‘Revenge’ Recap: A Faux-mance and an Equally Fake Kidnapping

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'Revenge's' Nick Wechsler
The acto explains what could drive Jack to murder.
Last week on ABC’s Revenge, Emily (Emily VanCamp) came thisclose to being found out — not that she was really Amanda Clarke, of course, but that she was conning Daniel (Josh Bowman) to get him to fall for her (again). But this week, petty relationship problems paled in comparison to Jack (Nick Wechsler) behind bars and the Initiative closing in on a couple of key players…

Note: Spoilers ahead if you have yet to see Sunday night’s “Sabotage.”

“Sabotage” sees Jack sitting in jail, where Amanda (Margarita Levieva) visited him and tried to convince him to take bail money from one of their friends. She was convinced his case would be easy and that no one would believe the drugs were his. But good guy that Jack is, he didn’t want to drag anyone else into it — nor did he want to uncover the truth about the gun, which he knew Matt used to kill the Ryan patriarch. Believing the cops were the ones who tipped off the Ryans, resulting in them moving the drugs out of the bar in the first place, Jack knew he was in much deeper than any previous time he bailed his little brother out of a jam. He warned Amanda not to do anything against the Ryans or they might hurt her (or Declan), but this was one time we wished she wouldn’t listen to reason.

Declan (Connor Paolo), of course, doesn’t listen to Jack’s warnings, and he stands up to the Ryans, declaring he knew they set Jack up. The younger Ryan (Michael Trucco) wanted Declan to sell him the rest of the bar, but Kenny (J.R. Bourne) tried to play nice. Clearly, he still had a major piece of his plan up his sleeve. His revenge list may be as elaborate as Emily’s — only not with quantity of names but instead quality of takedown.

Amanda ended up going to Conrad (Henry Czerny) for help, but he refused, saying only that she needed to keep her distance from his family. Because of Charlotte (Christa B. Allen), Conrad offered Declan space in Grayson Manor while his brother was in jail, but Declan, being stubborn, refused. Eventually, Conrad came around — but only because it would help his own public image when he ran for office, which apparently he wants to do now.

Jack’s situation was serious, but so was Aiden’s (Barry Sloane). He spent some time first brooding over having seen Emily and Daniel kiss, even though she claimed it didn’t mean anything to her. He knew that it meant something to Daniel, though, and that might be worse. But really what they should be concerned about is if Daniel catches wind that Aiden isn’t as “over” Emily as that fake fight might have set up.

For now, Aiden and Emily were distracted with the Initiative. He confided to her about the conversation regarding his sister. And while she first seemed worried about him trusting a dangerous force, in the end she and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) helped stage a kidnapping so Aiden could show the Initiative just how much they could trust him—so he and Emily, in turn, could get valuable information from them. Good to have them all on the same team, indeed! Not good that the show tried to fake out the audience first by showing Emily and Nolan lurking, “wondering” what Aiden and Helen (Wendy Crewson) could possibly need to talk about.

Emily and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) continued to work together this week, bringing Conrad’s rival (Dylan Walsh) into the mix. Emily convinced Daniel to throw a charity gala at which Victoria set it up for this rival Jason to show and get under Daniel’s skin. The auction turned into a bidding war between the two men (all over wine!), as Victoria knew it would. Though the show stated she did it so Daniel would seem more in control (and rich) to potential business investors, to us, the actions looked more like cracking Daniel’s cool, calm, and collected armor and showing the “I need to win; I need to have everything” child underneath. And Daniel was showing cracks in other areas, as well, as he demanded Nolan release reports to him that bordered on the micromanaging. Paranoid Nolan, though, assumed someone tipped him off to the money he moved around years earlier — money only Marco (E.J. Bonilla) and Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) knew about.

Oh, and Padma was actually back this week, asking Nolan for her job back, while Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) was also hoping Conrad would take her back — professionally, of course. Both men caved, claiming the women were of good use to them. But let’s be honest, it certainly seemed like personal feelings colored the decisions. With Marco still buzzing around Nolan, as well, he started to question which one he could trust, as each one tried to point an accusatory finger at the other. Children! They’re all children! The episode answered that for the audience, though still leaving the character in the dark, as we saw Padma call Helen. Just how deep does this conspiracy run!?

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Declan has some b*lls if he thinks he can threaten the “wrong side of the docks” Ryans — even a little bit. This kid may have seen one too many “teenager saves the world” movies.

Thank you, TV gods: It was short, and it was all about the Porters’ problems, but it was nice to see a sisterly moment between Charlotte and Amanda.

Awk-ward: Marco is quite entitled and defensive for someone who walked out all high and mighty years ago and is lucky to have a job at Nolcorp right now at all.

Hotness: Jason calling Daniel “Master Grayson.” We sense that will find its way into many a fan fiction after this episode.

Fab-u-lous: Any fancy party is an excuse for beautiful gowns, and Victoria looked stunning in red. So did Nolan, actually.

Can. Not. Wait.: Will the Ryans take out Conrad for his newfound “tough on crime” stance as a political candidate?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 6

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