‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore’s Business Deal Goes South

'RHOA': Walter Ain't Biting
Kenya tries to figure out where her relationship stands.
Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore disagree on booty business.

Once again, legal eagle Phaedra has learned the hard way not to mix business and friendship. Earlier on the season, Phaedra, along with husband Apollo Nida, decided to create a workout video dedicated to the derriere, with Kenya’s help. The former Miss USA has crowed all about her media empire and was happy to oblige the couple with her expertise. Little did they all know what they would get themselves into.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t viewed Sunday’s episode, “This Donkey Kicks.”

Phaedra and Apollo met up with Kenya at a local gym, so they could demonstrate what their workout video would entail. Kenya informed the couple they received a great offer for a distribution deal for the video. Everything seemed to be smooth sailing until Kenya mentioned the Parks-Nida duo needed $100,000 for the video to be shot. Kenya, you’re shooting a workout video, not the next P.Diddy extravaganza!

Later, Phaedra and Apollo met with Mrs. Parks’ business attorney to see if the deal was legit. “Not so fast”, Phaedra’s lawyer stated. Apparently, the numbers Kenya threw out just weren’t adding up. Phaedra’s attorney informed the couple $100,000 was inflated for a day shoot, and all the bells and whistles Kenya listed were not needed. He then told both Apollo and Phaedra, a new budget was created. All they needed was Kenya to sign off, and everything would be set in stone.

Once Kenya arrived, Phaedra clued her in on the modified budget. In turn, Kenya announced she wanted 10 percent on the back end of things. Phaedra couldn’t understand why Kenya would think she’d receive 10 percent of the profits. Kenya insisted since she lined up the distribution deal, she should get something for what she secured. Phaedra stunned Kenya when she revealed she spoke with Kandi Burruss’ boyfriend Todd, who informed Phaedra he could do the video for a lot less. Kenya scoffed at Phaedra and Apollo’s new $5,000 budget, and maintained she gave Phaedra a fair deal of 10 percent, especially when she gets 50 percent in her media ventures.

Meanwhile, Kandi threw a surprise birthday party for Todd with Phaedra, Kenya, Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Stewartin attendance. Kenya attempted to discuss the drama with Todd to find out if he was doing business with Phaedra and Apollo. Kandi shut Kenya DOWN and told her the party wasn’t the right place to talk shop.

The next day, Kenya met up with Cynthia at The Bailey Agency to talk about the casting call Phaedra sent out. Kenya also dished on the squabble she was involved in with Phaedra about the video. Cynthia let it be known she does not work for free and hopes Phaedra would be aware of such.

Once Phaedra arrived, Kenya voiced her disgruntled feelings on what Phaedra offered to her. Phaedra balked at Kenya’s asking price, which caused Kenya to pull the plug on their venture.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Cynthia telling Kenya her ban was lifted at her modelling agency. Cynthia’s shade this season has been sweet.

Thank you, TV gods.:  For both Phaedra and Kenya not getting into their business venture battle at the party.

Awk-ward: Kenya finding out Walter tried to date her cousin. Talk about keeping it in the family….

Hotness: Kandi’s helicopter ride for her boyfriend Todd. If THAT is part of s a birthday gift, we’d like to see what she does for Christmas.

Fab-u-lous: NeNe Leakes’ Los Angeles digs. She’s not lying when she said she was very rich, B***H!

Can. Not. Wait.: DYING to see when Phaedra finds out Kenya’s doing the exact video as she. Phaedra’s going to forget all that Southern charm she displays and will go off!

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8

Were Kenya’s demands outrageous or was Phaedra wrong? Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe

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