Beaufort
    Claire Beaufort

    My favorite movie this year was Argo, it is such a great true story!

  • DWolfe

    My favorite movied for 2012 was "Pitch Perfrect". Wonderful music and storyline.

  • Robin Schneider
    Robin Schneider

    Life of Pi. It was quite different than the usual flick.

  • Sharon Harding
    Sharon Harding

    In 2012 I saw several fantastic movies, including: 1. Les Miserables (Anne Hathaway broke my heart!) 2. Skyfall (Best Bond movie EVER!) 3. Lincoln (you go, Daniel Day Louis!) 4. Life of Pi (Breath taking filming!) 5. The Hunger Games (Full of suspense.) 6. Silver Linings Playbook (Best of Bradley Cooper) 7. Django Unchained (Colorful slavery story) 8. Argo (Historical documentary well done) 9. The Hobbit (Costumes/makeup are interesting) 10. Flight (Denzel Washington at his best acting drunk) 11. The Impossible (Tsunami damage is brought to life.) 12. Anna Karenina (Costumes are beautiful.) My favorite movie is Life of Pi because it is set in an exotic Indian village and on the Pacific Ocean in a 240 square foot lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker and a powerful swimmer named Pi who become friends and survive seven months together at sea. Ang Lee is an amazing director to be able to bring the book "Life of Pi" to the big screen with such colorful scenes of the ocean and sky. Both the acting and the cinematography are well done and believable. Loved it!

  • al

    Lincoln--sadly, still relevant to our times.

  • Lisa Boyd
    Lisa Boyd

    Anne Hathaway is an amazing actress!!

  • Janice Reilly
    Janice Reilly

    My favorite movie was the action movie, Jack Reacher. I have loved the books for years, and Tom Cruise was great as Reacher.

  • Allyson

    Would love to win this bag!!! My fave movie of 2012 is Django Unchained!!! I also LOOOOOVE Adele so loved Skyfall!

  • christine

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Argo because the story was fantastic.

  • Elly Craig
    Elly Craig

    Love this prize package!

  • L Ann Erickson
    L Ann Erickson

    The movie I liked most was MIB III, if only because it was an action movie that, for a change, was not overly graphic and violent. When are movies going to go back to a good story, and get rid of unnecessary gore??

  • allie

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Skyfall. I just love Daniel Craig as Bond!

  • Shelly Boyd
    Shelly Boyd

    Fave movie, Pitch Perfect.. girls who are proud of themselves for good reasons.. Also, Les MIserables-a classic for the masses...

  • Valerie

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Hunger Games. I just think it was different and a good story

  • Mary DePompa
    Mary DePompa

    hunger games

  • Teresa Archer
    Teresa Archer

    My favorite movie of 2012 would be Brave, Love pixar.

  • rere

    great prize

  • Sarah Hirsch
    Sarah Hirsch

    I didn't see that many movies in 2012 and can't think of a favorite, but I really enjoyed taking my kids to Parental Guidance, we all thought it was entertaining!

  • Shemp DeYoung
    Shemp DeYoung

    The Avengers was my favorite because it had humor, action, heart, and was presented in a way that made it completely un-necessary for you to have seen or read any other Marvel stories for you to completely enjoy it. For that reason, and the others I mentioned, this movie was also a favorite of my teenage son and daughter.

  • Denise Hill Van Loon
    Denise Hill Van Loon

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Ted. I laughed throughout!

  • Katherine Butler
    Katherine Butler

    My favorite was Les Mis!

  • snowwolf

    Les Miserables

  • samantha

    les mis was beautiful, and possibly the only non-animated movie i saw all year

  • Nelle S
    Nelle S

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Hunger Games. I love being able to put faces to the characters in the books and thought the actors all fit the characters they played.

  • William Gardner
    William Gardner

    I can't explain it, but Cloud Atlas was the film for me, no chance it will be winning many awards... it was just so perfect, so my speed, so crazy and strange, I loved every second of it, even if most people didn't care enough for a second glance, i was hooked from the first moment.

  • Megan Lee
    Megan Lee

    My favorite movie so far has been Django Unchained. It was the best movie I had seen in a very long time. Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx were PERFECT for the roles they played!

  • Dawna Nolan
    Dawna Nolan

    still have several to catch up on...but LIncoln so far...Daniel Day Lewis IS Lincoln, and all the performances were so strong!

  • taj42t

    It was an amazing year for movies! What a hard choice this is...but will say that Les Mis stole my heart followed closely by The Hobbit.

  • Lynda McMillan
    Lynda McMillan

    Enjoyed the evening watching the Awards with my granddaughter. Always lots of ohhhs and awwwww with the gorgeous dresses the actresses wear.

  • Shannon Smitherman
    Shannon Smitherman

    The best movie this year was the Hunger Game.I really liked the movie an I would love to win the prize .

  • ellen

    Lincoln is my favorite but also enjoyed Twilight and Hunger Games.

  • karen hunter
    karen hunter

    The Hobbit is my favorite movie of 2012

  • beauzdeb

    Les Mis was the favorite of the year. It was an absolutely outstanding adaptation to the big screen and was visually stunning. Not to mention the outstanding performance by Anne Hathaway.

  • Tracy Kwan
    Tracy Kwan

    the avengers because of all the awesome actors in it!

  • ja2dalee

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away. I’ve never seen a Cirque show before, so watching the movie in 3D was as close as it gets. Even though the artists hardly spoke any words, it was understandable as to what was happening throughout the whole movie. Every performance was outstanding and entertaining, and James Cameron always delivers with the best 3D features. Everything about this movie has earned its right to be anyone’s favorite movie, as it has for me.

  • Nicole Price
    Nicole Price

    Breaking Dawn Part 2....because I read all the books and the movies are awesome.

  • jflolopez

    I would have to say Dark Knight Rises but it's for totally sentimental reasons, it was the first movie my husband and I went to see together after his deployment in Afghanistan. Deployments.. definitely good for making you appreciate the simple things like being able to go out to the movies with the one you love :)

  • emmy411

    Hunger Games for sure<3!!! I LOVE how they stayed true to the books:)!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH:)!!!

  • Kelly McGrew
    Kelly McGrew

    My favorite movie of 2012 is THINK LIKE A MAN. It was so hilarious, I could watch it over and over again. My boyfriend even started opening the car door for me!!! :D

  • Vanessa

    My favorite movie would definitely be Breaking Dawn 2. The ending was such a surprise. I loved it so much I went back and saw it 2 more times. I also have never won anything and would be so grateful for the prize. This would be such an amazing gift.

  • Kaitlin Firstbrook
    Kaitlin Firstbrook

    My favorite film of this past year has to be Silver Linings Playbook. It may not be historical, or set in some far away land, bu the film truly brings respectful and dignified attention to the mental struggles we all face throughout our lives. Showing that every person, no matter how hard they may try to be perfect, has their flaws. That we would be happier and feel more fulfilled in our lives if instead of judging others we not only accepted but embraced those flaws, because it is those flaws that make us unique. Bravo to Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and the rest of the cast and crew for making such a wonderful and inspiring film.

  • pwilliams

    The Lorax b/c is was a kid friendly movie.

  • Lisa Fawcett
    Lisa Fawcett

    The Hobbit. Well shot, great stories and great actors.

  • Lisa Fawcett
    Lisa Fawcett

    Favorite: The Hobbit

  • Nicole Kulina
    Nicole Kulina

    My favorite was The Hobbit. I've been waiting for this movie to come out for so long now and it did not disappoint, whether it was with the story or all of the fantastic special effects and makeup done.

  • Kelly Green
    Kelly Green

    Hello Everyone, wow for a person like me to win a GREAT gift like this would be such a wonderful joy I have tears in my eyes just typing this I usually don't have much luck but its just so gorgeous I just pray i'm choosing.Thank You for a wonderful chance at something like this.

  • Suzie

    Les Miserables because it really moved me.

  • Eebee

    My favorite movie of 2012 was "The Campaign" oh that was movie was sooo freakin' funny I had to watch it three times to see all of the parts that I missed because I was laughing so hard.

  • Annette L Clark
    Annette L Clark

    I liked the Avengers, seeing them all together!

  • NicoleR

    My favourite movie was Skyfall because I just enjoy looking at Daniel Craig.

  • Nancy Reid
    Nancy Reid

    Les Miserables is my fave movie of 2012. I love the music and the acting was fabulous. It is one not to miss!

  • S Roberts
    S Roberts

    I truley liked th Hunger Games. My first thought was I didn't think it would be any good being a "teen" targeted movie. However, I found myself glued to the screen. Nice Job!

  • Kermit Crissey
    Kermit Crissey

    Lincoln was my favorite movie.....Great Story, Great Acting and about a Great President!!!!!!!

  • Kermit Crissey
    Kermit Crissey

    Lincoln was my favorite movie. Great Story, Great Acting and about a Great President!!!!!!!!!

  • Terri C. McMillan
    Terri C. McMillan

    I enjoyed the Hunger Games because I wanted to see it after reading the awesome book

  • Lindsay

    Les Miserables was my favorite!! Such a wonderful cast and Anne Hathaway is always a delight!! :)

  • Alizee

    Love me or leave me.

  • Linda Hildebrand
    Linda Hildebrand

    Lincoln is my favorite 'cause it took on a different slant

  • Mary

    My favorite film was Beasts of the Southern Wild because it's absolutely brilliant. Go see it, everyone!

  • julie moore
    julie moore

    My favorite movie would have to be Brave.

  • Tim Moss
    Tim Moss

    My favorite of 2012 was Marvel's The Avengers because it was just plain awesome! One word sums it all up: HULK!

  • Heather B.
    Heather B.

    The Amazing Spiderman. It's nice to finally know the story behind the story!

  • gonecrazy69

    MEN IN BLACK 3..... because i think Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are 2 of the best actors .... Josh Brolin played the young agent K so well. it was a very good movie.... but i am biased when you have 2 of my favorite actors in it.

  • Larry

    The hunger games was a grand movie.

  • Cecelia Folmar
    Cecelia Folmar

    Best movie in 2012 was The Avengers. My husband and I took our two sons to see it and every moment they loved it. Being a kid's movie and an adult movie is a great thing especially if there are jokes the little ones do not understand. I will say where any kissing took place (Ironman and Pepper Potts) the theater was silent and my youngest said "eww they are kissing." he had the whole place laughing.

  • Grace A
    Grace A

    Moonrise Kingdom was my favorite 2012 movie. The movie was just so beautifully made, charming and hopeful. I think it was Wes Anderson's finest and you couldn't ask for a better cast with better performances.

  • Randy F
    Randy F

    SKYFALL was my favorite movie of 2012. I can't believe it isn't nominated for best movie. The best Bond film ever!

  • Denise Shepherd
    Denise Shepherd

    My favorite movie for 2012, would be Twilight "Breaking Dawn" Part 2. I love the twilight series, read the books. I was kind of disappointed with Part 1, Part 2 was fantastic... The action scenes were incredible! Would love to win this prize and thank you for the opportunity.

  • Lauren Dickinson Patterson
    Lauren Dickinson Patterson

    My favorite movie this year was Hunger Games! I love love love Jennifer Lawrence and after reading the whole Hunger Games series i could not wait to see it come to life and they did a wonderful job!

  • Asuman Kaya
    Asuman Kaya

    The Hunger Games! The first 5 minutes I wasn't that impressed, but how longer I watched, the more I got excited! I even cried when the little girl died. It's a very strong story, the actors did a great job and I love how everything is filmed! I would really love to have a goody bag. It's also my first comment! Yay for me! :)

  • sarah m.
    sarah m.

    I loved The Odd Life of Timothy Green! Such a great family pic. So cute

  • sarah m.
    sarah m.

    I really enjoyed Les Miserables. I loved it, great actors and music.

  • buneface

    My favorite movie was Lincoln. It was a fascinating part of American history played out very convincingly by the actors.

  • cpejhazey

    I loved the Avengers. It had a great story, lot's of action, and some awesome characters.

  • hsimone

    I liked the Avengers as it was action packed and fun

  • Sarah Z
    Sarah Z

    My favorite movie was Breaking Dawn part 2 because I thought it was a good way to end the series! Also, I don't get out much. :)

  • Sharon Goulet
    Sharon Goulet

    I love movies in general but especially in the long cold winter months

  • Mark Ragonig
    Mark Ragonig

    There were a lot of great films this year. People should check out HeadHunters if you like thrills.

  • Sharyn Bard Buksbaum
    Sharyn Bard Buksbaum

    My favorite movie that wasn't a kids movie - was Lincoln. The acting was amazing - what a great movie.

  • Kayla Bell
    Kayla Bell

    My favorite movie of the year was definitely The Avengers. Some of the best superheroes coming together to avenge the Earth from probably the most likable villain ever? It's perfect! The cast is amazing and the action scenes are engrossing and the plot unfolds beautifully. As well, Joss Whedon is a theatrical genius and I love pretty much anything he makes. P.S. COULSON LIVES.

  • Jeannette Harkin
    Jeannette Harkin

    There were so many good movies out this past year but I really loved the James Bond movie was great and I'm glad there will always be Bond to entertain us!

  • Jeannette Harkin
    Jeannette Harkin

    There were so many good moies out thi past year butI really loved the James Bond movie was great and I'm glad there will always be Bond to entertain us!

  • Mandi Marcus
    Mandi Marcus

    My favorite movies was The Avengers. It had a miz of everything from action and suspense to comedy and drama! Plus, what girl did not like seeing all the good looking guys in sexy costumes!

  • adina39

    I loved the Hobbit. I loved the books and the movie was great.

  • Haley

    My favorite movie of 2012 was easily The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It brought to life so seemlessly one of my favorite books, I couldn't have hoped for a better translation of the book to the big screen.

  • Nicholas

    Dark knight because Batman trumps all

  • Angela Johnson
    Angela Johnson

    Without a doubt, Hunger Games was my favorite movie of 2012. I was a huge fan of the books since they came out and I waited so long for the first movie to come out. A person gets so involved with the characters and they are so tragic and hopeful at the same time. Love tough girl Katniss too. I can't wait until Catching Fire is out!!

  • Andrea Darst
    Andrea Darst

    I hate to admit it, but I really loved Breaking Dawn Pt. 2...was obsessed with the books, didn't love the movies, but I thought they did an amazing job on the last one, especially the surprises in it. Plus, got to see it with my daughter and niece, so that made it great, too.

  • Jen Rodrigues
    Jen Rodrigues

    Argo because its amazing story and Ben Affleck is an amazing director. I was on the edge of my seat during the last 15 minutes of the movie. I thought they were not going to make it. Great story.

  • Steph

    My favorite was ParaNorman. Great animation and great story.

  • Amy M.
    Amy M.

    Django Unchained! Great story and superb acting!

  • berwyn

    My favorite movie of 2012 is Lincoln. The acting was superb and the storyline was compelling.

  • Jennifer

    Favorite movie would be Paranorman, because well.. I just enjoyed it:)

  • Karen M Jackson Porter
    Karen M Jackson Porter

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Skyfall. I am a big James Bond fan and the merger of old and new was intriguing!!

  • Demi

    My favorite movie of 2012 is definitely Les Miserables. It takes such a traditional story and brings to a life play I have read time and time again. The movie adds the real feeling of being at a Broadway musical by having filmed the movie with the actors singing live.

  • Geo

    They even include a Naked palette! What an amazing gift bag :)

  • Sandy Trojansek
    Sandy Trojansek

    I loved Les Miserables! It was brilliant! )

  • tamaraben

    Favorite movie was SKYFALL fall and loved Adele's song what a voice.

  • Barbara Caracciolo
    Barbara Caracciolo

    Would love to win this Critics Choice Awards would be awesome...

  • Michael McCluskey
    Michael McCluskey

    Skyfall was a great Bond film!

  • Kelly Maxwell
    Kelly Maxwell

    The Avengers was definitely my favorite....action packed and funny too!

  • Sandy N.
    Sandy N.

    My fave movie of 2012 was The Avengers because it was action packed and had some hot guys!

  • Lauren Peterson
    Lauren Peterson

    I loved the Hunger Games...I read the book, and was pretty impressed with the movie.

  • cfisher1802

    My favorite movie was Twlight-Breaking Dawn 2. It was my favorite because I am a huge fan, read the books and was thrilled to see the final saga.

  • Liza Glick
    Liza Glick

    Loved Joyful Noise!

  • Monet

    Les Mis was my favorite. Beautiful cast, acting, singing, and scenery.

  • Danielle Pontow
    Danielle Pontow

    ARGO was amazing and I had no idea about that part of US history.. I was proud of everyone that was part of that horrible time of history.. Great movie

  • Joan Starr
    Joan Starr

    Avengers. So much action. Great movie.

  • Hank Mccoy
    Hank Mccoy

    The Hobbit. Because I like the book

  • John

    The Hunger Games,, Katniss is HOT!

  • Jessica

    I NEED that gift bag! C'mon, make a girls dream come true!


    My favorite movie was the series. " Hatfields and Mccoys " I laughed and mostly cried. I 've seen it four times so far

  • eyreka

    LINCOLN!!! Everyone shuld be required to see it because it could solve the debt problem

  • Linda Stuetz
    Linda Stuetz


  • rebeccaa1023

    Just watched a movie last night that would have to be considered my fav from 2012. Its called V/H/S. Great horror movie.

  • sirena33774

    Lincoln is terrific portraying our beloved President!

  • Natalie Kozaczka
    Natalie Kozaczka

    sounds like a wonderful prize!Thank you for the chance to win!And it has to be the Hobbit,Beautifully done.

  • patti

    We loved Skyfall because of the special effects!

  • patti

    We loved Skyfall because it nicely combined vintage Bond with the new Bond.

  • patti

    We loved Skyfall..but I think I love this giveaway even more!!

  • jose benavides
    jose benavides

    mt favorite movie of 2012 was diary of a wimpy kid dog days cause it took me back in time when i was a kid :D

  • Steve Stone
    Steve Stone

    best of year was avengers gabbflabber at

  • Amy Parsons
    Amy Parsons

    skyfall was a great movie.

  • traymona

    Lincoln was my favorite because the story was interesting and the acting was superior.

  • Louis Here
    Louis Here

    "The Hunger Games" a powerful movie with great actors, can't wait for the sequel

  • Howard Steeley
    Howard Steeley

    Lincoln because I like history.

  • jrsygal

    Brave is our family favorite, now that we have on CD we even almost know the words...even as the adult, I too just love the animation, the pixel amazing. After watching the Choice Awards, I see I am behind in great movies, HBO shows.

  • Kimberly Tedesco Matlack
    Kimberly Tedesco Matlack

    My favorite was Madeas Witness Protection because it was funny, yet it came down to a moral to the whole story as does all of Tyler Perry's stories.

  • Michaela Riedersberger
    Michaela Riedersberger

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Avengers. I've been a fan since I was little of comics, and drooling over Chris Evans and RDJ didn't hurt either ;)

  • campfulton

    Les Mis was outstanding!

  • l mayberry
    l mayberry

    twilight breaking dawn 2

  • laurac

    Skyfall for sure - love James Bond, love the series, love Daniel Craig - acting, action, enjoyable movie to watch.

  • Ldee Wernet
    Ldee Wernet

    Really liked "Big Miracle"...may not have been an epic, important movie...but I like a "good guys win" sort of movie, and a feel good story like this one.

  • Dawna Nolan
    Dawna Nolan

    I haven't seen all I want to--but Lincoln wins so far. Daniel Day Lewis IS Lincoln. I love how layered it was, an the entire cast was fantastic.

  • Theresa Janke
    Theresa Janke

    I loved the Hunger Games. My kids and I read all the books so we were super excited to watch it while on vacation

  • Russell Moore
    Russell Moore

    Skyfall, because it's Bond...James Bond.

  • Deb C
    Deb C

    Jennifer Lawrence, so glad to see her win. She's off to such an amazing start to what I hope is a long career.

  • nancydl

    Since I didn't watch many movies last year, I'm afraid my favorite will have to be the new Tigger movie.

  • kruegernancy

    I loved Skyfall. It was classic Bond with updated effects. Nice!

  • Julie B.
    Julie B.

    I really liked the movie, Ted! It was hilarious and was cute at some points too.

  • Connie Sheldon Loeb
    Connie Sheldon Loeb

    ARGO!!! So fantastic, it made me laugh,cry, and wiggle in my seat waiting to see how it was gonna to end, EPIC!

  • Kevin

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Dark Night. It is hard for a classic to meet expectations, and Dark Night did. Great effects, actors and story.

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    The Hunger Games because I loved all the books!

  • Deanna P
    Deanna P

    LIfe of Pi - The story was inspiring and the views were breathtaking. Amazing photography and graphics.

  • Gricelda Castro
    Gricelda Castro

    My favorite movie of the year was Les Mis. Because the whole entire cast was just awesome!!!!

  • Stacey E
    Stacey E

    The Dark Knight Rises was the perfect end to the trilogy. Anne Hathaway was fantastic!

  • Denise Bigley
    Denise Bigley

    My favorite movie was Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. My daughter and I have watched all of them together

  • Sue

    Thanks for the chance to win

  • Cheryl Fussell-Longo
    Cheryl Fussell-Longo

    My favorite movie was The Hobbit. The cinematography was spectacular. I was not disappointed. I can't wait to see the sequels!

  • Starletta Schipp
    Starletta Schipp

    The Hobbit was so good to see one of my favorite stories brought to live

  • nasus6

    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel I could relate

  • lorie

    les miserables its the only oneni saw

  • kim e
    kim e

    Django Unchained was my favorite movie. It was an excellent movie, kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole movie.

  • Dwight Holcek
    Dwight Holcek

    My favorite movie of 2012 was the Avengers.

  • Teh Doll
    Teh Doll

    I really enjoyed Paranorman. Enter me!

  • Tommy

    Hunger Games

  • Beverly S.
    Beverly S.

    The Hobbit

  • J K
    J K

    would love to win this ~

  • Robert Berman
    Robert Berman

    I liked Lincoln... although I was disappointed with the final product, there was enough that was stunning and the subject matter in my opinion, is timely to this day.

  • Julie Reuter
    Julie Reuter

    I enjoyed Skyfall. It was a little bit different than the normal, sauve James Bond. He was a little rougher and edgier in this one. Plus, with M dying in the end, you know a whole new Bond legacy is on the way.

  • Sheldon Sklar
    Sheldon Sklar

    Lincoln...history come to life!

  • Brian Manis
    Brian Manis

    the avengers, because it was awesome!

  • Vikki P
    Vikki P

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Skyfall. I love James Bond movies, haven't missed one. This one was a bit nostalgic, the ending was great (low tech).

  • LeAnn V
    LeAnn V

    Les Miserables because I've always loved the stage show which I've seen many times and I absolutely love Anne Hathaway and thought she did amazing.

  • Moises Campos
    Moises Campos

    I have to say Argo because the the acting, story line, camera angles, are nothing more than superb. It's as real as it gets.

  • Lesley Fuchs
    Lesley Fuchs

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey. I saw it twice already and just love the fantasy of the whole movie!

  • Kelly Nicholson
    Kelly Nicholson

    Simply leave a comment below telling us your favorite movie of 2012 and why the last twilight..i like Vampire nymphs

  • Gloria Jean Nicholson
    Gloria Jean Nicholson

    The Hobbit is my favorite.

  • Gloria Jean Nicholson
    Gloria Jean Nicholson

    The Hobbits is my favorite.

  • Donna

    I liked the Life of Pi very much. I am going to add this to my collection of movies to watch again and again.

  • Felina Jo Maris
    Felina Jo Maris

    I liked the Hunger Games the best, as the story plot was less predictable then many other 2012 movies.

  • Lynette Reynolds Bernstone
    Lynette Reynolds Bernstone

    My favorite movie was the Hunger Games. The book series is one of the best. I am glad more dystopian books are getting attention and I'm thrilled they are going to make movies for all 3. It was so well done, better than I hoped.

  • Lindsay Schoonmaker
  • Levi Mendenhall
    Levi Mendenhall

    Favorite movie was Life of Pi, very creative and more humorous than I expected. Ending makes you think.

  • Renee Krassow Griffin
    Renee Krassow Griffin

    Twlight Breaking dawn Part 2. I am so crazy about the twlight series, It was kinda sad to see the final movie come out. It was one of those movies I just wanted to see and keep seeing to see how hte characters evolve and adapt to the new story lines. Great movie.

  • Katherine G.
    Katherine G.

    My favorite movie of the year was Skyfall. I really enjoy James Bond and we got to find out more about him in this movie.

  • Bonnie Johnson Newman
    Bonnie Johnson Newman

    My favorite movie was the Hunger Games

  • Jennifer Pund
    Jennifer Pund

    Lincoln has it hands down... wonderful depiction of our country's history, sometimes good, sometimes bad...

  • bonnie newman
    bonnie newman

    Hunger Games is my favorite movie

  • Lin

    Hww cool woud this be?!

  • Tiffany

    My fav movie this year was Hunger games. Enjoyed to books and am looking forward to sequels.

  • Gretchen Walker
    Gretchen Walker

    My favorite movie of the year 2012 was "Les Miserables"...It's a "Great" musical turned into a "Great" BIG screen adaption... It has an incredible cast and is so captivating. LOVED IT!!

  • Nicolette Bretana
    Nicolette Bretana

    My favorite movie of 2012 definitely had to be Looper. Joseph Gordon Levitt has an eye for amazing projects, and Rian Johnson never fails to deliver on jaw dropping twists. LOVED IT!

  • Deirdre Uria
    Deirdre Uria

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Les Miserables, because I was not familiar with the story or Broadway show but I left the movie theater a fan. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize.

  • trinkits

    nice :)

  • Margaret Spence
    Margaret Spence

    The Lorax. It was funny, entertaining and had a good message.

  • Margaret Spence
    Margaret Spence

    The Lorax. It was funnny, entertaining and had a good message.

  • dorotheamc

    Have to saw Hunger Games really haven't been to the movies lately.

  • Nic

    My favorite movies of 2012 were The Hunger Games and The Avengers!

  • Debbie Dodge
    Debbie Dodge

    HUNGER GAMES! Kept me engaged the entire length of the movie! Cannot wait for Part II

  • erica saldivar
    erica saldivar

    Fabulous prize! would love to win!

  • Devin Sabas
    Devin Sabas

    looper - it was orginal, fun and had some cool action. very good performances all around and twists that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time

  • April

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Hunger Games!! It was so true to the book. Everything about the film was fantastic!

  • SharonC

    Argo.. I lived thru that time so the movie was interesting and it was well done.

  • Rebecca Farish
    Rebecca Farish

    Lincoln is the best!

  • Bill Hoffman
    Bill Hoffman

    Hunger Games

  • Margaret

    The Hobbit was my favorite.

  • Peggy

    Lincoln is my favorite. I'm from the "Land of Lincoln". What great acting.

  • jjjzbk

    For Action and excitement, loved the Hunger Games. Glad it had a good ending.

  • Kelly Z.
    Kelly Z.

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Pirates! Because it made my son laugh.

  • dianaisnotbetty

    Best film of the year was Skyfall...Also the best Bond film ever.

  • Ellen

    So many spectacular movies this year, but I have to go with Les Miserables!!! As visually spectacular as it was, they were still able to maintain the integrity of the stage production. I could see it a hundred times.

  • michelle

    My favorite movie was the Hunger Games; a good omen of our future society.

  • Devon Sullivan Mason
    Devon Sullivan Mason

    I loved Hunger Games, because it was just as good as the book!

  • tlp

    SKYFALL the best BOND movie "PERIOD"!!!

  • love3570

    Definately the hobbit. It was the only movie that I've seen in a long time that kept my attention throughout. Loved it !!


    Definately the hobbit. It seemed to be the only movie that kept my attention throughout. I absolutely loved it.

  • Cindy M
    Cindy M

    Maybe Perks of Being a Wallflower or Moonrise Kingdom. Loved them both :-)

  • Marion Erdman Bianchini
    Marion Erdman Bianchini

    Loved Django made me cry laugh, Pissed me off , felt joy.. Every emotion you can have I had watching this movie

  • Helen Wells
    Helen Wells

    My favorite 2012 movies is "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". The story is fresh, entertaining, humorous in part, and thought-provoking about the plight of old people in today's world. And, the cast was made up of superb actors, starting with Judy Dench. The locale (India) was interesting as well and the photography very well done.

  • jessica c
    jessica c

    i loved perks of being a wallflower. it was a great adaptation of a wonderful book, perfectly cast and a teen classic

  • Angela Holt Podgorny
    Angela Holt Podgorny

    Lincoln was a good movie.

  • Juli

    my favorite movie was definitley the hunger games! I read the books and i think they really perfected it when turning them into a movie!

  • Pam Fox Flynn
    Pam Fox Flynn

    I loved Abraham Lincoln because it was timely and helped us to understand what was happening during his presidency.

  • Rhonda

    I didn't even seen a movie last year!

  • Barbara Schuman Butler
    Barbara Schuman Butler

    what can i say ??? looks like it all been said am just gonna say pick me !!!!! i wanna win great giveaway..

  • Kim G Gorney
    Kim G Gorney

    My favorite movie for 2012 was Hunger Games. I read the trilogy and had high expectations for the movie. It did not dissapoint.

  • Edith Burris
    Edith Burris

    Life of Pi, It was thoughtful, edge of your seat and had beautiful scenery

  • Mary

    My favorite movie was Lincoln. Love the history and the actors were great.

  • stacey

    My favorite movie for 2012 was Hunger Games. Great giveaway!

  • valentine

    ben affleck deserved it! gift bag looks great

  • Megan S.
    Megan S.

    awesome swag bag!

  • Kevin C.
    Kevin C.

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Cloud Atlas, as it was a story that touched my heart.

  • Bonnie

    Bourne Legacy was a great stand alone movie. As a big Matt Damon fan, this movie was terrific without him. Love Clive's writing

  • lisa fix
    lisa fix

    My favorite movie was Les Miserables, it was a an incredible cast and so captivating.

  • con

    fav movie hobbitt

  • Bettesue Shapiro
  • Bonnie Culley
    Bonnie Culley

    My favorite movie would be the Hunger Games, but I hear the Lincoln movie was real good, but have not seen it yet.

  • Joanne Cilento
    Joanne Cilento

    my favorite movie was the Hobbit...great it was spellbinding...I didn't want it to end

  • angela s.
    angela s.

    my favorite would be "les mis"they did a great job turning into a movie.and great actors

  • Cheryl L.
    Cheryl L.

    i loved Les Miserables! i looked forward to seeing this as a musical and it was great. Loved the actors and songs.

  • prettymama333

    I don't get a chance to watch many movies but I have a whole list of must sees. From what I did get to see, I really liked Rise of the Guardians. I brought my son to see it.

  • dcammisa

    Les Miz - Performances were so heart wrenching

  • Yvonne Hooker
    Yvonne Hooker

    I like lincoln

  • Michelle S
    Michelle S

    Going out on a limb and saying "Wreck It Ralph" bc it exceeded my expectations. I rarely watched movies, but this one was more memorable as leaving me satisfied. Other movies left me hanging, or let me down .

  • Em Rea
    Em Rea

    Lincoln by far was the best movie, very well done and in such a short time in comparison to most historical movies

  • Michael JOnes
    Michael JOnes

    The Hunger Games was a really good movie

  • Wai

    Im love to win this, my comment is my offical entry

  • Elizabeth Robin
    Elizabeth Robin

    My favorite movie was The Expendables 2! I am a huge fan of Silvester Stallone and was very excited to see the sequel to The Expendables. I like how he has so many new starts on his movies! Thanks for the chance!

  • Steam Mocha
    Steam Mocha

    My favorite movie for 2012 was the twilight saga: bd2

  • Taeko Ferris
    Taeko Ferris

    it was 'The hunger games' . I love action movies.

  • Vanessa Dalton
    Vanessa Dalton

    Hunger Games because it is exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

  • Sandy Lapp
    Sandy Lapp

    We loved "The Vow". At a time when marriage and commitment are more often the exception, this movie proves there are still couples out there that can not only survive such a tragedy, but overcome it and lead a happy life. Together.

  • luckycorn1

    my vote would go to "Argo" was a truly fantastic movie!

  • samara jimenez
    samara jimenez

    lincoln because it was just one of the most beautiful films i've ever seen.

  • DK

    Luved Les Mis!

  • Theresa Molsky
    Theresa Molsky

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Ted. It made me laugh out loud in the theater.

  • chuckmn

    My favorit emove is Skyfall because of the action

  • Laura Klassen
    Laura Klassen

    I didn't see a lot of movies in 2012 but I really loved The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel....great actors and an interesting story! I also really love Dev Patel....

  • Samantha Loiacono
    Samantha Loiacono

    Definitely Lincoln! The whole movie was fantastic and I couldn't get enough. Daniel Lewis was absolutely incredible

  • butterball

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Life of was like living in a dream.

  • Janet Carrillo
    Janet Carrillo

    Lincoln, best acting, writing, costumes, screenplay, music.

  • Aldona Czempinski
    Aldona Czempinski

    The Hunger Games was my most favorite movie.

  • Sherry Hillis Johnson
    Sherry Hillis Johnson

    I love these bags such a mixture of nice things

  • Lori King
    Lori King

    The lorax it was just plain cute

  • Melinda Berlin
    Melinda Berlin

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey because it continues to tell the story of an amazing adventure. I visited New Zealand in 2011 and love that the movies were shot there as well.

  • Betty Shoemaker
    Betty Shoemaker

    My favorite movie was Lincoln. Loved the whole movie and I wish we could have a president like him.

  • Patricia Hill
    Patricia Hill

    It has to be Les Mes. It has been a favorite story of mine since I had to read it in school

  • Donna Jungheim
    Donna Jungheim

    Lincoln was absolutely fantastic! Almost forgot that I was watching something historic - I got so caught up in the story.

  • Jenny ewing
    Jenny ewing

    I think the Life of Pi is the clear winner. The story of beast and man was insane. Just beautiful!

  • James Raschel
    James Raschel

    Skyfall was awesome!!

  • Patty

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Lincoln.

  • Yvonne Galindo
    Yvonne Galindo

    Haven't pick a favorite yet, have seen them all yet But love to win thank You

  • Debbie Dorsett
    Debbie Dorsett

    The Hobbit

  • katherine voinchet
    katherine voinchet

    I would love to win the prize as a am a star watcher

  • Sondra Ferguson Brazier
    Sondra Ferguson Brazier

    Lincoln was the best movie that I've seen in a long time.

  • Karen Stephens
    Karen Stephens

    I really liked sinister i liked bthe special affects and the music just oa the right time to jump out of your chair it sure held my attenion thru the whole movie awsome

  • Lauren Etree
    Lauren Etree

    I enjoyed TED!

  • ouida stokes
    ouida stokes

    hunger games by far was the best movie of 2012.withlawrence and harrelson.good story line and action.

  • Linda Deline
    Linda Deline

    Lincoln, was the best movie of the year. Wonderful acting and graphics were stunning.

  • Angela Lowe
    Angela Lowe

    Lincoln , hands down. I always found history in school to be boring and this movie was in no way boring. The acting was excellent by all the actors and the writing was fabulous.

  • Mary M.
    Mary M.

    My favorite movie of the year was Les Mis. Because the cast was wonderful.

  • Suzanne

    Life of Pi was my favorite. Just awesome.

  • mschic

    Perfect! A fun prize for a fun occasion.

  • Don

    I'll pick The Hobbit.

  • Christina Holmes
    Christina Holmes

    i would loveeee this gift bag! how wonderful!

  • Lisa Ottenweller
    Lisa Ottenweller

    awesome would love love to win this bag full of awesomeness!

  • Tina Gruszauskas
    Tina Gruszauskas

    I would love to share in what the celebs received!

  • Marcia Metzger
    Marcia Metzger

    I loved Brave, it supports how important a family can be

  • Darlene Comeaux
    Darlene Comeaux

    Where is my post?

  • Diana L Lowmaster
  • Darlene Comeaux
    Darlene Comeaux

    Hunger Games was my favorite

  • kim s
    kim s

    The Avengers because... Robert Downey Jr. :)

  • deb butterflys
    deb butterflys

    I didnt see many movies this year but i actually liked Hope Springs, I luv Meryl Strep

  • Debra

    Lincoln. Great and I learned a few things.

  • Amber Jackson
    Amber Jackson

    My favorite Movie of 2012 has got to be the Hunger Games. I read the books and I love the movie.

  • Tamara Tanner
    Tamara Tanner

    so many good ones it is hard to choose, I loved Beasts of the Southern Wild, probably the most....thanks.

  • Dawn Compton
    Dawn Compton

    The Hobbit was good but I didn't like that they stretched it into more than one movie. So, my favorite movie of the year is Avengers. There's nothing like a great action movie with Chris Helmsworth in it.

  • Johni

    The Hobbit.. it was visually astounding!

  • Dawn Compton
    Dawn Compton

    Avengers 3-D was my favorite action movie this year. I love anything with Chris Helmsworth!

  • Doris Allen
    Doris Allen

    Lincoln was my favorite.

  • Anthony F
    Anthony F

    Life of Pi _ its been a long time since i have seen such an imagineable fable. The directors use of 3-d technology and filming angles was super impressive

  • zoey Smith
    zoey Smith

    Les Miserables is my favorite because I love Hugh Jackman!

  • jackie

    Hunger Games!! Awesome book and movie

  • warome

    avengers i saw the movie being made in cleveland!

  • samie421

    My favorite movie of 2012 would be Lincoln.I love the cast and story line.

  • Kari Flores
    Kari Flores

    My favorite movie of 2012 was the Hunger Games because it had a great story and great acting.

  • twisema1

    Silver Lining Playbook was the best picture last year. I just love Jennifer Lawrence, who coincidentally, is from Louisville,KY (and so am I).

  • Carmen Lebron
    Carmen Lebron

    My favorite was Lincoln. very well played and directed a piece of history to remembr

  • Mary Sullivan
    Mary Sullivan

    What a wonderful prize!

  • Sandy Becker
    Sandy Becker

    Lincoln - good everything

  • delimama66

    My favorite movie of 2012 would have to be Lincoln. Amazing story line, actors were great!

  • Elaine Davis
    Elaine Davis

    hunger games jen is awesome. i would love to win

  • sandra davis
    sandra davis

    rise of the guardian

  • Carl Baronich
    Carl Baronich

    Lincoln, because I love history

  • misuco

    Lincoln was great!

  • Hope Culhane Rabi
    Hope Culhane Rabi

    Lincoln was a great movie!

  • John Fink
    John Fink

    Lincoln everyone and everything about this film is AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Joyce Plassche
    Joyce Plassche

    I liked the avengers because I could spend an evening out w/ my boys.

  • fatema

    my favorite movie was hunger games because it was so exciting and awesome!

  • Louise McCloud
    Louise McCloud

    Argo, direction, acting, everything had me on the edge the entire time, the fact this actually happened and was never reported made it even more compelling. I saw it 3 times, this is a very important film.

  • Patricia

    The Hobbit really reminds me of how amazing is JRR Tolkien fantasies, and Peter Jackson once again has proven his consistency making real magic on screen. The scenes, the songs, the characters bring me back to the glory of The Lord of the Rings. There are some moments in the film that makes me flash back to the LOTR scenes. The Hobbit makes me miss LOTR so much and I would love to re-watch the trilogy all over again. And of course I can't wait to watch the sequel.

  • CC Herrera
    CC Herrera

    Favorite Movie was Magic Mike, The choreography was amazing and who doesn't LOVE Channing Tatum dancing?? :)

  • Nicole Coxon
    Nicole Coxon

    I really enjoyed Hunger games Im a sucker for action movies, then put romance in the mix uhh perfect.

  • LieShia Ong
    LieShia Ong

    Loved Les Miserables. Great musical to big screen adaption and I love all the songs!

  • Willa Sargent
    Willa Sargent

    I would pick the Brad Cooper, Ginnifer Lawrence,,movie;,SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK ... some drama and with comedy good match blending so many folks entering this, i never figured this many would choose this contest, i Thank Celebuzz for giving me a chance to WIN!!!!

  • ctswoman

    My favorite movie was the hunger games....Jennifer lawrence is a great actress...Great year of films....

  • artisticwriter

    Favorite movie HANDS DOWN Ghost Protocol with Tom Cruise. That movie was VERY exciting!

  • Becky Evans
    Becky Evans

    My Favorite is "The Intouchables" its a story of a rich, handsome quadriplegic and his street-smart caregiver , its the Feel Good Movie of the Year. The chemistry between these two actors tore down my defenses...I smmiled so much my face hurt...

  • theresa

    I loved the Hunger Games. I went to see it with my son, who had read the book. I really did not know anything about the movie, but was so surprised at how good the movie was. It was so different from many of the movies that are out now, that is why I liked it so much. I can't wait for the sequel.

  • Dilys Mok
    Dilys Mok

    Anna Karenina (2012 film) The first time I had ever seen this movies was on tv last year. It had completely different cast but neverless it broght tears and excitement as I watch them performance wth a fanastic and gorgeous view of the 1870's. Watching the 2012 flim and complaring it from the 1997 version till now the actresses and actors hav never lost their touch!

  • smarti

    My faves were The Lorax and Anna karenina. Two good movies based on great books!

  • ssboykin

    Breaking Dawn Pt 2 for sure in favorite movie of 2012... Yay!!!

  • Meghan Dise
    Meghan Dise

    My Favorite movie of 2012 was Lincoln. When I was Elementary school I learned about Abraham Lincoln and ever since then I wanted to learn more about him and what he did for this country, A. Lincoln passion for what he believed in was very inspiring for me, Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field were AMAZING!! I learned so much by this movie.. I plan on reading more about Lincoln in 2013. :)

  • Rachel Faulkner
    Rachel Faulkner

    I loved Brave

  • Sarah Austin
    Sarah Austin

    I love chick flicks. The Lucky One was my favorite. But the finale to Twilight was a fave too.

  • donna

    no one else likes it it seems but i liked breaking dawn 2

  • Kelly :o)
    Kelly :o)

    Liked the Hunger Games movie but would really like to win the prize.

  • Jayson Biadog
    Jayson Biadog

    Avengers - techno action marvel packed for the whole family and friends team!

  • Stefanie Gladden
    Stefanie Gladden

    My favorite movie of 2012 is definitely the Hunger Games. I've been a fan of the books for years now, and it was great to see it come alive on the big screen!!!

  • Dorothy

    Lincoln, great acting for an awesome story.

  • camranders

    L O V E this website and what a special birthday present this swag bag would be! Favorite movie of 2012 is "Detachment" because my baby brother composed a song for it... and it is also an excellent overlooked Indie with Adrian Brody.

  • sarah m.
    sarah m.

    I loved The Odd Life of Timothy Green, The Big Miracle, The Loarx, The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Madagascar 3, and Ice Age 4. There all wonderful movies. Me and my family enjoyed them. Great shows

  • Mikeline Skibsted
    Mikeline Skibsted

    Really enjoyed Cloud Atlas. Different from what I normally like.

  • Stacey Seippele Wisniewski
    Stacey Seippele Wisniewski

    Favorite movie Brave. It was a great family film with a great message

  • Jewels

    DRIVE . RYAN GOSLING . MICHELLE WILLIAMS . So serene. Captivating. Music..compelling. I watched the movie the night I lost my Restaraunt here in my hometown, I owned the contents, leased the building, they sold it without telling me until the day of. The music had me so emotional, on top of my EMOTIONS of the day, but then, going back to watch it, after a wee bit of time had passed, it still gripped me in the same way, so I knew my tears were from the movie, not just my own circumstances. Hmm..think I may go and watch it again tonight. Thank You.

  • penny

    fun smiles fun

  • Breaking Dawn 2
    Breaking Dawn 2

    My favorite movie of 2012 is Twilight's Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2. This movie wrapped action, humor, romance and ended a saga all in one movie. They tied in watching the characters grow from the past movies to now and the songs which brought back memories from each movie, while staying very close to the last book which was a delight to see. Perfect ending, couldn't ask for more. Except maybe winning the prize pack :)

  • Tamika

    ********************** ********************* uhhh this is hard question because every year is an excellent year in movie theater but if i must pick i pick : -One for the Money -The Vow (love becouse is sooo romantic <3) -American Pie 4(my favorite comedy had in year 2012 new movie yay ) -OMG the best movie Lucky One with HOT Zac <3 LOVEEE and more and more and more the year 2012 had a very good choose of movie hope 2013 will be same ********************** *********************

  • Catriona

    By far my favourite movie of 2012 would be The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I read the book and I then had to watch the movie. The acting was great and the movie just has a so many great moments. Defiantly one that I will be able to watch over and over!

  • Jenny Hebert
    Jenny Hebert

    The Hobbit was by far the best

  • Brigitte

    My favorite movie of 2012 was the Hunger Games. The way the story line was create was such a surprise. I enjoy movies like that. Most of the time we can tell what will happen next. But not with the Hunger Games. It was a well thought-out movie. Hands down. The Gift bag would be a bonus if I won it. I could only imagine how many new items I would be able to try out and hopefully add on to my daily used items.

  • Sereespencer Spencer
    Sereespencer Spencer

    its always fun and interesing to watch. So many changes to see in people over the years. The gossip probably gets to them alot it would me..especially if untrue.

  • Samantha

    Even though Les Mis wasn't out for much of 2012 it really ended the year on a ridiculously high note. Of all the amazing films that were released that one really hit it out of the park. The performances by the cast, even those that weren't the very best of singers, were extraordinary. Anne Hathaway turned a somewhat small role into an incredibly touching and lasting experience. Hands down best movie of 2012.

  • ethel solinski
    ethel solinski

    My favorite actress is Jennifer Anniston. I hope she finds the love and happiness that she so much craves and deserves. Any movie she is in is my favorite.


    my favorite movie this year has got to be THE AVENGERS, ROBERT DOWNEYJRis just amazing as IRONMAN, cant wait till no. 3 comes out, i also have a thing for superheros, loveeeeeeeeee them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ice t
    ice t

    it must be *the odd life of timothy green*, because it has been a long time since a family movie, with kids made me cry like a baby, and because it is touching, just like that.

  • Kaila

    I liked the Hobbit. Excited to for the other two to come out.

  • liz827

    My favorite movie would have to be a tie between Life of Pi and Django Unchained. The cinematography and visual effects in Life of Pi were outstanding, and the pacing of the story telling was just right: it gave you enough time to appreciate what you were seeing but didn't drag. Django Unchained was great because it was the perfect combination of wit and bad-ass storytelling but still was relevant enough to really make a statement about slavery as it existed then.

  • jodi a
    jodi a

    Hunger Games

  • Kenny Kmk
    Kenny Kmk

    I will love to win this gift bag!!!

  • allyson

    My favorite movie was Lawless, It did a wonderful job depicting what it was like to live back during prohibition. The acting I thought was awesome. And its nice to find out that its based on true people and events after the movie.

  • Steve

    My favorite movie was SKYFALL. It was great to see that the Bond franchise is alive and well. It's amazing to look back at the older Bond flics and then see how the latest entry has really brought excitement back to the theme.

  • Pam Wakeford
    Pam Wakeford

    My favorite movie of 2012 :SKYFALL because James Bond is my best action movie,always love them.

  • nella

    my favorite movie of 2012 is Ted because i love ironic movies and this is definitely one of them. the story line is hilarious and i cried when ted was ripped seth mcfarlane!

  • M. Horne
    M. Horne

    Looks so Fantastic!!

  • pamiam

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Dark Knight rises because everybody needs a hero.

  • poosche

    Nice Bag!

  • ana belen salas
    ana belen salas

    my favorite movie is lincon

  • Kerry

    Trouble With The Curve - Unbelievably cute, sad, happy, funny, romantic... What else can you ask for in a movie? It was one of the best movies I've probably ever seen. Amy Adams - a young lawyer trying to make it as a partner at her firm - along side Clint Eastwood - her grumpy old father - share their love for baseball as well as some quality time together. The pair work perfectly. Justin Timberlake as an retired major league baseball player trying to make it as a scout and agent is the perfect bit of comic relief. With a couple of curve balls thrown their way they ultimately overcome all of their obstacles. It will hit every emotion, from laughter to crying. It touches on baseball as well as relationships - a movie that both men and women can enjoy! Go see it!

  • Lala Aprilla
    Lala Aprilla

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Hunger Games n Pitch Perfect! both was amazing and the cast was fantastic! and the award show was amazing:D

  • Stephen Nettles
    Stephen Nettles

    WRECK-IT RALPH!!! It was original, charming and most of all entertaining!

  • joy

    Loved SKYFALL, best James Bond since GOLDFINGER. Shows how far movie effects, sets and fantasy have evolved. Also, loved Adeles song SKYFALL. Truly an all around movie experience

  • dajiarodgers

    For starters I want to be an actress someday and maybe then I'll be on the award show until then I would like to say my fav 2012 movie was Twilight. Big vampire fan. And the award show was amazing and I'd love to win the prize thanks for the opportunity ♥

  • Alex

    My favorit movie was the hobbit :) no explenation needed :)!!

  • niise

    my favorite movie of 2012 would have to be the hunger games :] because I read all the book in like 2 months and waited and waited for the movie to come out and it was just like the book! not like some other books made into movies I watched it over 10x and Jennifer makes an amazing katniss!

  • Aleksandra

    My favorite movie of 2012 would have to be the Hunger Games or Pitch Perfect - absolutley amazing movies! I can't wait for Catching Fire!

  • Michelle H.
    Michelle H.

    The Hunger Games. I was prepared for disappointment after reading the book since movies made from books always tend to let you down but I was pleasantly surprised. The entire cast was perfect for their roles (especially Woody Harrelson!) and I'm looking forward to the next installment.

  • tina41

    What to expect when you're expecting, because it's true, everything in that movie is like in real life... It's great to watch true movies sometimes...

  • Viki

    I really need that gift bag :) . My film of 2012? Breaking dawn part2 !!! LOVE Kstew and Rpatz

  • Ралина Вълчева
    Ралина Вълчева

    My favourite movie for 2012 is Hunger Games!!!! Exceptional directing and amazing script almost like it was in the book! And the performance of Jennifer Lawrence was so strong, she made her character so believable and she continue with her great play in Silver Linings Playbook (also amazing movie). I can't wait for the second part and see how much other awards it will win! :) Hope you like it too :D

  • Christine

    I LOVED The Life of Pi. It was a story that began so great in the beginning until the very end. I never read the book and it was one those movies where I had no idea what to expect. I was so intrigued and glued by the storytelling. There was so much themes and symbolic interactions that I loved so much. The ending was what exceeded my expectations. It was a story within a story. It was the cherry on top for me.

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    Les Miserables - it was the very first musical I ever saw on stage an now it has been brought back to life on the big screen. Many times musicals turn into a failure as a movie but I was very impressed by the movie as a whole. Loved the actors, singing, costumes, and the list can go on.

  • Kristen Mcclary
    Kristen Mcclary

    i hope breaking bad wins love that show thanksor the contest

  • anpa

    Probably Anna Karenina, because i read the book and it is one of my favourite,I love Keira Knightley and the costumes are amazing!

  • rebekahelizabeth

    Im all for winning, my comment is my offical entry

  • Joanna

    Love it!

  • ambermiller86

    The Hobbit was my favorite. GREAT movie, everyone should see it.

  • bn100

    I liked the dark knight because I like Batman. bn100candg(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • Victoria

    Definitely The Hobbit. The movie was brilliant. It was beautifully shot, long enough to please the fans, and the acting was magnificent. The Hobbit is my favorite movie of 2012.

  • Rebecca Freihaut
    Rebecca Freihaut

    I loved The Hobbit, Life of Pi, and Hunger Games! I think my favorite was The Hobbit.

  • Brian T. Lewis
    Brian T. Lewis

    My favorite movie of 2012? Drive. It was just a different movie, I loved Ryan Gosling's character, the tone, the cinematography. Granted the story was weak and needed a re-write, but loved it just in sheer originality.

  • Lori

    My favorite was ParaNorman because I got to have a "date night" with my 7 year old son :-)

  • donna107

    my favorite movie of 2012 would have to be "The Hunger Games" i like it because it the first time i have seen jennifer lawrence act (before the movie u never knew knew/ heard about her). shes know one of my favorite actress. its also the first time have seen a movie that the characters fighting are kids and teen. i love the actions and how romantic/sad some parts can be.i also love the movie because it keeps you think what going to happen on catching fire (who katnis is going to end up with and what the next battle is going to be like/ if there is any battle)

  • Danielle

    So far my favorite movie is Les Miserables. I was impressed with the new technique of having the actors sing live as opposed to a Pre recorded track. I think this film is the beginning of a trend for musicals as well as the return of the three threat actor.

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    The Hunger Games.


    My favorite night of the year...cannot wait!!!

  • smartie

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Skyfall because the actors played in action and mysterious movie VERY well, and it had great scenes and events in the movie, that you could watch it for hours.

  • kimili8

    Django Unchained! Another masterpiece from Quentin Tarantino!! S.W.A.G Stuff We All (wish we)Get!!

  • Louis Here
    Louis Here

    my favorite movie was "The Hunger Games" thanks for the chance

  • hpaulina

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Impossible, it was such an emotional movie! I loved Ewan and Naomi's performances, and I was so excited to see the ending!

  • Janet

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Lincoln. All of the performances were awesome. It was very educational as well. Sally Fields performance as well as Anne Hathaway's were excellent.

  • Cindy R
    Cindy R

    The Avengers because every day that Robert Downey Jr is still here to entertain us is an amazing day. Mark Ruffalo was awesome as the Hulk!

  • kclarksonfnatic

    My favorite movie was Silver Linings Playbook. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were great together. The movie had just the right amount of comedy and i thought the emotion really drew the viewers in. It felt very real

  • Linda Nguyen
    Linda Nguyen

    Les Miserables is awesome! Perfect acting by the whole cast!

  • Holder

    I loved Silver Linings Playbook. Both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were great! The movie was a perfect blend of drama and comedy.

  • Christa Thompson
    Christa Thompson

    My favorite movie of the year was "Lincoln." I thought the acting was incredible! It was also a very well done, historically accurate movie. By the way, I loved how bits of humor were incorporated into the dialogue. Overall, it was truly enjoyable and educational!

  • abswim421

    PITCH PERFECT BY FAR was the best movie of the year! I don't think i've laughed that hard watching a movie over and over again. Winning the gift basket would be Aca-mazing! "Sometimes i have a feeling that someone else should win this gift..but then i think hmmm they better not....." LESBEHONEST..we all know I should win this incredible gift basket!!

  • martha

    I;D be HAPPY SAPPY and DAPPY TO WIN,THANKS for the CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabi Lopez-Hughes
    Gabi Lopez-Hughes

    The Lorax. Simply put it was heartwarming.

  • jane

    Moonrise Kingdom. Funny, offbeat comedy.

  • Maria Guerrero
    Maria Guerrero

    Brave was our favorite. First, because we have a 6 year old little dreamer and secondly, because it was Pixar.

  • Kara Herron
    Kara Herron

    To Explain why I can't choose between the 2 movies and why I picked them is I am a avid reader, and having read both series, they both followed the books quite well, though I know how limited a movie has to be when following a book, if you do not stick closely to the book then it ruins the movie. This is why both movies were great and why I have a hard time picking between Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn Pt.2.

  • Ebony Stills
    Ebony Stills

    My favorite movie of the year was Les Mis. Because the whole entire cast was just breathtaking!

  • Carol Lorentz
    Carol Lorentz

    Since I'm disabled and home bound, this gift bag would be awesome...

  • Margie

    My favorite movie of 2012 was Siver Linings Playbook. There were so many excellent performances.

  • Kara Herron
    Kara Herron

    My favorite movie this year was a tie between the Hunger Games and Twilight, Breaking Dawn Pt 2. Plus I must comment I would love to win the Gift bag, you give away such wonderful things.

  • orixa


  • Donna M. Pape
    Donna M. Pape

    I think it would be a dream come true to be able to win something as special as this gift bag ! :)

  • Anissa Holness
    Anissa Holness

    Happiest moment last night watching the Critics Choice Awards is watching Anne Hathaway accept the award for best actress, her performance of I Dream a Dream had me in tears. Anne did an amazing job in Les Mis.

  • Isis Nocturne
    Isis Nocturne

    My favorite movie of 2012 was The Avengers because A) Joss Whedon directed, B) the cast was fantastic, C) Loki is such a fun villain (and Tom Hiddleston brings him to life so well), D) the action scenes were killer, and E) Joss got the words 'mewling quim' into the movie without being censored. All in all, it's a really fun action movie, and it was exactly what I wanted to see when I saw it.

  • Peter

    Lincoln! It was just perfect in any way imaginable. The effects, the acting, the entire production was well done! Loved it! Watched it more than once! And heck, it was about history. Never thought something historic would interest me so much. Great film!