‘Liz & Dick’ Star Confirms the Obvious: Lindsay is No Angel (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan isn’t exactly a saint on set.

That was a not-so-surprising revelation of the recent New York Times Magazine exposé chronicling the actress’ eyebrow-raising, behind-the-scenes behavior during the making of her upcoming thriller, The Canyons. But it seems Lohan’s antic weren’t limited to that set, as her Liz & Dick costar Grant Bowler admits that working with the ever-embattled actress was anything but easy.

“Lindsay is not the easiest person I’ve ever worked with, but acting is acting,” he told Celebuzz at the G’Day USA Gala. “We’re not hired as marketing people or as greeters or as anything else — you’re hired to do a job. I’ve always found it amazing that people expect actors to be wonderful human beings as well as good at their job, because they never expect lawyers to be the same.”

But Bowler believes the real-life friction with Lohan lent itself to their on-screen dynamic in the Lifetime biopic about legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, in which he starred as Taylor’s longtime love Richard Burton.

“I found it very challenging, but the interesting thing about that was I think that relationship was very challenging, so maybe it made good for the characters,” he told Celebuzz at the Golden Globes gift suite. “It was a lot of mirroring and how I imagine how Burton and Taylor must of been. [It] probably did us a lot of favors.”

Despite whatever on-set trials and tribulations went down, Bowler wouldn’t rule out working with Lohan again. “Look, here’s the deal. Life is long and you never say never,” Bowler said. “I’ve said never about a lot of things in my life, and I’m sure you have too. That’s what New Year’s resolutions are all about. Who knows.”

And though Liz & Dick was wholly panned by critics, Bowler doesn’t hold regrets  his role in the much-hyped made-for-TV movie. “It doesn’t really matter if I’m happy or not with the reviews. You do that work and that’s it,” he explained. “Critics and people will take from it what they will. I was happy with my work and happy with the opportunity to play him. [I’m] also grateful for everyone coming together in the film in terms of departments editing, wardrobe, hair and make-up.”

Now as Lohan prepares to head to California court on Tuesday for probation violation hearing, Bowler is hoping all legal woes work out for the actress. He said simply, “Well, I wish her the best.”

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