Top 10 Outrageous ‘American Idol’ Auditions (VIDEOS)

'Idol' Standards
Judges explain how they define a superstar.
American Idol has returned!

Another new season of the hit FOX series — now in its 12th edition — means another new batch of auditions that will surely make viewers laugh, cry, cringe, look away or even reach for the mute button.

As fans count down to the highly anticipated new season — and its new judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, Celebuzz is taking a trip down Idol memory lane to the outrageous auditions that Randy Jackson has witnessed since the show debuted more than a decade ago.

During season six, Rhonetta Johnson proclaimed the show had turned down “a superstar” after an awkward and unnecessarily long exchange with Jackson and then judges Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

“I guarantee you, if me and Paula Abdul walked outside nobody would even know she was a celebrity but they would think I was the celebrity. And that’s a fact,” the hopeful told cameras after being rejected.

There’s also the very unique Mary Roach, who never got to change her last name to Guilbeaux because she never made it to Hollywood after her rendition of “I Feel the Earth Move” on season four.

From perhaps the most famous of bad auditions (William Hung) to Seattle’s very best, Darwin Reedy (and her mother), here are the 10 most memorable entries who never made it past the auditions phase, in no particular order.

Keith Beukelaer, Season 2

Martik Manoukian, Season 6

Rhonetta Johnson, Season 5

William Hung, Season 3

Darwin Reedy, Season 6

Leroy Wells, Season 4

Larry Platt, Season 9

Ian Benardo, Season 7

Mary Roach, Season 4

Nick Zitzmann, Season 5

American Idol season 12 premieres on FOX on Wednesday night at 8PM.

Did we miss any of your picks for the most outrageous auditions in ‘Idol’ history? Share your favorites below.

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