Amanda Bynes Gets Cheeky (PHOTO)

The actress flaunts her new studded statement: a cheek piercing!

Amanda's Sparkly Statement
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes "Needs Help"
Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes' uncle opens up about the starlet's troubles. Read More »

That's some serious bling!

Amid the hustle and bustle of awards season, Amanda Bynes has returned to the spotlight, all thanks to her newest accessory: a cheek piercing.

Taking to her Tumblr (farewell, Twitter) account, Bynes shared a snapshot of her sparkly stud, donning suave shades, a blue collared shirt and a mile-wide smile.

The 26-year-old appears to be in good spirits following a turbulent string of incidents in 2012, which included two separate arrests for DUI and charges of hit-and run. If convicted, Bynes faces up to one year in jail.

Also on her wrap sheet: a bizarre appearance at a NYC bakery, where she locked herself in the stores' bathroom for 30 minutes in September. Then in early November, she threatened to take legal action against In Touch after the publication claimed the actress was caught walking naked in a Manhattan salon.

“That’s not true, I’ll sue," Bynes exclusively told Celebuzz via text message.

Bynes also denied rumors of an alleged downward spiral, telling Celebuzz of her troubles, "It’s all lies. Don’t spread them."

In the meantime, the former child star bid adieu to sunny Los Angeles and moved to New York City, where she has maintained a low profile.

Launch the gallery to see what some of your favorite child stars have been up to! Then tell us: what you think of Amanda's new piercing. Odd or awesome? Sound off in the comments, below!

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  • tedpod52


  • tedpod52
  • sexyrandy1997

    I had a crush on him too and still do. I think he's aging very well.

  • April

    He is not dead he filming a new show girl meets world witch is about his tv daughter ;)

  • Katana


  • SomeoneFromEHS

    As someone who has met Reneelucky7 personally, you really should know better than to judge others.

  • Who knows
    Who knows

    It's "broadway" not "boradway." Geesh

  • Volkan Can
    Volkan Can

    Bible-thumping freak.

  • Volkan Can
    Volkan Can

    She looks great!

  • Volkan Can
    Volkan Can

    So in other words, unemployed.

  • Volkan Can
    Volkan Can


  • Volkan Can
    Volkan Can

    Wow, he went downhill in a bad way.

  • Volkan Can
    Volkan Can

    When they say "moved on", it's because Hollywood dumped him. Sad.

  • Volkan Can
    Volkan Can


  • Compassion

    Actually, he didn't ask to be born..and he didn't ask to be born a midget. Just imagine if you were in his shoes.

  • Toni

    "A Cheek Piercing"? Looks to me like she has one on each side, making it two.. Anyways.. I'm sure the rumors arent true..


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