‘American Horror Story’ Season 3 Dish: Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters Returning (UPDATED)

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American Horror Story: Asylum has yet to air its finale, but already creator Ryan Murphy is preparing to sit down with the writers to begin fleshing out the third season.

But before he clues his staff into his plans, he had to run the idea by one very special woman who has stood by him since the beginning of this anthology drama experiment of sorts on FX: his series star Jessica Lange.

“She’s sort of become an uncredited producer for Season 3,” Murphy said during a special Q&A in Los Angeles, Calif.

“I come up with the story, and obviously it’s always now crafted around Jessica for the most part. Before I talk to anybody, I tell her what the story is, and I tell her what the character is, and she has input.”

A key factor, then, for Season 3 is that both Murphy and Lange agreed to go a bit lighter in tone for her character specifically. Murphy shared that after becoming a new dad, “that’s just the kind of place” he was in right now. He also reiterated just how important it is that his actors tackle very different types of characters. And coming off AHS: Asylum, Lange has been through the wringer and is ready for a change more than most.

“I think it was really about something cultural and social, but it was very dark, and it was very unrelenting, and it was by design, and I think you’ll see a different tone in Season 3, but I think that’s the joy of the show,” Murphy said.

“I want to do something next season that’s funnier. I really miss that kind of Jessica Lange as Constance, that stuff — and I know she missed it, too… It is a mixture of several cities, and it’s really about female power… She’s going to play a really glamour cat sort of lady.”

Murphy noted that his other AHS: Asylum stars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters would be back on the third season, as well. Though Murphy knows who Paulson will be playing, he admitted she doesn’t know — and so he didn’t want to spill the beans just yet. Additionally, Peters had come to him before AHS: Asylum and asked not to have to “sob” every week again, so Murphy joked that an emotionally wrecked “psychopath” is probably what Peters should play next season. After all, he had thirteen episodes in between to play a more buttoned-up character!

In addition to Paulson and Peters, Murphy shared that “for Season 3, we are going to have some actors from Season 1 return,” but was equally reluctant to say specifically who until the deals closed.

What he did add to the multiple cities note was that he would once again be playing with jumping through time as he has in the first two seasons, but the majority of the story would take place in “modern day.”

“I always start off with the story. I always start off with things that I have been obsessed with, and the season we’re about to do is another sort of thing, like the asylum, that I was always obsessed with as a kid… What Season 3 is about is more historical in nature,” Murphy said, adding that he is also playing with an element of “horror-romance” not unlike the “star-crossed lovers” aspect of Romeo & Juliet or even Peters and Taissa Farmiga’s roles on Season 1.

But perhaps the most interesting thing to note? Like Bloody Face before it, Season 3 would have a horror icon element. And this time? It’s a woman!

UPDATE: Murphy confirmed on Twitter that Rabe will be returning for next season.

American Horror Story: Asylum airs Wednesdays at 10 PM.

Are you intrigued enough to want to tune into a third season of American Horror Story? Let us know your early thoughts in the comments below!

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