Infographic: Timeline Of Taylor Swift's Relationships

From Joe Jonas to Harry Styles, we break down the singer's past loves -- and the songs they've inspired.


Taylor Swift shouldn’t have any “Trouble” writing songs for her next album.

Just days after splitting from One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, the 23-year-old country crooner teased fans by confirming her return to the drawing board.

“Back in the studio. Uh oh,” she wrote last Thursday.

Styles, 18, is the latest to join an exes exclusive club that includes the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner and Swift’s last potential muse, Connor Kennedy -- her beau from last summer.

To help her past suitors and the curious figure out which former flame inspired hits like “Back to December,” “Forever and Always” and “Dear John," Celebuzz has put together an infographic that breaks it all down.

To date, Kennedy and Swift’s first public love Joe Jonashold the record for dating the creative singer the longest -- at four months each -- while Styles’ 37 epic days stand as Swift’s shortest high-profile relationship.

Click the image -- below -- to see te details into Swift's dating history.

How long do you think Swift’s next relationship will last, and what kind of song will the romance (and possible break up) inspire? Check out our infographic and weigh in below!

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  • Irish Nogal
    Irish Nogal

    How can people describe her music inspirational when she's been treating guys as if she's trying out clothes? and, how can you call Miley Cyrus slut when she's settled and engaged?

  • Lo

    July 2007 to October 2008 is not 4 months CB -__- Dec 2012 and January 2012 isn't right either...

  • Dale

    Everything Has Changed is about Connor Kennedy

  • Zena

    harry styles December 2012 to January 2012?? i think you need a new editing staff

  • Kayleigh Jade Daytona Lunt
    Kayleigh Jade Daytona Lunt

    i think her new one 'trouble' is about taylor lautner aswell. at the end of the video shes holding the necklace he gave to her..

  • Kacy

    ok, this was funny at first, but now you guys are just being mean. So Taylor Swift picky; shouldn't every girl be when it comes to men??