‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Recap: 5 WTF Moments From ‘Continuum’

'AHS': 'The Name Game'
The 5 most surprising moments from the episode.
FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum faked out Lana (Sarah Paulson) last week when she returned to Briarcliff to spring Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), only for the Monsignor (Joseph Fiennes) to tell her Sister Jude was sadly no longer alive.

But if he thought that would deter Lana in her mission against the institution, well, sadly, he turned out to be right. A death certificate can be enough when you want to focus on your own career’s rise.

Of course, Sister Jude was actually still alive — just in even more danger than before, thanks to a “deadly new inmate” on Wednesday’s episode of AHS: Asylum, “Continuum.”

Additionally, Kit (Evan Peters) and Grace (Lizzie Brochere) brought their alien-assisted baby back to his house — only to find his not-so-dead-either wife and their alien-assisted baby already waiting in the home for daddy dearest to return. With only two hours of the series left, how much crazier could things get?

Note: Spoilers ahead if you have yet to see Wednesday night’s episode, “Continuum.”

Here are five moments from the episode that had me going, WTF?!

1. Grace hopes the aliens will come for the children but it is Alma (Britne Oldford) who goes insane. “Continuum” fast-forwarded to 1967 to see Kit and his now two wives and two children all living together in this house. Polygamy wasn’t legal, but somehow his empathy toward both women and what they had been through was sweet enough not to be bothered by the whole “sharing” aspect. Instead, what drove Alma to snap and take on Grace’s own axe-murderer tendencies was Grace’s insistence on reliving the alien abduction experience, deeming it one of religion and eagerly anticipating their return and future plans for this family. Alma’s violence against Grace came out of nowhere without even the excuse of living through Briarcliff to understand her new darkness and damage. I guess alien probes really are scarring!

2. The once-strong Sister Jude loses years, memories, and her name. Another fast-forward, this time to 1968 when Briarcliff was being donated to the state and used as an “overflow” facility for the prison system, saw Jude living outside of solitary confinement but as “Betty Drake”– you know, since the Monsignor faked her death and all. Just when she seemed to have her sanity– and her snark! — back, though, in walked an inmate who looked exactly like the Angel of Death (Frances Conroy), leaving Jude to freak out about “not calling for her” and “not being ready yet.” So many years within Briarcliff’s walls has a way of making one question, and just as soon lose one’s sanity. Her mind began playing tricks on her that led her into a deeper descent into madness, causing her to think it was still mere days after a particularly hopeful talk with the Monsignor, even though it was actually years later. Then again, maybe that talk with the Monsignor was all only in her mind, too. She was clearly desperate to see and believe only what she wanted.

3. Lana writes her own version of truth, creates a new “Maniac.” It appeared there can’t even be one genuine hero (or heroine) in AHS: Asylum, as even Lana was susceptible to a kind of corruption coming from having too much power. She spun a mixture of fact and fiction in her book about her experiences with Bloody Face (Zachary Quinto), embellishing to make herself look even more sympathetic and him like even more of a monster. Personally, I didn’t think any embellishment was needed at all for that result, but she was also aiming for fame and Best Seller status, and this was the way to do it. Sadly, such a narrow focus (only on herself, not justice for those in Briarcliff) degradated her character and added a touch of Oliver’s own evil influence into her.

4. Alma ends up in Briarcliff. Call me naive, but even after she killed Grace in cold-blood, I assumed Kit would never let her be taken there. Taken away, sure, but he knew, better than almost anyone, just how terrible Briarcliff was. It was a miracle he got out– both alive, and mentally and emotionally unscathed. He should have known it would destroy her. She had already been through so much.

5. Bloody Face Junior exhibits some humanity. You’re the son of a notorious serial killer who clearly grew up with deep resentment and anger issues for the man you never got to know and the woman who “threw you away” like garbage. You have a plan to meet this woman, confront her with her lies, and kill her. Whether or not the aggression and penchant for violence within you is genetic, passed down from said father, or “nurtured” through years of stewing without any close, emotional attachment– or even some combination of the two– is irrelevant. You’re primed to be a killer. Yet, you have a feeble, elderly woman in front of you denying you the thing you want, and you offer her money and tell her your life’s story instead of just killing her, taking the book, and moving on? Something was very, very off here.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: It was obvious Dr. Thredson wasn’t actually standing up in the book signing, objecting to Lana taking creative liberty with his life’s story, but it was still jarring to see him again after he so brutally met his (deserved) demise in the previous episode.

Thank you, TV gods: Another TV show with a possibly tie-in book. I would like to plead a case for Ryan Murphy to actually release “Maniac” in stores. He’s not too busy to whip up 300 pages or so from Lana’s point of view, right?

Awk-ward: Alma was Kit’s first love and first choice of wife. Seeing her not only welcome the “other woman” into her home but encourage Kit to be with her when she knew she was hurting? It did not feel like a selfless good deed but just plain uncomfortable. Especially since the walls were thin enough to hear everything.

Hotness: Dylan McDermott is playing a stone-cold crazy man, but damn if he doesn’t look good doing it, mullet or not!

Fab-u-lous: The shot showing the jump in time when Kit pulled away from the bookstore, revealing Johnny lying in wait, so to speak, may have been confusing for some, but it was cinematic and perfect for me.

Can. Not. Wait.: Will AHS: Asylum get to redeem Lana before the end, showing her obsession with fame as only a momentary lapse?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8

What did you think of “Continuum” and how do you now expect AHS: Asylum to end? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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