10 Best-Looking Bearded Men in Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Big-Time Beards
Celebs who commit to full-facial fur.
From Charlton Heston’s vision of white in The Ten Commandments to Johnny Depp’s braided version in Pirates of the Caribbean, beards have been around for a long time in Hollywood.

But when it comes to who can rock the scruffy look the best these days, the list is exclusive.

Whether it’s a walk on the red carpet or a trip to the supermarket, Ryan Gosling has mastered the art of not shaving. So has Justin Timberlake, whose facial hair is more of a thick stubble look than a full-on beard.

Jason Schwartzman recently grew a real deal beard for the new Roman Coppola film, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, opposite longtime beard lover Bill Murray.

“I’ve never had one quite this large before,” Schwartzman told Jimmy Fallon on Late Night when he was shooting the movie.

“It’s like a sponge. I have a ShamWow on my face . . . I have a BeardWow. But I love it, and it’s for work.”

At this year’s Golden Globe Awards, Ben Affleck and his beard took home two trophies — one for Best Director and one for Best Picture — for his film Argo.

If Hollywood were to hand out prizes for the best beards in the industry, Celebuzz’s got the top 10 in the gallery above.

Did we miss your pick for best bearded actor in Tinseltown? Weigh in below.

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