Poor Zoe! ‘Hart of Dixie’ EP Previews Show’s Rocky Relationships

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Hart of Dixie had Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) make a tough choice on the second season premiere when all of a sudden the young, unlucky in love doctor found herself with two guys knocking on her door (and one doing so literally).

But when the show returns with new episodes on Tuesday, it seems Zoe has an even bigger hurdle to face than simply choosing between two very attractive, very fun men: She has to learn how to be in an actual relationship.

“Poor Zoe! She has had almost no relationship experience, and she’s really neurotic, and I think we’ll see in this first episode back that they are diving right into it,” Hart of Dixie EP Leila Gerstein said to Celebuzzof Zoe and Wade’s step toward being a real, public couple.

“They are still in their honeymoon period — they haven’t had their first fight yet — and [the episode] is about Zoe freaking out about what to do when the first conflict arises.”

Naturally, the fight happens during yet another big town event — Pioneer Day — which holds extra weight this year because a reporter is coming to document the events.And Lavon (Cress Williams) has been so distracted by his personal life, he has let some of his mayoral duties slip. He asks Zoe and Wade (Wilson Bethel) to play BlueBell’s “Founding Couple” for the day, but Zoe makes a big mistake when she takes some “ill-advice from the diary” of the Founding Lady.

“Obviously, he’s Wade. He’s still the same guy. So they’re going to be fighting left and right, [but] Zoe’s also been able to loosen up and have a lot more fun and actually enjoy her time in BlueBell because of him. She starts to get more involved in the town — the flu breaks out [on an upcoming episode], and she really has to bring the town together. She’s getting more involved, but she’s also lightened up a lot this year,” Gerstein said.

The theme of characters being able to let their hair down, so to speak, and be their true, less image-conscious or guarded selves will be apparent across the board in the next batch of new episodes, as Gerstein also admitted George (Scott Porter) is in a similar situation.

“I think we’re seeing a lighter, funnier side of George [too],” Gerstein said. “I think that side of him was probably dormant in the Lemon years; Lemon didn’t care for that side of him, and I think Tansy is bringing it out.”

“It does close the door on a possible rekindling with Lemon, but I think that was played out.”

But just as Zoe and Wade will hit a snag and a hardship with their first fight, soon George and Tansy (Mircea Monre) will face a similar “turning point” in their relationship.

“It is jarring for Tansy, and it will be upsetting for Tansy,” Gerstein said of an upcoming episode in which George’s parents come to visit and do not approve of his new girlfriend.

“It’s a big moment [because] the episode is actually about that George’s mother would prefer he would be with Zoe. This is the moment where Tansy realizes the full extent of the history of George and Zoe.”

Gerstein added that after fans see the winter return episode, the option of George and Zoe being together should “absolutely not” be in their minds, though. George is with Tansy right now, and Zoe is with Wade, and both couples and full-speed going ahead and trying to make it work.

“The door to George Tucker never fully closes, but I feel like George and Zoe, they’re two people who think they’re meant to be, and Zoe and Wade are from different worlds, so there will be a lot of trouble for their future, but we’re going to go right at it,” Gerstein said.

Hart of Dixie airs Tuesdays at 8PM on The CW.

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