Ali Fedotowsky On ‘The Bachelorette’: ‘I’m Done’

Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is single and — you guessed it — she’s ready to mingle.

“I’m very open,” Fedotwsky, who split from fiance Roberto Martinez in 2011, told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview.

“I’m getting numbers and doing things I didn’t do last year because I just really wanted to be single for a little while, but now I’m open to it.”

Would the bubbly blonde ever return to the show that made her famous and look for love yet again on The Bachelorette?

Not a chance.

“I’m done,” she said at the GBK gifting lounge in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Jan. 11. I gave it a good go, but I think I’ll meet someone another way.”

She already has an idea how: “Maybe I’ll meet someone on my new show,” said Fedotowsky, who’s currently hosting the NBC travel show, 1st Look. “I travel all around the country, so maybe I’ll get lucky and meet someone that way.”

She even has an idea where: “Chicago, for sure. I love the men in Chicago. I think they are sweet and have Midwestern values, but they are also a little liberal, because it’s a city. And every time I go there, I love the boys and I have a great time.”

Meanwhile, the reality star veteran has a few words of advice for the ladies currently vying for Sean Lowe’s attention on The Bachelor.

“Never forget that you are on camera,” Fedotowsky said. “But you tend to forget. People always say, ‘How do you do what you do and kiss people on camera?’ Well, you tend to forget they are there — you are in your moment, and you forget. So don’t forget, because that’s when you get caught doing things you shouldn’t be doing.”

Not that she’s worried about Lowe coaxing the girls into a compromising position or two.

“I think he’s great,” she said. “I like that he seems very comfortable and at ease with the whole thing. I met him once at JP and Ashley’s wedding… I think he is awesome.”

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