Mark-Paul Gosselaar Caught Red-Handed on ‘Happy Endings’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Zano on 'Happy Endings'
The actor talks playing Penny's new guy.
It’s been a long time since TNT’s Franklin & Bash star and Saved by the Bell Alum Mark-Paul Gosselaar starred on his own half-hour comedy, but this television season he is checking off guest starring on them left and right. First it was playing a version of himself on ABC’s Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, and now he’s popping up on Happy Endings.

“It was awesome for me to work with Mark-Paul! I was totally star-struck, maybe the most star-struck I’ve been, doing scenes with Zack Morris,” Happy Endings star Adam Pally told Celebuzz.

Pally probably had the most screen time with Gosselaar, as Gosselaar’s characters comes into Tuesday’s all new episode, “The Ex-Factor,” as Max’s new roommate. But that gang is so tight, the minute someone new steps in, they all want to get to know him to see how he’ll vibe with the whole group.

“Dave, and Max and Alex are all kind of instantly struck by how cool he is, but Max has sworn that he’s never going to get involved with a roommate again: ‘I made that mistake last time.’ And Dave is like ‘Wait, I was your last roommate,’ and Max goes, ‘Yeah, that was a disaster, I’m just not going to do that again,'” series executive producer Jonathan Groff said.

“So they all go to meet him, and they’re taken with him, so we needed somebody who just had a good energy and a ‘had his s**t together’ vibe. We knew Mark-Paul could play that really well. He got the joke of why it would be funny to do it.”

Celebuzz has an exclusive clip that not only offers a sneak peek at Gosselaar’s character, but also gives away one of his secrets — because naturally, anyone who reallyhas their “sh*t together” wouldn’t really want to live with Max, right? What’s this guy hiding? Find out here!

Happy Endings airs on Sunday nights at 10 PM and Tuesday nights at 9 PM on ABC.

Are you excited to see Gosselaar back in the half-hour comedy world? Let us know what you think of his addition to Happy Endings in the comments below!

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