Courtney Stodden Films Music Video for 'Reality' in Candy-Coated Lingerie (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Well, that's one way to make a music video.

Courtney Stodden recently shot more scenes for her upcoming music video, 'Reality,' in which the infamous teen bride dons a sexy bra with jelly beans on it, plays with an oversized lollipop and sits upon a pink television.

In these exclusive photos, available only on Celebuzz, the video suggest that Stodden -- who shot to fame in 2011 after she married actor Doug Hutchison at the age of 16 -- wins the heart of a nerd with the body fit for a model.

Case in point: The nerd (played by Nick Uzarski) winds up taking taking his shirt off and grinding all up on Stodden.

Because what else would happen in a Courtney Stodden music video?

Last week, Stodden -- whose husband, Hutchison, was on set for the shoot -- gave us a behind-the-scenes interview from the set of 'Reality,' in which she promised one steamy video.

"It’ll be pretty sexy, pretty hot — a lot of kissing, straddling," she said. (Watch more in the video, below.)

In other words: Gird your loins, America.

For more on Stodden's reality check, click through the gallery, above.



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  • Esme St Clair
    Esme St Clair

    Whoa, she is not an attractive girl at all!

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    funny, how unattractive these two generally good looking individuals are, lol

  • dave

    fricken hot

  • crazyhorsefarm

    She really shouldn't tell her age because she looks like she is 30 already. 5yrs from now she is going to look like she's been rode hard and put away wet! And creepy husband is whole mother story. Awesome parenting going on there, who gives their kid to a pedophile? Wtf!!

  • LOL

    She is totally embarrassing herself!!

  • Sexy and I know it
    Sexy and I know it

    Dem Teeth.. Dang girl go get them fixed!

  • Scott Schroeder
    Scott Schroeder

    Candy bras and big suckers, that is her version of "Reality"?????

  • Lydia Deetz
    Lydia Deetz

    he's looking at her pancake ass.

  • jim

    I get the impression they watch a lot of porn.