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It may only be Thursday, but Hollywood has been flooded with enough movie headlines for a special edition of One Minute Buzz.

On Sunday, Jessica Chastain and Ben Affleck took home some of the biggest prizes from this year’s Golden Globes.

Chastain was awarded Best Actress (Drama) for her role in Zero Dark Thirty, beating the likes of Marion Cotillard and Naomi Watts, while Affleck and his film Argo were named Best Director and Best Picture (Drama), respectively.

ZDT also won another big title over the weekend: box office winner. Thanks to a wider expansion in theaters, the film grossed more than $24.5 million.

Ryan Gosling’s crime thriller Gangster Squad made some $16.7 million over the weekend, but it wasn’t strong enough even for second place.

Grossing more than $18 million at the box office was A Haunted House, a comedy horror spoof staring Marlon Wayans.

For more of the week’s hottest movie headlines so far, check out One Minute Buzz with Hyla. Did you catch Sunday’s Golden Globes? Which winners and losers surprised you the most? Weigh in below.

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