Khloe Kardashian: My Sisters and I Are Bikini Babes!

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star shares a revealing retro snapshot of herself, Kim and Kourtney.

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Khloe Kardashian goes back in time to her first ever photo shoot for Throwback Thursday.

Khloe and her sisters Kim and Kourtney have definitely changed their looks over the years, but the 28-year-old admits that she's still in awe over one part of this snapshot.

The Khloe and Lamar star, 28, revealed on her blog:

This pic is from one of the first photo shoots my sisters and I ever did together — I think it was about five years ago. What do you think of the big hair?? I’m not gonna lie, I kind of love it. I love trying out fun new looks!

Click through the gallery above to see more retro snaps of Kim and Khloe in string bikinis.

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  • Sadie

    Must have been a few years ago before they both had a fat ass

  • ClearEyes

    OMG ~ Cellulite City No shame

  • lollopop

    I find it odd that we never really see Khloe in a swimsuit.. Look how washed out she is in the photo. Swear she's trying to keep it hidden...not that there is anything wrong with that. Just an observation.

  • courtneya

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  • dan

    Yeah the're bikini bades if them were on the Nile posing as hippos.

  • Harold