‘Keeping’ It in the Family: Kim Kardashian Talks Bizarre Breast-Feeding Plan (VIDEO)

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The Kardashians may have taken the definition of sharing to a whole new level.

After jet-setting from Los Angeles to New York City, Kim Kardashian joined big sis Kourtney Tuesday morning on the Today show, where they chatted about motherhood, marriage, and breastfeeding with host Savannah Guthrie.

“[Kourtney] said, ‘Like one sister should babysit all the kids so I can go, and then whichever sister’s babysitting should just breastfeed all the kids,” Kim shared.

“I didn’t say let’s try this. But [Kim] did say, ‘Does that not freak you out?’ and I said, ‘No, it doesn’t.'” Kourtney retorted.

Drifting away from their silly banter, Kim, who is three months pregnant, admitted that she hasn’t quite settled into mommy mode yet.

“I think until I really start seeing a belly, it won’t really sink in. It’s just a weird realization, but I think until you start seeing the physical changes…you know, every day is different,” the 32-year-old said about expecting her first child.

So, when exactly will Kimye’s bundle of joy make his or her arrival?

Just like Kate Middleton, the reality star is expected to give birth in July. (Get ready, celebwatchers, it’s going to be one busy summer of celebrity baby news!)

And the newest Kardashian will have a  little playmate: cousin Penelope Disick, who was born in July 2012. “They’re actually going to be exactly a year apart,” Kourtney said.

Before Kim’s due date announcement, Guthrie stayed on the topic, asking if West’s surprise baby reveal at his Dec. 31 concert was planned or spontaneous.

“No, he just kind of says what he feels,” said Kim. “Once you’re past the three-month mark, you’re pretty safe, so he just kind of goes off with what he feels, and he was feeling it that night.”

As for parenting tips, Kourtney has already started giving her little sister a few pointers.

“I told her, for me, being around anyone’s kids when I was pregnant is not good. Like, you need to wait till it’s your own,” she confessed. “Because you’re not going to feel the same.”

Kim went onto reveal that she and Kanye have discussed the possibility of marriage, but are “focusing on the baby.”

“The best surprises just happen when you don’t plan. Sometimes I think I overplan,” added Kim, who called her divorce from Kris Humphries “a process.” “I’m just so content with how things are right now, we’re so happy. I’m not in a rush.”

Speaking of surprises, Kim remained coy on whether her baby news was unexpected.

“I think you’ll see in the show — Khloe was always open about her fertility issues and I was always kind of quiet about mine, and I have similar issues. So it was a pleasant surprise when so many doctors were telling me one thing and the opposite happens.”

The new season of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami debuts on Sunday, Jan. 20 on E!

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