What Are the Odds Britney Will Score in Vegas?

Britney Spears' Bikini Bod
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Rumor has it that Britney Spears is in talks to perform regularly in Las Vegas. But what are the chances the troubled singer’s Sin City deal will be signed on the dotted line? And if it is, will she deliver the goods?

“I give Britney 3-2 odds that she will come to Vegas,” said Wayne Allyn Root, a top Las Vegas oddsmaker. “The pro is that she would be fantastic at this time in this town — and far better than Celine Dion.”

And now, the cons.

“The only thing holding back the deal is that people are concerned — she is kind of erratic,” said Root. “Plus it doesn’t help that she just broke up with her fiance. We have to wonder now who will keep her in line.”

The singer announced her split from Jason Trawick on Jan. 11, when Spears released a statement announcing their breakup after dating for four years; they were engaged in Dec. 2011.  And the loss is more than romantic: Trawick was dropped as Spears’ co-conservator just after the breakup, according to PEOPLE. Her father Jamie remains in charge of her estate and personal affairs, but Root says the situation is still worrisome.

“The question now is, if Jason’s out, who is in?” he asks. “Who will be making sure that she will show up? The single biggest factor that is holding her back is not having Jason by her side. Is this breakup going to cause a lot of trauma? That’s a liability. She needs someone that will be on top of her and responsible for getting her to where she needs to be.”

Ironically, it’s Spears’ famously troubled life that could help her sell tickets.

“Controversy sells. Britney Spears is very marketable, and fame translates,” Root says of the singer, who recently ended her tenure as a judge on The X-Factor. “Celine got over a $100 million and so did Garth Brooks, but they have limited audience.” Dion performs at Caesar’s Palace, while Brooks has a show at the Wynn Hotel.

“I think Britney could surpass them for sure,” Root continued. “She is much bigger than all the names here, more popular, and can command a bigger audience. She could very well make a $200 million deal, but it will probably come with a lot of out clauses such as missing more than two days in a row, among other clauses.”

Regardless, Root says, he sees Sin City in Spears’ future.

“At the end of the day I see this working and her coming to Las Vegas,” he said. “They will make it work.”

Would you go see Britney in Vegas — or would you head over to Celine or Garth? Tell us your choice in the comments section.

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