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With a failed attempt at love on The Bachelorette behind him and finding himself the object of affection for two dozen single ladies on the current season of ABC’s The Bachelor, Sean Lowe is setting his sights on a rose of a different color – literally.

“I’ve seen enough red roses to fill a lifetime,” the Dallas insurance agent told Celebuzz during Warner Bros. TV’s 25th event at The Bachelor mansion in Agoura Hills, Calif over the weekend.

“I guarantee you,” he exclaimed. “My wife won’t receive a red rose ever. I’ll go yellow. I’ll come up with a different color, not red.”

Surrounded by alums from the hit reality dating franchise, including the woman who broke the 28-year-old’s heart, Celebuzz and Lowe stole away for a few minutes to talk about his dating preferences.

Celebuzz: What’s your idea of an ideal date?
Sean Lowe: You know, on The Bachelor you have these exotic dates, dates no normal person will ever get to do. You’re having picnics on mountaintops and repelling off buildings and all that stuff. That’s great, but my perfect date is something quiet and romantic, because I really want to get to know the girl. So, it could be a quiet dinner at my house or it could be a quiet romantic restaurant. I would much rather do that than do something extreme like go bungee jumping off of a bridge.

CB: That would probably be better with these girls, so you have time to talk.
Lowe: Yes. Time is of the essence when it comes to The Bachelor. Although we do have the exotic dates here, I do try to maximize my time and really just be engaged in every conversation I have with each girl, so I can really get to know them.

CB: Of all the dates you went on this season, what was your favorite?
Lowe: We do go to a lot of cool and exotic places. My favorite place? We go to Montana and I loved it. It is a beautiful part of the country. And I’m really outdoorsy, so I got to ride horses and trek up the mountains and do all that stuff. That’s perfect for me. I can go to Europe, Asia, whatever, but I love Montana.

CB: Your feelings for Emily Maynard were clear. Are you comparing these new woman to her in any way?
Lowe: No, I’ve never made any comparisons — this is kind of weird talking about her when she’s just a few feet away — I’ve moved on. My feelings for her were very real, but I understand she’s not the one for me. And, frankly, I wouldn’t have accepted the job as the bachelor if I had not moved on.

CB: What kind of woman gets your attention?
Lowe: I love a woman who’s confident. Confidence is so sexy. And, on top of that a woman’s intellect turns me on more than anything. If you’re confident, if you’re smart, if you’re funny, I’m sold. And physically, I don’t go for a particular type. I’ve dated all races, hair colors, you name it. It’s more about what a girl brings to the table on the inside. I was amazed by the quality of women that I have on my season.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8PM on ABC.

Which bachelorette do you think fits Sean’s requirements?

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