6 of Our Favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger Roles (PHOTOS)

Arnold's Confession
Schwarzenegger shocker: Admits to baby with staffer.
Remember how just a few years ago Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would barely acknowledge that he’d seen an R-rated movie, let alone starred in dozens? A beacon of responsible citizenship and good, sound, electable morals, Ahnuld did his very best to distance himself from whatever mercenary/robot/solider/barbarian/super-villain he might have portrayed in the past.

Until, of course, his term ended and he immediately signed on to about 35 high-body-count action flicks.

Having appeared briefly in last year’s sequel to The Expendables, Schwarzenegger’s first major starring role hits screens this month with The Last Stand. And to prepare for the return of everybody’s favorite aging death machine, we’ve put together a list of Arnold’s must-see films.

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Everyone seems to have a favorite Schwarzenegger movie, or at least a favorite role; we admit we doubled-up on his Terminator character by targeting the second film in the series, Judgment Day. But he’s had so many interesting movie challenges, even if he tackled many of them in a similar way. From Terminators to “not a tumor”s, check out our list of favorite Schwarzenegger roles.

Which of these roles is your favorite? Or if none of them are, what character of his do you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below, after watching the theatrical trailer for The Last Stand.

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