'Mama': How Scary is Jessica Chastain's New Horror Movie?

The Reviews Are In

Mama won’t just scare you, it will f!@k you up for life.

That’s what the critics are saying about the new horror film from producer Guillermo Del Toro.

January is traditionally one of the worst months for fans in search of good movies, especially in the horror genre. But Mama, starring Zero Dark Thirty’s Jessica Chastain, aims to buck that trend.

So is the movie worth your time? Read on to find out…

Meredith Borders, BadassDigest.com

Mama is a film about the lasting, sometimes oppressive love a mother can feel for her child, and the ways in which that love can both sustain and smother us. Visually, [it] is an impossibly cool film, spooky and stark and really quite lovely.”

Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

“If you're going to have a ghost in your movie, it might be a good thing to present a viable alternative to that ghost. Mama, however, presents a battle between two not very good options before crumbling like a sheet on a string.”

Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

“A playful, elegantly made little horror film… Mama represents a throwback and a modest delight for people who like a good scare but prefer not to be terrorized or grossed out. With fine special effects and a good sense of creating a mood and pacing the jolts, Andy Muschietti shows a reassuringly confident hand for a first-time director.”

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

You know something is up when what looks like a cheapie fright flick is produced by Guillermo Del Toro and boasts an Oscar-nominated actress in Jessica Chastain. Mama doesn't live up to their potential, but the film knows how to creep you out.”

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Mary F. Pols, TIME Magazine

Mama is clumsily written and choppily edited, but Chastain doesn't have a bad scene in it, and you can see why she chose to be in this supernatural ghost story.”

Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

Mama succeeds in scaring the wits out of us and leaving some lingering, deeply creepy images.”

Will you see Mama this weekend? Weigh in below. And check out Celebuzz' interview with Jessica Chastain for her Oscar-nominated role in Zero Dark Thirty!

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  • wolflover16

    O.o pewds? O.O i may be able to talk to PEWDS?!?! big fan big fan bra

  • pewdiepie

    i agree annoyonmous. me and my girlfriend have seen the movie over and over btw, if you get confused with the name, look me up on youtube. me and marzia went to see this movie in new york and we loved it :d so even if you have a kid with you it would still be a great movie.

  • annoyonmous

    so.. i think it's more of a thriller than horror. i am seeing for the second time today. i loved the girls and their reactions. this would be a perfect movie for rated r.