Lance Armstrong’s Father: ‘I Believe America Will Forgive Him’ (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Lance Confesses
Lance Armstrong admits to doping in interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Terry Armstrong, the man who adopted Lance Armstrong when he was three, believes America will forgive the shamed cyclist for using performance-enhancing drugs — provided he actually tells the truth about it on Thursday’s Oprah’s Next Chapter.

“The truth never hurts,” Terry told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview. “When people come to tell the truth, the American people are very forgiving.

“There has been a history of things in sports — like with Tiger Woods, where he said, ‘I did it and I ask for your forgiveness. Please don’t judge me and put me in a different light,'” Terry continued. “Mostly everyone [said], ‘Yes.'”

He added: “I do believe the American public will forgive him if he seeks forgiveness. He has to ask for it.”

Terry — who divorced Lance’s mother Linda when the sports star was 17 — adds that he, too, is hoping for some honest answers from the interview, part one of which airs Thursday night on OWN.

“I hope that whatever he says is the complete truth,” he told Celebuzz.

“I would hope and pray that whatever the facts are that are given [on Oprah] are correct because we all, in our own individual way, are seeking forgiveness for wrongs.”

On Tuesday, host Oprah Winfrey confirmed that Armstrong — who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles in October amid the doping allegations — confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs during their interview. She said she was “satisfied” with Armstrong’s answers.

How the American public will react remains to be seen; however Terry tells Celebuzz he will always love his son, no matter the outcome.

“He will always be my son regardless of the outcome. A parent still has feelings whether it’s right or wrong. It is my name. I gave him my name,” Terry said. “I love him very dearly and I would hope he does the right thing, whatever it is only he knows it.”

“Regardless of what happens here in the now, we’re all accountable. We are going to have to stand in front of a holy God and testify,” Terry, a self-proclaimed born-again Christian, continued. “He knows. When we get there that’s the end.”

“I wish he [Lance] had a strong faith. That’s the ultimate healer.”

Still, despite is unconditional support, Terry — who hasn’t spoken to Lance in years — admits it’s been “hard” to maintain a relationship with Lance long after his divorce.

“We live two separate lives, because usually when you get divorced you go to one side or the other. He chose to be with his mom,” he said, before adding: “He never leaves my thoughts.”

“Do I care about him? Absolutely. Do I love him? Absolutely. Do I hope he does the right thing? Absolutely. Do I hope the American public forgives him? Absolutely.”

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