The Reason You Shouldn't Hate on Jennifer Lawrence (VIDEO)

The starlet's "I beat Meryl" line at the Golden Globes was borrowed from a film!

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The Girl on Fire ignited a little friction during the Golden Globes.

As Jennifer Lawrence took home the award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, the first-time Golden Globe winner shocked viewers (and the evening's attendees) when she jokingly uttered, "I beat Meryl," during her acceptance speech at Sunday night's star-studded ceremony.


But the slight on Streep, who wasn't in attendance due to a case of the flu, wasn't ill-intended. Lawrence was referencing a scene from the 1996 comedy The First Wives Club, starring Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton.

"In the film, Bette Midler’s character says to Goldie Hawn’s character, "Once you were a terrific actress. You even got an Oscar to prove it.” Bette’s character sees and touches the golden statue in the scene, saying, “‘I beat Meryl.’ That’s what it says," Access Hollywood explained.


Although her quip garnered a few laughs at the Beverly Hilton, the Twitterverse may have missed out on the joke. The proof: the reference prompted an online frenzy among viewers and celebrities alike.

“WOAH…OOPS, Jennifer Lawrence - Whoops.. “I BEAT MERYL”???!!! Who says that?” Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba tweeted.

"Just heard Jennifer Lawrence win something. She beat Meryl?" Parks and Recreation actress Retta posted alongside a photo of herself looking surprised.

"You can't say "I beat Meryl". Oh no oh no no no," indie singer Ingrid Michaelson wrote. Adding: "No one. Ever. Beats. Meryl."

And, naturally, no controversy is complete without a say from Lindsay Lohan.

"Words cannot express how much I LOVE Kristen Wiig," the actress commented on Wiig's comedic bit with Will Ferrell, who both presented Lawrence with the award. "And no1 should ever mess with a legend, such as Meryl Streep."

Despite the negative feedback, the Hunger Games star might be getting the final say in this situation. She's currently up for two more Best Actress awards this season at the SAG Awards and Oscars for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook.

What do you think of Jennifer's Meryl Streep remark? Was it a witty movie reference or a joke gone wrong? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Sean

    Clearly a joke or even a comment of utter surprise. I seriously doubt she has let Hollywood get to her head at least not this soon. I told you, you would be somebody. Think positive. How many of you remember your first fans. Those who supported you and opened doors for you? Odds are very great you don't really know who opened doors for you.

  • Brian

    Was Meryl Streep nominated for two oscars before she turned 23, don't think so. I respect Streep as an actress. She is perhaps the best actrees of our time. but Lawrence is talented only time will tell IF she is more talented then Streep. It was a joke that wasn't meant to disrespect the act it's a movie quote makes it less disrespectful as Lawrence wasn't trying to insinuate that she was better than Streep. You can't deny she has talent. She was even good in the Beaver and that movie was bad.

  • Tania

    Lindsay Lohan is dumb...I thought she might have seen First Wives Club and knew it was a joke since she is an actress and Diane Keaton stars in it (which she said is one of her favorite actresses).

  • belle

    it may be have been a joke but it was disrespectful. meryl streep is a far more talented and respected actress than jennifer lawrence

  • Lmw931

    There's no way any could hate on her, she is so down to earth and an amazing actress, love her!

  • Toni

    Oh I cant believe that anyone took that seriously?...? It was clearly a joke!