Meagan Good Didn’t Go Far to Research Her ‘Deception’ Role

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An actress since the age of four, Meagan Good didn’t have far to go to research her breakthrough role as an undercover cop on NBC’s new series, Deception.

“Mainly, I got with my father who was LAPD for 26 years and his wife, an FBI agent, just to pick up the mannerisms and the mentality that comes with risking your life everyday and being someone who is constantly about justice to the point where they would risk their life,” Good said during the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif.

On the show, Good plays Joanna Locasto, a housekeeper’s daughter who grew up in the luxurious Bowers mansion where her mother served. Working undercover, Locasto returns to the mansion to investigate the murder of her childhood friend and notorious heiress, Vivian Bowers.

A veteran of shows like Nickelodeon’s Cousin Skeeter and Showtime’s Californication, Good has been a journeyman performer over the years, taking supporting roles on TV as well as movies like You Got Served and 2011’s Jumping the Broom.

“He was kind of excited,” she said of her father Leon Good’s reaction to her playing a cop. “He loves to see me shooting guns and kicking butt. He gets very emotionally attached to what’s going on to anything that I do – ‘Did that person hurt you? How was that scene?’ He’s very into it, which I love.”

In addition to her father, she mentioned Halle Berry as a role model, noting how the Oscar winner’s beauty made it hard for people to take her seriously early in her career.

“There were certain people that I kind of looked up to who I thought there struggle was similar to some of the things that I had experienced when some of the things I did basically would be about the look as opposed to the heart and the quality that we can give over as actors,” she explained. “For me this is kind of a victory to get the show and to be able to do something that is simply about this character’s heart.”

With Deception, Good joins Kerry Washington of ABC’s Scandal as the first African-American female leads on a network show in 38 years. Deception debuted last Monday with 5.6 million viewers and a 2.0 share of the ad-coveted 18-49 demo, edging out its competition, ABC’s Castle.

According to Good, being driven is one thing, but it can’t be the only thing. Along with her new husband, Columbia Pictures executive and Seventh-Day Adventist Preacher DeVon Franklin, she is very active in the church and volunteer counsels young women in reformatories and prisons.

“I feel like if you’re heart is in the right place, your desire is deeper than just being famous or just being a celebrity, the universe just sort of comes together,” she explained. “With my experience it’s just been the more my desire has been for something outside of that, the easier it has come for me. So, here I am now and we’ll see what’s next.”

Deception airs Mondays at 10PM on NBC.

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