Meet Carrie Bradshaw — Before the Manolos

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'Carrie Diaries' Premiere
And you thought you knew Carrie Bradshaw?
Before men, Manolos and Manhattan, Carrie Bradshaw was just a doe-eyed young girl dreaming of the Big Apple.

That’s where the The CW’s The Carrie Diaries — a Sex and the City prequel based on Candace Bushnell‘s young-adult series — begins the character’s coming-of-age story.

And as the premiere episode paints a portrait of a teenaged Bradshaw, AnnaSophia Robb manages to capture some of the essence of the Sarah Jessica Parker‘s now-iconic protagonist, who won over women everywhere on the famed, no-holds-barred HBO hit series.

But not all is the same between the two series. And while some die-hard SATC fans fear the prequel will tarnish the worshiped original, they may want to tune in to find out the true Bradshaw back-story.

Here are six facts about the character that Celebuzz gleaned from the Carrie Diaries‘ first-ever episode:

1. On her own.
Though much of Carrie’s shadowy past was left unspoken in SATC, Carrie Diaries kicks off just months after the teen lost her mom to cancer. “Nobody’s better off without a mom,” Carrie bemoans.

2. Sister, sister.
Surprise! Carrie is a big sister — to an angsty, looking-for-trouble teen named Dorrit. “Dorrit, where’s the purse?” Carrie angrily asks in the opening scene. Dorrit plays dumb: “What purse?” But Carrie isn’t having it. “Give me a break, Dorrit,” she says. “You know exactly what purse I’m talking about — mom’s purse.” The sibling standoff quickly escalates to slapping, hair-pulling and even biting. With fights that feisty already, perhaps it’s no surprise viewers don’t hear one word of Dorrit in SATC.

3. Laying down the law.
How does Carrie first land in New York City? Through the legal system, in a sense. “Like, work in an office? Where?” Carrie asks when her father proposes an internship. “My friend’s law firm…in Manhattan,” he replies. “Manhattan? No way! Ah, no way! … I can’t believe it. I can’t believe.” Promising her father she will be a “total professional,” she hopes, “Will I need a briefcase?”

4. No Manolos or men.
Even Carrie viewers quickly learn that after her friend’s sexually active summers, Carrie is the last virgin standing in her pack of pals. “While I had spent my summer grieving and letting go of my childhood, my friends were entering adulthood,” muses the voice-over. “Virgin. Sexually-inexperienced woman. A blank slate unchanged by any past intimate connection or experience. The uninitiated. Yep, that pretty much described me.”

5. Locking lips.
While SATC viewers may recall Carrie dishing on her first time between the sheets, her first kiss was never brought to light… until now. As Carrie bonds with new-boy hunk Sebastian over their shared love for video games, he goes in for the smooch. When Carrie panics by pushing him into the pool, Sebastian lifts her up and lowers her down into his embrace. “It was a moment that I wanted to last forever,” Carrie gushes in the voiceover. “My first kiss.”

6. Girl is a gamer.
Sure, magazines, movies and page-turners were always a part of Carrie’s past-times. But video games? Back in her teens, it seems Carrie was a real gamer. “Adventure is so cool. You have to get this magic chalice to this gold castle. And then there’s these dragons trying to kill you,” she yammers on to Sebastian about the Atari video game. “So you’re the princess who slays who own dragons?” he asks. “Well, somebody has to,” she admits. “Might as well be me, right?”

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