Kate Middleton and Baby Bump Celebrate Duchess' First Official Portrait (PHOTOS)

Prince William was also on hand for the unveiling at the National Portrait Gallery early Friday morning.

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In her first public appearance of the year, Kate Middleton celebrated herself.

On early Friday morning, the pregnant Duchess and her husband Prince William made their way to London’s National Portrait Gallery, where the first official portrait of Middleton was unveiled in a private gathering.

According to The Daily Mail, Middleton’s family -- including parents Carole, Michael and siblings Pippa and James -- were also present during the unveiling, as was artist Paul Emsley, who painted the work of art in three months after the Duchess’ two sittings last summer.

“I thought it was brilliant . . . it’s just amazing. Absolutely brilliant,” the Duchess, who wore a gorgeous burgundy dress, said at the event.

The Duke, 30, echoed his wife’s reaction, reportedly telling the artist the portrait was “beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.”

“I was always aware of the fact that we would use the hair very much as a kind of frame for the face, and not too much jewelry apart from the earring, to try to create something of her natural warmth, her natural serenity without too much busyness in the portrait,” Emsley told PEOPLE.

Earlier this week, Middleton celebrated her 31st birthday with her nearest and dearest at a London showing of Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza.

What do you think of Kate Middleton’s official portrait? Check out the gallery, above, of the Duchess attending Friday’s unveiling and weigh in below.

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  • Kates'Back

    Sorry but that portrait is not at all who Kate is. I would ask for a redo and find that glow that she has in all of the photos. Something wrong here.

  • sjolain343

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  • Robert Fahey
    Robert Fahey

    No way does this portray her stunning beauty, or joyfullness

  • Beverly

    She's flipping him off. Was the picture that bad? Her nose is a little round, but still.

  • dexy

    She's more prettier than the portrait; nice work of art though :)

  • HNixon

    I only have a grandfather and you have clearly never been to England. I was stating that the painting doesn't do her justice.

  • CrystalMarc

    To Kate, You are a beautiful women and I'm so happy w/ you and your Williams new surprise you are going to have a Baby! WOW! But this photo isn't what I expected, I only hope this is not going to be on the halls of Buckingham Castle it doesn't do any justice for you; your are much prettier than the portrait shows. I wish you, Will the most Happiness and of course Lupo and the baby, when you are together you can see how much Love the both of you have for each other. God Bless All Of You ! We All Love You!!!

  • CrystalMarc

    Who gives a crap about Kim; God Forgive me all she thinks about is how much $$$ she can get her hands on..Also I have no doublt she will do the same with the baby. like mother like child!!!So unfortunate

  • Buddy Luv
    Buddy Luv

    It shows the world what they have come to expect of anything British. Old, dull, and tired. Like something you would find in your grandparents dark, damp and cold attic or basement faded, cracked, covered in dust and cobwebs, reeking of mildew and moth balls. Lovely place really!

  • HNixon

    Most people in England have been really shocked and disappointed by the painting - I think is makes her look a lot older than she is! She looks tired and dull in this picture. Also the artist changed the eye colour in this picture, so it is not Kate's own.

  • JPearson

    I am disappointed in the portrait. It does not bring out Kate's liveliness and real beauty. I would say it "dulls" who she really is.