Nicole Kidman: Why Keith Urban Won’t Be Watching ‘American Idol’ (VIDEO)

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When American Idols new season launches on Wednesday, millions across America will be tuning in to the ratings juggernaut to see the revamped judges’ table. But there’s one person on the panel who won’t be watching: Keith Urban.

“You mean sit at home and watch the show? I wouldn’t think so. I don’t think Keith will watch himself,” the country singer’s wife, Nicole Kidman, told reporters on the G’Day USA Gala red carpet. “He’s done it now and it’s not our style.”

That doesn’t mean the Academy Award-winning actress won’t flip the channel to Fox to cheer on her man. “I’ll watch it,” Kidman gushed. “Yeah, I’m really excited. I’ve seen nothing.”

Though she’s showed off her pipes in big-screen productions such as 2001’s Moulin Rouge and 2009’s Nine, Kidman doesn’t consider herself of in the same caliber as the American Idol judges. “No,” she said when asked if she would ever join the show. “I wouldn’t know how to critique singers.”

In fact, when the cameras stop rolling, Kidman, 45, can’t always muster up the courage to belt out a song. “I can’t even get up and sing karaoke half the time because I get so nervous,” she admitted. “That, for some reason, I have a huge block on.” But when she fully steps into character for a role, “I can do it,” the actress said. “But I’d need a cheerleader like Baz Luhrmann,” she added, tipping her hat to her Moulin Rouge director.

Though Urban may not tune in to American Idol on the tube, the country star know what kind of contestants he’s looking for in the hit singing competition. “The reality is that we all react differently to different things and so I think for me, at the end of the day, it has to speak to me,” Urban told the audience during Idol‘s premiere screening event in Los Angeles, Calif.

“If a person is creating art,” he continued, “and saying something in a way that I’m captivated by that person and I can’t take my eyes off that person, that’s it for me.”

American Idol returns to FOX on Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 8PM EST.

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